The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 141 Waking Up Like a Married Couple

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I can feel something enveloping my body and it made me feel a little hot. I slowly open my sleepy eyes.

The room was dimly lit with the early morning rays from the sun. When my eyes started to adjust to the light, I realized that this room wasn\'t mine.

\'Where am I? What happened last night?\' I thought in panic.

Then I remembered the events from yesterday. Regaleon and I had a misunderstanding and he was angry with me because of it. Because I didn\'t want to end the day with us not making up, I decided to go look for him.

Along the way, I see Snow. She helped me sneak passed the guards and lead the way to Regaleon\'s living quarters.

When we arrived, the room was empty. Regaleon hasn\'t come back yet.

\'You wait here for your prince charming.\' I remember Snow said. \'Have fun.\'

I was confused with Snow\'s words at first. But when my eyes swept towards the big bed, then I realized what \'Have fun\' meant. My cheeks started to heat up.

After Snow left, I sat down on the huge bed and waited for Regaleon\'s arrival. I hadn\'t realized that I have fallen asleep.

I was woken up by the movement of the bed. The portion of the bed beside me sank. The room was dark, only dimly illuminated by the moon\'s light from the outside. I felt someone beside me and I knew it was Regaleon because of his spring scent.

We have talked and apologized to one another, straightining out our misunderstanings. We knew how we loved each other so much, our actions went to a rather intimate side.

\'Then take me.\' I remember my bold words from last night. I have mustered a lot of courage just to tell him that line.

Last night we have been more intimate that ever before. We might not have went all the way, but we have been very well acquainted with each other\'s bodies.

Remembering the scenes last night made me feel embarrassed and I also panicked a little. It was not my intention to sleep the whole night here in Regaleon\'s room. I was just thinking of taking a quick nap last night and go back to my own courtyard after. I never realized that I would doze off completely until morning.

\'What would the people working in the palace say when I get out of Regaleon\'s courtyard early in the morning?\' I thought.

"Are you awake?" I heard Regaleon\'s husky voice from behind me.

That was when I realized his arm embracing me from behind. I can feel his body heat touch my back.

"Leon." I quickly turned around to face him.

I see his beautiful face without the mask. His handsome face was a sight to behold and my heart thumped rapidly.

"Good morning my love." Regaleon gave me a sweet smile and planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Good morning." I replied back. I felt warmth with Regaleon\'s small gesture.

Seeing his beautiful sapphire eyes looking at me lovingly made me remember our intimate time together last night. It made me feel shy that my cheeks felt hot. And then I realized that we were completely naked under the sheets. This made me embarrassed.

"After what we did last night, you are still shy?" Regaleon chuckled.

"T-That\'s because..." I want to reason out but I can\'t seem to find any reason to give. It is true that I am still shy, even though Regaleon has explored every inch of my body from head to toe.

"If you continue on acting that cute, I can\'t promise you that I can hold myself." Regaleon said with a serious tone.

I looked at him in confusion. \'What was I doing that made me look cute in his eyes?" I wondered.

Regaleon\'s gaze were blazing towards me. He quickly tossed the sheets covering me away. In an instant.

"Hiyah~~" I squealed in surprise by his sudden action. I instinctively covered ny body with my hand to no avail.

"Did you know Lili, that a man\'s thing is so hard in the early hours of the morning?" Regaleon said with a wolfish grin. "Because of you looking this cute and delectable, I can\'t resist in eating you up."

And then we simply do once again what we did last night.


Regaleon and I was eating our breakfast outdoors, at the garden patio located at Regaleon\'s temporary residence inside the palace. I take a bite of my toast and chewed slowly.

I wanted to sneak back to my own courtyard after our intimate act this morning. With Snow\'s cloaking ability, I was sure that I can get back to my own quarters unoticed. But Regaleon insisted that I stay to eat breakfast.

With what was happening right now, it will be just a matter of time when word spreads inside the palace that I spent the night in Regaleon\'s resisdence.

I was eating silently with a grumpy look on my face. Regaleon who was seating across me, on the other hand, was grinning widely. I am not exagerating when I say that his smile can split his face in two.

\'He is clearly enjoying this.\' I thought and sighed internally.

Regaleon take a sip of coffee from his cup with elegance while holding some documents with his other hand.

"Is your breakfast to your liking?" Regaleon asked with a smile.

The food on my plate consists of bacon and eggs with buttered toast. These are one of my favorite foods for breakfast. But the serving was too big, I can\'t simply eat it all in one seating.

"I like it. But this is too much." I said. "I can\'t finish these all."

"I am sure you are famished." Regaleon said. "After our vigorous workout last night ang this morning, I am sure you are hungry." He teased.

Regaleon\'s words made me feel shy. I can feel my face heat up. I can imagine steam coming out of my ears any minute. I must be red as a tomatoe by now.

Regaleon was just smiling nonchalantly. He was done eating the same breakfast as me a while ago, sweeping his plate clean.

\'He must be the one hungry after that rigorous exercise he mentioned.\' I scoffed internally.

"Ahem." Dimitri coughed. He was at the side all this time while Regaleon and I were eating breakfast. He looked my way and nodded apologetically.

\'Why does it look like Dimitri knows what happened last night and this morning?" I thought. Just by thinking about this made me more shy.

"Your highness, the preparations for your departure are all done. You will be leaving at noon." Dimitri announced.

"Hmm." Regaleon simply nodded.

Then I remember Regaleon telling me he will be gone for a few days to attend to some business matters. I lowered my head and felt a little sad.

"Don\'t worry, I will be back in no time." Regaleon must have seen my reaction just now. "I will return before the grand parade. And after that, I will be bringing you home to Grandcrest with me. We would be spending more time together once we are there." He reached my hand and caressed it gently.

"Hmm." I smiled at him sweetly.

"Be careful while I am away, especially around that crown prince of Jennova." Regaleon said.

Then I remembered that I will be having tea with prince Gladiolus this afternoon.

"Don\'t worry, I won\'t let my guard down. I promise." I said.

"Good girl." Regaleon gently patted my head.