The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 147 Torture 1

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

Darkness has enveloped the outside as the night had fallen. Erica was inside a dimly lit room, strapped on a chair. She was still sleeping because of the drug.

"Wake her up." I told Dimitri.

"Yes." Dimitri bowed. He took a vial from his pocket and walked towards where Erica was seated.

Dimitri opened the vial and put it under Erica\'s nose. Not long, Erica gasped awake.

"W-Where am I?" Erica was still visibly disoriented, looking around the room.

"My queen, are you awake now?" I hooked one side of my mouth up.

"P-Prince Regaleon…you.." Erica stammered.

"Do you remember what happened?" I asked nonchalantly.

Erica was visibly distraught. I knew she was now panicking internally. She thought that she was saved by me but in fact it was the opposite. She tried to move but saw that her whole body was strapped on a chair.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Erica roared.

"What do you think is it, queen?" I replied with a smile.

"How dare you, do this to me?!" Erica yelled.

"Oh, I do dare." I looked at her with coldness.

Erica looked around her and saw Dimitri wearing his shadow guard uniform with his faced concealed. This shocked Erica.

"You… you were the one that ordered to attack my convoy?" Erica asked in disbelief.

"I see you are still clever, your grace." I said sarcastically.

"Why are you doing this?" Erica asked still in disbelief. "What have I ever done to you? Answer me!"

I look at her with anger building up inside of me. She asks me such questions. Doesn\'t she know what she has done to Alicia?

"You ask me this. Do you not know what you have done or have you forgotten?" I asked her with such cold tone.

Erica was stunned with my reply. "This has nothing to do with you crown prince of Grandcrest. This is our family\'s affair. You have no part in this."

I scoffed on her words. "Nothing to do with me? Family\'s affair?" I asked with coldness. "Have you forgotten who you tried to kill, Queen Erica?"

Erica looked at me as if she is not getting the meaning of my words.

"The one that you have wrong since from the start was my fiancée and future wife. By the time she became my bride to be, everything about her concerns me. Even if it was her past grievances, I am sure to get revenge for her, as she is the future crown princess of Grandcrest." I said these words with such authority.

Erica shrank feeling my imposing aura. I know that she can clearly see my inner rage.

"I…I was already given punishment with my crimes against Alicia and her mother. What else do you want from me?" Erica said clearly frightened.

The former queen who was like a tigress in the past, is now frightened like a mouse before me. I unintentionally hooked up a wicked smile.

"Do you think that banishment is a suitable punishment for your crime?" I smiled at her. "A life for a life. You have killed Alicia\'s mother, then you need to pay with yours."

Erica was squirming in her chair, trying to undo the straps. She was evidently scared now and trying to break away from her straps.

"No…let me go. I don\'t want to die." Erica said while trying to break free.

"Call him in." I ordered Dimitri. He nodded in response and went outside.

"What are you planning to do with me?" Erica asked.

"I know you are smart, Queen Erica." I smiled to her. "You know what the people call me, correct?"

Erica\'s eyes went wide. I am sure that she knew such small information. The nickname that my enemies called me, the \'Black Devil\'.

"Killing you is so easy. You need to suffer first. I want you to suffer like how my Alicia suffered. You took away her mother from her. Prevented her to have a loving bond with her own father. And you let your daughter\'s bully her since the time she set foot inside the palace." I counted all of her wrong doings against Alicia. "Do not worry. I will be sure to giveback to your daughter\'s the same treatment they gave to my wife to be." I smiled wickedly.

" no no! Not my daughter\'s!" Erica yelled.

Not long Dimitri came back with a man in tow. He was one of my men, the best in torturing my enemies for answers, Shawn.

"Your highness." Shawn bowed down when he saw me.

"Rise." I replied.

Shawn stands up and looks at Erica who was sitting strapped on a chair.

"Is she the one I need to do my work on, your highness?" Shawn asked.

"Yes, she is the one." I replied.

Shawn placed his large pouch in the table right beside Erica. He rolled it open and different kinds of small torture devices were spread on the table. Erica was shocked when she saw them.

"No..Noo! Let me go. Please, don\'t do this." Erica was rampaging in her seat. Tears were now flowing from her eyes. "Just kill me. Please, just kill me!" She pleaded.

Dimitri and one of my shadow guards held on the rampaging Erica. Dimitri took a cloth and tied it on her mouth to stop her from shouting any more.

Shawn was readying himself for the work he was about to do. I stood up and walked lazily towards him. I looked at the devices he was arranging in a row.

"You won\'t need to do the work." I said nonchalantly.

The air inside the room went stale. All eyes of the ones present in the room were all on me, shock written on their faces. They might have had an idea what I was planning to do.

"I want to personally torture her." I said with a cold tone. I look at the woman in front of me fiercely.

This woman had inflicted such pain to my Alicia, both physically and emotionally. I want her to suffer by my own hands.