The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 149 Royal Family's Meeting 1

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(Three days after Regaleon left)

It has been a few days since Regaleon left the capital for some business. As for me, I have been in my courtyard all this time contimplating the news about my mother being alive.

I am currently walking at the rose garden this morning, just after breakfast.

\"Princess Alicia.\" William said while escorting me in my walk. \"You have been sighing for many times now. If you have any problems, you know that you can confide with me.\"

I look at William in a daze. He was looking at me with worry in his eyes. This made me snap out from my daze.

\"I didn\'t realize that I have been sighing.\" I smiled at him.

\"Well you have been out of it this past few days.\" William said. \"You know you can talk to me, Alicia.\"

I look at William and contemplated. He has been a loyal friend to me and I know he won\'t ever betray my trust. I sighed heavily and looked at the light blue sky with white clouds passing by.

\"Will, what if your mother was still alive?\" I asked metaphorically. \"I mean, what if she didn\'t die of illness back then and she got better now. What will you do?\" I looked at William seriously.

\"My mother?\" William was taken back by my question. He cupped his chin with his fingers and thought carefully. \"Well I guess, if my mother never died because of her illness and she got cured and all better now, then I will make every effort to make up for all the years she was never by our side.\"

I looked at William who was wearing a smile on his face.

\"I will take her to beautiful places that she wasn\'t able to go because she was sick. Me and my siblings will make sure to spend time with her. We will do many things as a family that we weren\'t able to do back then.\" William answered. \"I have always wished my siblings have spent time with our mother while growing up.\" There was some sadness in William\'s tone that had a pinch in my heart.

\"William, I\'m sorry.\" I apologized. \"I let you remember something painful.\" I regretted asking William about his deceased mother.

\"It\'s okay, Alicia. The memory of my mother is a precious thing to me.\" William smiled at me and I smiled back.

\"Your highness.\" I heard Theon\'s voice behind us. I turned back to see him bowing. \"His majesty the king asks for your presence in the throne room.\"

\"Okay, I undsrstand.\" I replied. \'Why is father calling for me?\' I thought.


I entered the throne room with William escorting me. As my personal knight, William is given authorization to accompany me in the presence of my king father.

\"I greet king father.\" I give my curtsy and William kneeled down in one knee as well.

\"Rise my daughter and sir William.\" My father announced.

I looked up to see my father looking at me with a smile on his face. His gaze was warm and his facial expression was tender towards me. This made me feel surprised. He has never given me such expressions in the past.

I look around and all of my family members are present. My step siblings, Veronica, Elizabeth and Richard. Grandapa Robert was next to Richard as per usual. Elizabeth\'s personal knight, now Veronica\'s fiance Bradford, was standing next to Veronica. These attendance I am not surprised, father seemed to call for a family meeting. What I was surprised was prince Gladiolus\' presence.

\"Take your seat Alicia.\" Father said.

I bowed my head and took my usual seat with William standing next to me. I look at the throne area where my father was seating and noticed that the queen\'s throne was vacant. Then I remembered that my step mother the ex-queen, was sent to the tower of Grace a few days ago as punishment for her crimes. Just thinking that she was now far away from me gave me some peace of mind.

But not long, I can feel the burning gazes of my step sisters. Their hatred was so evident in their eyes. Now that their mother has been taken away, they have lost their backing. This made me sneer towards them.

My step sisters saw me sneering and it just made their faces more twisted in hate. This made me feel some joy.

\"I am sure you are all wondering why I have called for all of you today.\" Father started. \"This meeting is regarding our royal family\'s matter.\"

All of us who are present are now looking at father.

\"As you all know, your mother has been convicted with a serious crime. Hence, she was exiled as punishemnt.\" Father explained.

\"Father how could you?!\" It was Elizabeth who said this and stood up from her seat. Tears start to fall from her eyes. \"Mother can never do such a thing. I am sure that she is innocent, she was just framed. It\'s all your fault.\" Elizabeth pointed a finger towards me. \"You framed mother for the assasination attempt on you because you hated her!\"

I stayed silent with Elizabeth\'s accusations towards me. I was prepared for this kind of scenario happening in such a meeting.

\"Silence!\" Father roared furiously. Elizabeth was visibly shakened after hearing him. \"This matter had been investigated properly by our kingdom\'s judiciary. Are you saying that their investigation is wrong?\"

Elizabeth was speachless by this time. She cowered in fright.

\"King father, please quel your anger.\" Veronica stood up and said calmly. \"Elizabeth is just shaken up with the event pertaining our mother. I hope you don\'t take offense with what she had said. She loves mother dearly. Sister please sit down and calm your self.\"

Elizabeth took her seat after Veronica helped her. It looks like Veronica is taking the role as mother hen and defending this baby chick.

\"Your mother\'s punishment was given by the judiciary and is final so let\'s not talk about about this further.\" Father said.

The people inside became gloomy. Aside from the outsiders and me, all of the remaining people have a blood relation with the over thrown queen.

My gaze swept towards Richard who had his head bowed down slightly. My heart squeezed in pain when I saw his sad face. Queen Erica was still his mother. I know that it pains him to see his mother exiled from the kingdom.

Grandpa Robert was looking tough and patting Richard\'s shoulder, consoling him. But I know deep down, grandpa Robert is also hurting inside. Queen Erica was his sole daughter.

\"Before your mother left, we have talked about the marriages of you siblings. That is the agenda of our meeting today.\" Father said.