The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 140 Heated Night 2

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WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

(Regaleon\'s POV)

I took off my coat and shoes and tossed it on the floor. I unbuttoned my inner shirt and like the others, tossed it out. I simply hovered above my beautiful sweet girl who had just orgasmed.

"My beautiful Alicia." I whispered to her.

I slowly unzipped my pants and my buldging manhood peaked out on its own.

Alicia\'s face was flushed red, she was panthing just after her orgasm. I traced where her eye sight was looking at, and it was no other than my thing down there. I slightly smiled with her reaction.

I gently caressed her thighs with my hands and worked my way up to the hem of her underwear. In just one thug, I pulled it out from under her.

"Aahhh.." Alicia was surprised with my sudden action.

After that, I kissed her toes and then her ankles. I trailed kisses upwards from her calf to her knees. I then started to lick her inner thighs.

"Ahhh~~hmmm~~ahhh." Alicia was moaning with every kiss I give.

I parted her legs genlty, exposing her private part before me.

"N-no...don\'t look. It\'s embarrassing." Alicia face looked very embarrassed. She tried to cover her private part. Her action made me smile.

"You don\'t need to be embarrassed." I told her. "I love every part of you, especially this part."

I held her hands that were covering her private area and slowly put it away. When I see her sex right before me, I inched my face between her legs and started to lick it.

"Hiyah~~" Alicia squealed in surprise. Her body was squirming on top of the bed. "Ahhh~~Leon." Her voice was seductive that it made me want to suck her more.

\'Slurp slurp\' the lewd sounds were clearly heard. My tongue was ravaging Alicia\'s inner walls.

"Hmmm~~ahhh..Leon...ahhh~~coming..I\'m.." Alicia was feeling the pleasure that I was giving her.

Hearing that she was nearing her climax, I sucked her a little harder.

"Ahhhh..." Alicia came again, her body was convulsing on top of me.

When she calmed down, she was panthing very hard. I took my pants off all the way and tossed it aside. I held her legs and squeezed it close. I let her lay down side ways.

"L-Leon?" Alicia looked at me in confusion.

"I still don\'t want to penatrate inside you, Lili." I said with a husky voice. "But at least let me be satisfied with your body."

I laid down behind Alicia, her back was sticking on my chest. I put my hard manhood in between Alicia\'s closed legs, near the opening of her sex.

"Hmmm~~ahhh." I squeezed my manhood in the tight space and rubbed it on her skin.

"Ahh~~" Alicia was feeling my hardness just between the entrance of her sex.

Even I am not penetrating inside her, I am sure she is feeling the hardness of my thing rubbing her entrance.

I started to thrust in and out between her tightly closed legs. The entrance to her private part is soaking wet that it made it easier to move.

"Your so wet." I whispered in Alicia\'s ear. "You are loving this?"

I continue my action on her private part, teasing her entrance slowly and kneaded her breasts gently.

"Ahhh~~hmmm" Alicia was moaning with pleasure. Her voice was sending warm signals inside my body.

I am feeling good with every thrust, I can feel something building up inside of me.

"Ahhh~~Lili. I\'m at my limit." I was thrusting harder and faster right now.

"Ahhh~~Leon...please come." Alicia\'s voice was clearly seducing me.

With her words I put in more effort with my thrust. The lewd sounds that comes out from our bodies\' contact was getting louder.

"Ohhh~~Lili... My Lili." I was at the peak of my senses. "Ngghhh..." I ejaculated at last. The fluid spitted out of my manhood.

"Ahhh..." Alicia found her own release.

The both of us are panthing heavily and catching our breath. Alicia closed her eyes, clearly exhausted with our prior movements.

"Tired?" I asked with a smile. I planted a kiss on top of her head and smelling the sweet scent of her hair.

"Hmmm." Alicia replied with a simple nod.

"Let me arrange the bath for you first. You will be more refreshed after taking a dip and washing the sweat off." I said.

I got out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Inside, I opened the hot water and filled the huge bath tub. I put in some liquid soap and mixed it in. Once the tub was halfway full, I turned off the water and go back to Alicia.

She was sleeping soundly on my huge bed. A smile crept on my face.

\'I could get used to her sleeping on my bed.\' I thought to myself.

I walked at her bed side and gently carried her in my arms. Alicia\'s arms instantly hooked around my neck, her face leaning on my chest. Her eyes were fluttering sleepily.

"Let\'s get you washed first to get the sweat off. Then you can sleep." I whispered to her.

I walked towards the bathroom with her in my arms. Once inside I carefully place her in the huge bath tub and I followed after.

Inside the tub, I cradled her in front of me. I took the sponge from the side and gently scrubbed her body.

"Hmmm, that feels good." Alicia sleepily said. "It smells of you." She was talking about the soap I mixed inside the tub.

"You like it?" I asked in amusement.

"I like your smell. The smell of spring dew." Alicia turned around and looked at me with a smile.

"I am happy you like it." I said and smiled back.

After we scrubbed each other, we just sat there hugging. I was cradling her from the front, with my arms around her.

"I will be gone for a few days." I remembered to tell her. "I need to take care of some business."

"How long?" Alicia asked.

"Don\'t worry, it will only be a few days." I assured her. "I will be surely here before the grand parade."

The parade in the streets of the capital will be taking place five days from now. All the preparations have been made. We are now only waiting for the date to come.

"You only need to relax and wait for me to return." I pinched her small pointed nose.

Alicia was clearly irriated with my action. I chuckled looking at her cute irritated face.

"After the parade, we will be heading straight to Grandcrest. Once there, you will properly be introduced as my fiancee and future crown princess." I said.

"I am ready to take the bride lessons once we arrive there. I won\'t let you down." Alicia smiled.

"My little fiancee is still thinking such things. You don\'t need to impress anyone. Remember that I always got your back." I said.

After the bath I carried her once again towards my bed. The sheets have been replaced with new and clean ones. I gently laid her down and I take my place beside her.

"Sleep well my love." I drape the sheets over us and kissed her forehead. I pulled her close to my embrace. Sleep took us in no time.