The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 136 Cold Treatment, My Faul

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After I have helped William bandaged his wounds, there was a knock on the door.

\'Knock knock\'

"Princess, dinner is ready." Tricia\'s voice was heard from the other side.

"Okay, thanks." I replied.

"You go and eat. I can manage to put medicine on my other wounds." William smiled.

"Hmm, okay." I nodded in agreement.

I stood up and walked towards the door. When I opened it, Tricia was standing in front. I gently closed the door behind me

"Tricia, get Will\'s dinner and serve it to him here in his room. I am afraid that if he moves that much, his wounds would bleed again." I ordered.

"I understand." Tricia bowed her head. "Oh princess, prince Regaleon has arrived a while ago. He is waiting for you in the dining room."

"Leon is here?" I smiled brightly and trotted towards the dining room.

"The prince looked for you so I said that you have tended sir William\'s wounds." Tricia said while I was walking hastily.

I wasn\'t able to hear Tricia\'s words because I was excited to see Regaleon. If I have just heard her, I would have been prepared on what\'s to come.

By the time I arrived at the dining room, I see Regaleon sitting on his usual seat. I felt happy seeing him again. If I could, I would like to always be by his side. But I know that is not possible. Regaleon is a crown prince and has many work he needs to do.

"Leon." I called out to him while I walked towards him in a hurry.

Regaleon glanced and me and I was surprised with his cold stare.

"Walk slowly." Regaleon said with a superior tone. "You are a princess, so you need to always mind your manners and etiquette."

My body reacted instantly to his scolding and I walked with grace and beauty. I was a little confused. The Regaleon right now was a lot like when he was tutoring me, a strict teacher.

I take a seat on my chair gracefully, so that I won\'t be scolded again. I took a peak on Regaleon but I can\'t read his mood with his mask covering half of his face.

Regaleon and I eat in silence. All I can hear in the dining room are the sounds of the utensils on our plates.

\'Did I do something wrong that made Leon angry?\' I thought to myself. But I wasn\'t able to find a reason. He was okay just before I took a nap.

After finishing dinner, Regaleon got up.

"I will be taking my leave now." Regaleon said coldly.

A felt a pinch in my heart. "Leon, d-did I do something wrong?" I asked worriedly. My heart was feeling heavy, and the pain from it was spreading.

Regaleon looked at me with a serious and cold gaze. "I will give you time to think of what you have done and reflect on it."

After that, Regaleon walked away. I was left in the dining room in a daze. Tears started to fall from my eyes.

"Princess!" Tricia quickly walked beside me holding a handkerchief. She gently wiped away my tears. "I was afraid that this would happen." She heaved a sigh.

"Why, Tricia? What did I do to make Regaleon so cold towards me?" I asked. The tears are still flowing from my eyes.

"Princess, I know you are still young. This is your very first relationship and you are experiencing everything for the first time." Tricia gently said. "I know sir William is an important person to you and is your best friend. Maybe in the past when the two of you were still young, being in the same room alone is okay. But now, you are a young lady, and is also engaged. You cannot be alone in a room with another man other than your husband to be."

After Tricia\'s explenation, I understood why Regaleon was being cold towards me. I have done something wrong as his fiancee.

"I never thought of that." I said. "It was normal for Will and I to be together in the past. I never thought about it until you have explained." I have wronged Regaleon and have hurt his feelings.

"I understand princess. You are only sixteen years old. You will do a lot of mistakes and learn from them." Tricia patted my head and consoled me. "You just have to apologize to the crown prince and explain what happened. I am sure he will forgive you, he loves you very much."

"Thanks Tricia." I wipe away my tears. "I still have many things to learn."

"I am sure that you will learn many things in being a fiancee and a wife when you start your bridal training. For now, you just have to do your best." Tricia smiled sweetly at me.

"I am happy that I have you by my side, Tricia. I am still young and ignorant in many things. I hope you help me in the future." I said sincerly.

"I am happy to be of service to you princess." Tricia patted my head once again. "Now go and find your prince."

"Yes." I smiled.


I ran outside my courtyard to chase after Regaleon. I wasn\'t able to find him in the vicinity. It was already dark outside. I was contemplating in going to the courtyard he was residing now but thought that it would be best not to go.

We are not yet married. And it won\'t look good for a young princess like me visting him this late at night. I turned my back and started to go back to my own courtyard.

\'Where are you going?\' Snow jumped out of the bushes.

"Snow," I called to her. "Did you see Leon walked through here?" I asked.

\'Oh, do you mean lover boy? I saw him walk past here a little while ago. He looked in a bad mood. Did you two have a fight?\' Snow asked.

I heave a deep sigh. "It\'s all my fault." I confessed. "I want to apologize to him but I don\'t know where he is."

\'Then why don\'t you sneek inside his room then?\' Snow asked sarcastically. \'He does that all the time to you. Why not you do it this time?\'

Snow\'s idea seemed good. I looked at her and smiled widely. "Snow, you\'re the best." I picked her up and hugged her.

\'I know I am the best, but please don\'t squeeze me to death.\' Snow complained.

"Oh, sorry." I giggled. "Do you know where Leon\'s room is? Can you help me sneek in?"

\'Of course I know.\' Snow said and jumped down from my arms. \'Follow me.\'

I lifted up my skirt and followed Snow stealthly.