The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 137 A Jealous Crown Prince

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

I have finished eating and heaved a silent sigh to myself. I look at Alicia who had her head bowed down.

"I will be taking my leave now." I said with such coldness. I can\'t help myself from feeling this way, with jealousy.

"Leon, d-did I do something wrong?" Alicia asked with worried eyes towards me.

My heart skipped a beat with her beautiful face and pleading eyes. I want to hug her tightly. I want to bite her soft lips and lavish her whole body with kisses, an adequate punishment for her mistake. I want to bury myself inside her and posses her, making all of her mine. Others would know that she is mine and would never try to come near her again.

\'This is not good.\' I thought to myself. Because of my jealousy, I am thinking of bad things. I don\'t want her to hate me. \'I need to get some fresh air and calm down.\' I thought.

I looked at Alica with a serious and cold gaze. "I will give you time to think of what you have done and reflect on it."

\'And I need time to cool myself down.\' I thought.

After that, I walked away in a hurry. I was not yet that far when I heard sobs from the dining room. I stopped in my tracks and clenched my fists hard.

Alicia\'s sobs where like daggers piercing my heart. I really want to turn around and comfort her, put her in my arms and shower her with kisses and affection. But in my state right now, I could only hurt her. I pick up my pace and walk away.


It was already dark outside, and the only light that illuminates my path is the light of the full moon.

I walk towards the remote lake found inside the palace. The stroll gave me time to think and calm myself.

I heaved a heavy sigh. "My Lili." I whispered to myself.

I was lucky to meet Alicia in her debutant party when she was fourteen years old. She was still a young girl back then but her beauty was already blooming. No wonder she attracts men like that William Cunningham.

"If I wasn\'t there at her party that time, would she be with that William now?" I said to myself.

The thought was unpleasant to me. Thinking that if I had not come that day, then Alicia would be engaged to that duke now.

I clenched my fists hard that the white bones in my hands are sticking out.

"No. I am now Alicia\'s fiance. She is my bride to be and my future wife, my princess consort." I said.

The fact that Alicia and William were close friends, I cannot change. "Alicia has a kind and pure heart, and I want her to stay that way. That is why she personaly tended to that person\'s wounds." I told myself.

I was telling this to myself, that Alicia was so kind hearted that she tended William\'s wounds herself. But just the thougth of Alicia holding someone gently makes my blood boil.

"I want to cut every place where Alicia touched that man." My temper was rising again.

I heaved another heavy sigh. If I continue this way, how can I calm down. I want to go to Alicia and be with her as soon as possible. I want my jealousy to be put in check as fast as I can.

\'I love you very much.\' I remember Alicia\'s words. I imagine Alicia\'s blushing face while saying these words. I smile crept on my face.

"My sweet and beautiful Lili." I said to myself.

That\'s right, she loves me. I am the one that she loves and the one she chose. I can\'t help the fact that men can be smitten by my fiancee\'s beauty, but still I am the one that in her heart.

I chuckled lightly. The thought of her loving me calmed me down.

"Yes, I can be jealous. This is a normal thing when loving someone, I guess." I said. "But I don\'t have to let this jealousy be in the way of our relationship."

\'I can deal with this jealousy.\' I thought to myself.

I have strolled a little far now. I turned back and traced my steps back to Alicia\'s courtyard.

"Your highness." It was Dimitri\'s voice from the shadows.

"What is it Dimitri?" I stopped in my tracks and asked.

"Are you going to the princess\' quarters?" Dimitri emerged from the shadows and gave a slight bow of his head. He knows that I frequently visit Alicia in her quarters at night.

"Yes I am. What of it?" I asked in confusion.

"Well, your higness. The princess is currently in your quarters." Dimitri said with a shy tone.

"My quarters?!" I was shocked. Why would Alicia be in my living quareters this time of night?

"Yes your higness. The princess\' familiar helped her sneak in unnoticed. By the time the shadow guards around the area noticed her, she was already in your quarters." Dimitri said. "I apologize for my subordinates incapabilites. Please punish me accordingly."

"No need." I simply said. Alicia\'s familiar Snow is capable of sneaking to places unnoticed. With her powers cloaking Alicia, no one can really detect her. "I will head towards my quarters immediately."

"Yes sir." Dimitri bowed and blended in the shadows once more.

I hurriedly walked towards my own courtyard. Knowing that Alicia was inside my quarters waiting for me made me excited that my heart was thumping fast.

Once inside the building, I rushed towards my quarters. I navigated the halls faster than I have anticipated and reached the door of my quarters in no time.

I stopped right in front of my door and inhaled deeply. After exhaling, I held the door knob and gently turned it. The doors opened, and my dark room was seen. The room was silent, the only illumination was the light of the full moon coming from the balcony door that is opened.

I walked inside and closed the door behind me. I scanned my room, searching for her. And there, on top of my huge bed she laid. The curtains from the balcony door was swaying from the wind outside. The effects of the curtain and the moon\'s light made her sleeping body mesmerizing. Alicia looked like a sleeping beauty, waiting to be kissed by her prince.

I walked quietly and slowly to her side. She was sleeping soundly when I see her shiver.

\'She might be cold.\' I thought.

"Silly girl." I smiled gently. "You entered from the balcony but you didn\'t close the door."

I slowly closed the door to the balcony, stopping the cold wind from blowing inside. Then I gently seat down beside Alicia\'s sleeping figure. Her face was rosy white but had a few stains from tears. My heart clenched in pain.

"I made you cry." I said guiltily. I softly traced her tear stained cheeks with my fingers.

Alicia stirred awake, her beautiful eyes fluttered gently.

"Leon." Alicia called.

"I\'m here." I replied.