The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 14 Confrontation 2

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"James what are you doing? She is still the third princess of Alvannia. You don\'t have any evidence that she did it on purpose. It was an accident." William was beside me and comforting me.

"She\'s just a bastard!" James shouted.

Then a shadow passed by me from behind. The next thing I know James was on the ground with a bloody nose.

"F*ck!" James shouted. "Who dare hit me!"

"You dare lay a hand on my princess." A cold voice said. When I looked up I saw the back of a familiar figure.

"Sir Leon." I muttered.

Leon looked back at me. His face was full of worry. He kneeled beside me.

"I\'m sorry my princess. I wasn\'t here to protect you. It\'s my fault you got hurt." Leon looked at me with regret.

"Hmm, no. Don\'t blame yourself." I said.

"Who are you to dare hit me? I\'m the son of the Duke of Carlson." I here James yelled. "I\'m the heir of the Carlson Dukedom."

Leon\'s face changed in an instant. From the bright and cheerful Leon that I know it turned to a cold blooded being. I felt a chill down my spine. His eyes had a tinge of bloodlust.

"My princess please go inside. I\'ll take care of this." Leon said seriously.

"No Leon. I\'m not going anywhere with you." I have a feeling that Leon will start a fight.

I was worried that he would be beaten up. If Elizabeth\'s knight Bradford joins the fight I am not sure Leon would win. I know that Bradford is one of the best in the royal guards.

Leon gave me a gentle smile. The smile I so much love. I just realized that I called his name without any honorifics.

"Don\'t worry my princess. Even if an army stands in my way no one can stop me from avenging you." Leon said. He gently caressed my now swollen cheek. The hint of bloodlust in his eyes appeared again.

"Young Lord William please keep an eye on princes Alicia." Leon told William.

"Yes sir Leon. Leave her to me." William said.

Leon stood up and held his sword that was placed idly by his waist.

"Sir Bradford." Leon called for his attention.

"Yes?" Bradford answered.

"You know the knights code, correct?" Leon asked.

"Of course. I known it by heart." Bradford replied. He was beside his princess Elizabeth. The maids had gotten ice to place on the burn in her face.

"Then you know that anyone that hurts our sworn master or lady will be punished under our sword." Leon said with a neutral tone.

"What?!" Elizabeth was surprised. "You are Alicia\'s personal knight? Impossible! Mother didn\'t agree for her to have her own personal knight."

"I\'m afraid it is true princess Elizabeth." William interjected.

Elizabeth looked at William in surprise.

"I was there as a witness when sir Leon gave his oath to Alicia." William said.

Elizabeth was looking at me with unbelieving eyes.

"Now that I am by my princess\'s side, no harm can come to her. I will punish anyone who tries to harm her." Leon said. "I expect you won\'t interfere with me sir Bradford."

Elizabeth looked at her knight. She can\'t just let Alicia slide out of this so easily.

"I won\'t interfere sir Leon. You have my word as a knight." Bradford said.

Disbelief was written all over Elizabeth\'s face. She clenched her fists hard.

Leon pulled out his sword from it\'s sheath and pointed it at James. "Young Lord James Franklin Carlson. I challenge you to a duel."

"Hahahaha. You challenge me in a duel? Fine then. Somebody get my sword." James yelled proudly.