The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 144 My Mother is Still Alive

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"Saved? You mean..." I was in shock with prince Gladiolus words.

"Yes, she was saved. Your mother is alive in Jennova." Prince Gladiolus smiled.

I staggered a little in place and lost my balance. When I was about to compose myself before I fall, I can feel warm hands carefully wrapped around me, assisting me. When I look up, a familar warm face greeted me.

"Will." I called his name in a daze.

"Alicia, are you all right? Do you feel ill? You look pale." William asked in a worried tone.

I shook my head. "I-I\'m fine. Thank you for asking Will." I replied. "How about your wounds? Shouldn\'t you be resting?"

"I have rested all day long. It is not so much hard work to guard you in your afternoon tea." William smiled at me. But then he gazed at prince Gladiolus with piercing eyes. I am sure William had a hunch that I was pale because of something prince Gladiolus said.

Prince Gladiolus and I were talking with a tone only the two of us could hear. I am sure that no one in the vicinity have heard our conversation.

"You are sir William, Alicia\'s personal knight?" Prince Gladiolus asked.

William\'s gaze became much colder when he heard prince Gladiolus calling me by my name.

"I heard that with your efforts, Alicia\'s assassins weren\'t able to complete their tasks. You are a very capable knight. How are your wounds?" Prince Gladiolus was looking at William with appreciation.

"Thank you for the compliment. It is my duty to guard the princess even with the cost of my life. And for my injuries, I am healing well. Thank you for your concern." William nodded his head as a gesture of thanks but his body was stiff.

"Well, I am afraid I have to take my leave. The afternoon is getting late." Prince Gladiolus stood up and took my hand gently. "It is a pleasure drinking tea with you, Alicia. If you have any concerns, you can come to my temporary resisdence. I will be waiting for you."

Prince Gladiolus gave my hand a kiss on the back that made me startled. William was still behind me, silently guarding me.

"Keep safe on your way back." I said to the prince.

I look at the prince\'s back dissapearing from my sight. I was still in a daze.

"Alicia...Alicia...Alicia." William was calling me

"Huh, what?" I was waken up from my daze.

"Are you all right?" William cupped my face gently and stared at me worryingly. "You don\'t look too good. Why not go inside and drink a hot cup of milk?"

"Hmm, okay." I agreed.

William held me gently and escorted me back inside.

When we reached the living room, William helped me down on the couch. Tricia quickly brought a cup of warm milk to help me energize.

I took a sip from the cup and I felt the warm milk warm my body instantly.

"Did that prince say something to you?" William asked with a serious tone. "If I may be bold, but there is something off from that prince of Jennova."

I look at William\'s expression. His brows are furrowed and his face had a hint of displeasure

"You feel that way towards him as well?" I asked William. He looked at me, curious with what I just said. "I mean, Regaleon and you have the same feelings about prince Gladiolus."

"Oh." William understood. "Well, that prince looks like a shady guy. I just fell that he is up to no good. Better put a distance from him."

Regaleon and William\'s intuition is one and the same. I can\'t just brush off what they are saying, even if it\'s true that prince Gladiolus is my cousin.

"Hmm, I undsestand." I replied to William. He smiled to me in return.

But I still want to know if what prince Gladiolus said is true.

\'I have to know if my mother is really alive.\' I thought to myself.

And the one that has the power to know it is none other than Regaleon.

\'I must tell him about this when he comes back.\' I thought.

I take another sip from my cup.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

My business trip really didn\'t take too long. The main matter why I went away for a few days is because ex-queen Erica was scheduled to be transferred from the palace to the tower of Grace, which was located at the remote corner of the country of Alvannia.

I wasn\'t content with the sentence king Edward had given to his ex-wife.

\'She tried to take the life of my most precious person. Of course I won\'t let her get away with such light punishment.\' I thought.

I was mounted on my horse, Midnight. We were concealed near the road going to the tower of Grace.

I took my shadows guards and Dimitri with me, planning to ambush the ex-queen\'s convoy

"Your highness." A shadow guard came out of nowhere and kneeled down before me. "The ex-queen\'s convoy will be here shortly." He said.

"Hmm." I nodded. "You know what to do."

"Yes." The shadow guard replied.

"Tell the others to take their stations as planned." Dimitri ordered. "We will execute the plan once the ex-queen\'s convoy is here."

"Understood." The shadow guard retreated and vanished into the woods.

"Is there any news from Theon?" I asked Dimitri.

As I know, the prince of Jennova invited himself for afternoon tea with Alicia. I have ordered Theon to watch his movements carefully.

"I have a very bad feeling about that prince from Jennova." I said.

The sun has set in the west a while ago and the darkness of the night enveloped us. Only the light of the wanning moon illuminated the surroundings. Going to the tower of Grace from the capital will take at least a week by carriage.

The location we are at now was the most suitable for ambush. It was clearly a remote road. If ever the convoy dissapeared, the alarm will only go off after a week have passed and the ex-queen and her convoy haven\'t arrived in the tower of Grace.

"A letter was just sent via Tempest, your higness." Dimitri said. I have specifically left Tempest behind to guard Alicia and if ever an emergency occured, I would know instantly because Tempest flies fast.

"What is written?" I asked.

"It said that the afternoon tea ended smoothly. Just that the princess looked ashened by the end." Dimitri replied.

"Ashened?" I looked at Dimitri curiously.

"It looks like prince Gladiolus said something that shocked princess Alicia greatly. Unfortunately, Theon wasn\'t able to hear what they were talking about even with his advance skills." Dimitri explained. "Fortunately, sir William was there to support the princess. He also has the same view as you, pertaining the prince of Jennova."

I sighed in relief. At least I can count on that William for Alicia\'s safety while I am away. The both of us truly cares about Alicia whole heartedly.

\'I don\'t want to admit it but William and I holds the same amount of affection towards Alicia.\' I thought.

Then we hear a bird\'s sound. That was the signal to commense the plan.

"Let\'s focus on what is on hand first." I said with a wicked smile. "I will deal with the prince of Jennova later."