The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 138 Kiss and Make-Up

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(Regaleon\'a POV)

"Leon." I hear Alicia\'s sweet voice call my name.

"I\'m here." I replied with a smile.

Alicia hurriedly sit up from bed when she heard my voice.

"Leon, I\'m sorry. Please forgive me." I heard Alicia\'s pleading voice. "I didn\'t mean to make you angry. I didn\'t think first before I made my actions."

Tears started to stream from my princess\' eyes. I wipe those tears away gently with my fingers.

"You know what you did wrong?" I asked in a gentle voice. My jealousy has subsided by now and I don\'t want Alicia to cry anymore than this.

"It\'s because I was alone with William inside one room." Alicia replied. "I know that it isn\'t an excuse for being ignorant. I should have thought of your feelings more. I know I have hurt you when I tended Will\'s wounds in his room alone. As your fiancee, it is wrong for me to be with a man alone. Your reputation may also be tarnished because of this."

Alicia was sobbing. My little princess is hurt because of me. My heart aches while looking at her tears.

"Hush now." I comforted her. "I do not care about my reputation being tarnished, you know. And I am not angry with you. I was jealous." Isaid truthfully.

"You were jealous?" Alicia asked with wide eyes. Her tears stopped at last, after she heard me being jealous. "B-But why would you be? I mean there is nothing for you to be jealous about. Me and Will are just friends. And if you look at it, your looks are above any man I have ever seen. Your swords skills are on top of the charts. Not only that you are the crown prince of a powerful country. Many would die to get my spot as your fiancee and princess consort."

Alicia was giving me unending praises. This made me laugh. "Hahaha..."

"Why are you laughing?" Alicia looked at me in irritation. "Are you not taking my words seriously? I am serious when I say that you are the most eligable bachelor that most woman will sought for. I am very lucky to be chosen by you."

Alicia was looking cute and gullible, I pinched her rosy cheeks.

"Silly girl." I said with a smile. "You are over praising me a bit. You know that I wear a mask, so how can other people say that I am handsome. Only a handful of people have seen my face."

"W-Well, I don\'t know." Alicia lowered her head shyly. "I guess, even with your face covered, your presence and aura can magnet young women\'s hearts." She had her lips pouted out in irritation.

"Are you jealous when other women look and me and try to get close to me?" I asked, amused with what Alicia would answer.

"Of course I am. Especially my sister, Veronica." Alicia said with a high pitched tone. "Just imagining how she got her hands and arms around you while trying to seduce you infuriated me. I want to clean the places where she touched you with her dirty hands."

Alicia\'s face was red just by remembering the events that took place in our engagement party.

\'My Lili is also jealous.\' I thought. It made me smile. A warm feeling crept inside my heart and travled all over my body.

"That was what I felt when you were alone with that man." I caressed her rosy cheeks. "Just imagining you helping him tend to his wounds, carefully applying medecine to his body made me furious. It made me feel that I want to cut all of the parts you have touched."

A trace of shock ran through Alicia\'s eyes. Then her eyes calmed down and looked at me intently.

"So that was what you felt. I\'m sorry, I didin\'t mean for you to feel that way. I will never do that again, I promise. I know how it feels and I don\'t want you to feel that way too." Alicia said with sincerity. She lowered her head with guilt.

"Oh Lili, I am sorry for being jealous as well. I just can\'t stand it when other men tries to get close to you." I cupped her chin and pulled her face up and her eyes met mine. "Do you know how beautiful you are? How many men also try to get your attention?"

Alicia shook her head. She was oblivious on how other men see her.

"My Lili, you are the most beautifyl girl I have landed my eyes upon, and I have met many women in my twenty years of existence." I said with sincerity. I held her beautiful face between my hands gently. "Your beauty attracts many men like that duke and also that prince from Jennova. I also feel that jealousy when they have their eyes upon you. If I can, I would like to pluck their eyes out from their sockets, just for looking at my fiancee with such longing."

Alicia looked at me in disbelief. She has been living with her step sisters that undermines her beauty, letting her think she is not beautiful.

"But the one I love is you." Alicia said softly. "You don\'t need to get jealous, because you are the one that holds my heart." She bowed her head shyly. I can see traces of blush in her cheeks.

My heart squeezed in ecstasy after hearing her words.

"My Lili. My beautiful and sweet Lili." I said to her softly. "I am the one who is lucky that you chose me. You are the only one that I would ever love."

Alicia looked up at me with twinkling eyes. Her blushed face looks so adorable, her rosy lips are rather tempting. I traced her blushed cheeks with my thumbs and ran it down to her rosy lips.

At last, I can\'t take it anymore. I pulled Alicia\'s face to me gently and landed my lips on hers.

"Hmmm." Alicia gave a surprise moan but in an instant took my kiss willingly.

Her lips were so soft and smooth that kissing her was such an indulgence. I can smell her sweet scent and my head swam with lust.

I parted my lips from hers, fighting away the lust I am feeling right now.

"Oh Lili, I want you. I want you so badly." My voice came out a little pained.

"Then take me." Alicia said with a soft voice.