The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 139 Heated Night 1

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WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

(Regaleon\'s POV)

Her lips were so soft and smooth that kissing her was such an indulgence. I can smell her sweet scent and my head swam with lust.

I parted my lips from hers, fighting away the lust I am feeling right now.

"Oh Lili, I want you. I want you so badly." My voice came out a little pained.

"Then take me." Alicia said with a soft voice.

My eyes went wide with surprise. My body went stiff with the shock I got from Alicia\'s words.

"Lili, do you know what you have just said?" I asked in disbelief.

Alicia nodded shyly. "I would want to be one with Leon as well." Her cheeks were tinted red with her blush.

After her sentence, my last defenses were broken down and torned apart. My will power crumbled in an instant and lust filled my senses once more.

"Oh Lili, I hope you are prepared with what you had just said." My voice came out hoarse.

Alicia nodded shyly. I see her lips parted slightly and that made the fire inside me burn more intensely with desire.

In no time I captured Alicia\'s soft and sweet lips. I tasted them in my mouth. The kiss was not enough to satisfy my cravings and I gently parted her lips with my tongue, slipping in and tasting the insides of her mouth.

I found her tongue and played with them, hooking it with my own.

"Ahmmm..." I hear Alicia\'s sweet moan. It was just like electricity that entered my ears and bolted inside my body.

I pulled Alicia up instantly.

"Ahhh..." She cutely squealed and was caught of guard with my action.

The both of us are sitting on the bed facing each other.

"Turn around." I told her.

Alicia nodded curiously and turned around. Now, her back is facing me.

Alicia was wearing a dress with the buttons on the back, that is why I told her to turn around. I slowly unbuttoned the buttons of her dress one by one. Her white and milky skin emerged in front of me.

I gently pulled her long platinum blonde hair and swiped it to the side. Now, her bare back was seen. My body was heating up inside, my instinct only feels lust and love for her.

I slowly slip off her dress, caressing her bare shoulders in the process. I see Alicia\'s body shiver.

"Your skin is so smooth." I whispered right behind her ear and she felt ticklish.

Seeing her bare neck made my hearr flutter. I quickly licked it up and bit one of her earlobes.

"Hiyaahh~" Alicia squealed once again. Her voice beautifully rang in my ears.

"Ticklish?" I teased her. A smile was etched on my face.

"Hmmm." Alicia nodded.

"I want to explore all of the corners of your body, Lili. May I?" I said with hoarse voice. My wanting is very evident in my voice.

Alicia nodded shyly, her cheeks were burning red.

With Alicia\'s permission, my lips traveled from her neck down to her shoulders and back. My hands gently caressed her smooth white skin along. The hair on her arms are standing, her body trembling slightly.

I pulled her dress all the way down, taking it off of her in the process and tossing it aside. Now, my lovely girl is naked in front of me, aside from the underwear she was still wearing.

I continued to rain kisses on her back and neck, my hands hovered in front of her.

"Ahh~~hmmm." Alicia was feeling my caress and kisses, her body was submissive towards my every action.

My hands then found her twin peaks. I kneaded them gently and pinched her nipples hard

"Ahhh~~yaahh...L-Leon." Alicia called out my name seductively.

"What is it, my love?" I whispered behind her ear. "Do you like that?" I started to lick her ear.

"Ahhh~~~hmmm~ahh." Alicia was sensing pleasure with my actions. "I-It feels...good."

I smiled with her answer.

"Then I will do somthing else that will also feel good." I said playfully. "You liked it back then."

Alicia looked confused for a while. When she noticed where my other hand was traveling, she knew in an instant what I was about to do.

"L-Leon." Alicia looked at my hand traveling from her stomach and entered her underwear. "Ahhhhh...." Her neck arched back with the sensation.

My fingers entered her private part easily. I kneaded the insided gently while my other hand was playing with her breast.

"You are already wet." I teased her.

"T-That\'s because...ahhh~~hmmm~~~ahhh.." Alicia tried to supress her sweet moans.

"Let your voice out Lili." I told her. "I want to hear you feel good."

"Ahhh~~~L-Leon.." Alicia was clearly enjoying my fingers.

My own body was heating up just by looking at Alicia\'s face. I cupped her chin and move her toward me. I planted a kiss on her sweet alluring lips.

"Hmmm~~~mmmm. L-Leon..ahhh~~I\'m~ahh." Alicia was clearly at her peak.

"Come Alicia. Come for me." I said. I made the motions of my fingers more faster, thrusting inside her sex.

"Ahhhhh~~~" Alicia screamed in satisfation.

I quickly pulled out my fingers inside of her and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Did you feel good?" I smiled at her.

Alicia\'s face was flushed. She nodded slowly.

"Are you sure you want to continue this?" I asked her. But I don\'t know if I can still stop myself from devouring her at this moment.

Alica didn\'t answer. She looked like she was still in a daze after her orgasm. I gently laid her on the bed.

I took of my coat and shoes and tossed it on the floor. I unbuttoned my inner shirt and like the others, tossed it out. I simply hovered above my beautiful sweet girl who had just orgasmed.

"My beautiful Alicia." I whispered to her.