The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 142 We are Family 1

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Regaleon accompanied me back to my own courtyard after breakfast. I don\'t know if it\'s just me, but I felt all the people we passed by were looking at us.

Regaleon was holding my hand along the way with a huge grin on his face.

"With this, everyone would know that you belong to me." Regaleon chuckled.

\'So this was his intention all along.\' I thought. I don\'t mind letting him brag that I am his because in this lifetime, he is the only one I intend to love until my last breath. But the gaze the people are giving at us now made me feel shy. I can hear some of the maids chat when we pass by.

"The prince and princess looks so good with each other."

"I know right. The prince clearly loves our princess."

"Did you know that the princess spend last night in prince Regaleon\'s residence?"


"Do you think they have went the extra mile in their relationship?"

"I don\'t mind if they did. They are engaged to be married after all."

"The prince looks like a hot blooded young man. With the princess\' looks and great body, I am sure he can\'t wait till their wedding night."

The maids were whispering and giggling. My face felt hot with the things I heard. I felt a lot more shy.

Regaleon looked at me and had a meaningful smile. He lifted my hand that he was holding and planted a kiss on it lovingly.

When we arrived at my courtyard, Theon and Trica were standing at the door to recieve us. They both bowed at us.

"Good morning, princess Alicia, prince Regaleon." Theon greeted us respectfully. Regaleon and I both nodded as greeting.

"Well then, I will be going back." Regaleon faced me and smiled. "I will miss you." He tucked a stray strand of hair from my face to my ear.

"I am going to miss you to." I replied. "Be careful on your journey and come back to me safely." I returned his smile.

Regaleon gave a kiss on my forehead as parting and looked at Theon.

"I leave her to you." Regaleon said to Theon.

"I understand your majesty." Theon nod his head once.

Regaleon looked at me again and gave a parting smile. Then he walked back to his residence.

I looked at his back in a distance until he turned in a corner and vanished from my sight.


In the afternoon, I have ordered Tricia to prepare for the crown prince of Jennova\'s arrival. I have agreed to have afternoon tea with him after helping me the last time in the hall of justice.

I opted to have afternoon tea in the rose garden outside. The weather was good and the roses are blooming beauifully.

I sat down at the small tea table while Tricia and some maids prepare the tea and snacks.

"So princess, what happend last night?" Tricia whispered behind me.

I was taken by suprisen by her question.

"W-What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well last night, I was so worried that you haven\'t gotten back when it was late. But then Theon informed me that you would be spending the night in prince Regaleon\'s residence." Tricia said. "So, did you get to the last base with the prince." She giggled teasingly.

I felt a blush crept on my cheeks. "T-That...we didn\'t go all the way." I said with a low voice that only Tricia would hear.

"Oh my, so you really did some naughty things with the prince. I have to applaud prince Regaleon with his strong will power to not go all the way." Tricia giggled. "So, is the prince good? Did you enjoy his naughty actions?"

"Tricia, don\'t tease me." I pouted at her. Tricia giggled even more with my action.

"Prince Gladiolus of Jennova has arrived." Theon announced.

I look their way and a young man with platinum blonde hair was walking towards me. He was wearing a light gray suit and pants. Like Regaleon, their was a regal aura enveloping his whole being.

I stood up from my seat to greet him. "Good afternoon prince Gladiolus."

"Good afternoon princess Alicia." Prince Gladiolus greeted back.

"Please, have a seat." I gestured the seat across me.

"Thank you." Prince Gladiolus smiled in response and took a sit. I too take my seat after.

"I don\'t know what tea you prefer so I let them prepare black tea." I said with a smile. "I hope this is to your liking."

As for me I like jasmine tea because of it\'s aroma. But as prince Gladiolus is a man, I thought he would like something much stronger.

"Black tea is good. Thank you." Prince Gladiolus replied.

Theon was the one to serve us tea. With precision and elegance, he poured the tea to our cups. After that, Theon took his place by the side to wait on us.

"Your butler looks like a capable person." Prince Gladiolus said.

I looked confused, why would prince Gladiolus compliment my butler. I look at Theon who was standing by the side, he was wearing a serious expression and his eyes were focused on us.

Regaleon was the one to assign Theon to me, so I know how capable he is.

"Theon is a really capable and dependable butler." I told the prince and he nodded as a reply.

Prince Gladiolus took a sip from his cup before looking at me once again.

"Princess Alicia, I have something I want to talk to you about." Prince Gladiolus said.

I looked at him confused. "You can speak freely, prince Gladiolus." I replied.

"Before that, you can call me by my name. In return, can I call you by yours?" Prince Gladiolus said with a smile.

I was a little surprised by his words. We haven\'t been acquainted for long and was not close. But he wants us to call each other by name.

"I guess it\'s fine." I answered. I don\'t feel any hostility ir bad intentiond around him, so I agreed.

"Then Alicia, have you ever thought why the both of us has the same shade of hair and color of eyes?" The prince asked.

I had a curious look. I have already

suspected something and have been thinking about it the first time I saw him. But after the incidents that happend these past few days, this was pushed back on my mind.

The prince smiled at my reaction. "I know that you have knowledge of your lineage, princess. You don\'t need to be wary of me because we are family." He took a sip of his tea casually.

My eyes went wide in surprise.