The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 146 Got Caugh

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Erica waited for a while before leaving her hiding spot inside the hollow of the tree. It has been a while when she last heard the footsteps of the bandits chasing them. She looked at the way where her maid ran and made a sad smile.

"Please be safe." Erica said silently.

After that she ran the opposite direction where the bandits chased her maid. She still needs to survive and to take revenge against the king.

\'I will surely kill your beloved bastard daughter in front of your eyes.\' Erica thought.

Erica ran under the cover of the trees. It was just past midday, and the sun was still high in the sky.

Not long she had come upon a back road. This road is different from the one they have been travelling on. The road towards the tower was a main road used by many, while this back road is small.

\'Maybe I can find someone that could help me.\' Erica thought

Erica had conjured a story that she would tell when she met someone on this road. She would tell them that she was a normal merchant lady and her carriage full of goods, were attacked by bandits. She was lucky to get away.

Erica has been walking for some time now but still wasn\'t able to encounter anyone on this road.

"Well this is a back road after all." Erica said. \'I guess not many uses this road, with the main road which is much nicer to travel on as an alternative.\' She thought.

Not long, Erica heard some horse hooves. It was approaching her from behind. She turns around, feeling hopeful that she was saved. She sees a beautiful black stallion.

Erica looked up and can only see the rider\'s silhouette because the sun was just behind. The stallion seems like a war horse, so maybe the rider was from the army. The build of the rider was male, so probably this was a soldier from an army unit. Erica was now elated, she can pretend to be a merchant in distress. With her current look now, none will recognize her as a noble. And not all people from this country had seen the queen, even an army soldier.

"E-Excuse me, can you please help me?" Erica started to act. "The carriage I was riding was attacked by bandits. Luckily I was able to escape."

Erica was silent for a while, waiting for the rider to reply. Once he replied, she will tell him her conjured story.

"Well, look do we have here." The voice of the rider rang out. Erica was a little surprised with the rider\'s reply. Why did he reply like that and the voice also sounded familiar?

"Why is the queen of the nation being here in such a remote road?" The voice asked sarcastically.

Erica was now surprised, the rider recognized who she is instantly. She tried to block the sunlight with her hands. She squint her eyes to see the rider\'s face. Then she had the shock of her life.

"P-Prince Regaleon?!" Erica had her eyes opened wide.

"It is really surprising to see you here, Queen Erica." Regaleon smiled. "Oh, you are not the queen anymore. You have just been banished to the far corners of Alvannia."

Erica felt frightened with Regaleon\'s chilly smile. She felt shivers ran through her spine.

\'Of all the people, why did I have to encounter him?\' Erica thought.

"Speaking of, aren\'t you on your way to the tower o Grace?" Regaleon looked puzzled.

"M-My convoy... My convoy was attacked by bandits." Erica can\'t use her conjured story anymore, with Regaleon being here now. "I was lucky to escape. I am not sure of the rest."

Erica lowered her head. She was telling half the truth actually, except that she was now running away from the bandits and the royal knights as well. Now her escape looked slim. Regaleon will surely report this incident to the capital right away. She will be captured once more and be traveled back to the tower of Grace.

"Then you are lucky that I took this way now. This back road is usually used by bandits. You could have been found by them and you would have been in danger." Regaleon said with a convincing tone. "The next town from here will take a day if you walk. Why not I escort you? I also have business on the next town." He smiled respectfully.

Erica looked at Regaleon with scrutiny. She was pondering whether to take his offer or not. But she was sure that this prince would report her whether she goes with him or not. And staying here out in the open is also not safe. As Regaleon said, those bandits might come back.

"Then I would trouble you, prince Regaleon." Erica said.

Regaleon smiled and extended his hand and Erica reluctantly takes it. He pulls her up to his saddle and let her seat on his back.

"Well hold on tight." Regaleon said with a grin. "The town is at least four to five hours on horseback, and that is we fly like the wind."

Erica was shocked when Regaleon kicked his horse and it bolted forward. She grabbed Regaleon\'s cloak just in time. If she had been a moment too late, then she would have fell from the horse with a serious injury.

Erica had a sour look behind Regaleon. She cannot believe that this prince is so arrogant towards her right now. If she doesn\'t need his help, then she wouldn\'t have even spoken to him.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

It looks like this woman just fell asleep while we were riding. The sleeping powder Dimitri gave me was quite effective. I put some on my cape and so Erica was able to sniff it from behind.

\'To think you can keep our guard down in front of me.\' Regaleon thought. I smirked wickedly.

The sky was starting to get dim while the sun was starting to set. I never really planned to take Erica to the nearest town. I just wanted to give this wicked woman a last shimmer of hope before I shatter it completely.

I take a turn from the road and went into the woods. Not far from there, a small remote cabin was seen. Standing outside was my shadow guards.

"Your highness." The shadow guards kneeled down in front of me.

I came into a halt just before them. "What\'s the status?" I asked.

"Your highness, the royal knights are all accounted for. The knock out gas was very effective." Dimitri was the one to answer. "The royal knights will be in a comatose state for five days. Once they wake up, they will have difficulty to move and can go back to report the situation after two days have passed."

"Good. Then I will have time to torture this wicked woman." Regaleon smiled wickedly. "You know what to do with this woman."

"Yes." Dimitri answered. He gestured towards the shadow guards took Erica who was behind Regaleon and entered inside the cabin.

Regaleon also came down his horse as well. He let Dimitri take Midnight to put him with the other horses.

"I am looking forward these five days. I will let you experience how your life feels like a living hell." Regaleon had a face full of furry.