The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 134 The Queen's Sentence

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I look at prince Gladiolus in a daze. I forgot about him. It was embarrassing for others to see my crying face.

Regealeon gently pushed me into his chest, burrying my face in the process.

\"I would like to extend my gratitude for helping us stop the traitorous general.\" Regaleon said politely.

\"Don\'t mention it.\" Prince Gladiolus replied. \"Such a man deserved to die. It is just a pity he got away with only a quick death. I was sure king Edward was thinking of other methods that will make his death more painful.\"

I took a peak from Regaelon\'s chest. I see the prince of Jennova smiling brightly at us.

\"Umm... thank you, for saving me.\" I said to him meekly.

I would like to express my gratitude to the prince of Jennova face to face, but Regaleon was hugging me tightly on his chest. As if he doesn\'t want anyone to see my face.

\"I am happy to be of help. I just extended a helping hand. You are well loved princess Alicia.\" Prince Gladiolus said.

\"Alicia and I will take our leave.\" Regaleon said. \"I am sure my fiancee had a great shock just now. I will take her back to her quarters to rest.\"

\"I understand.\" Prince Gladiolus replied.

Regaleon ushered me out of the justice hall. We have just taken just a few steps when prince Gladiolus called out to me.

\"Princess Alicia.\" Prince Gladiolus called. I reflexively looked back when I heard my name.

\"Can I ask some time to have tea with you? Consider it as thanks for helping you today.\" He smiled.

\"I guess it\'s alright.\" I said and looked at Regaleon instinctively. He nodded at me in agreement. \"Then maybe tomorrow afternoon, if you are free, prince Gladiolus.\" I said politely.

\"Then tomorrow afternoon it is.\" Prince Gladiolus replied.

After that Regaleon and I exited the hall of justice.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

I escorted Alicia back to her quarters to let her rest after the incedent in the hall of justice.

\"Have some rest.\" I helped Alicia lay down on her bed. I can see her eyes that was red after crying, sleepishly fluttering.

\"Where are you going?\" Alicia asked. She was looking drowsy. She must be tired after the incedent and the crying.

\"I will be paying your father a visit.\" I replied. I kissed her forehead gently. \"Take a nap. I promise, I will be here once you wake up.\"

\"Promise?\" Alicia said with droopy eyes. She looked so cute that I cannit resist her charms.

I bend down to give her lips a sweet and passionate kiss. I kissed her deeply, my instinct wanted to devour her completely. I inserted my tongue between her plump lips. I find her tongue inside and hooked it with mine. My hands are exploring her body once more.

It took a lot of effort from me to break off from the kiss. I slowly let go of her sweet tender lips. Alicia\'s face was flushed red under me. Her gaze towards me was seductive that I fought my urge to devour her here and now.

\"Sleep well.\" I said thru my teeth. \"I will be back in no time.\"

I stood up and walked quickly out of Alicia\'s room. I closed the doors softly and sighed heavily.

\"That was dangerous.\" I whispered to myself.

As time passes by, my Lili is becoming more and more beautiful. I need every ounce of my self control just to stop myself from taking her fully.

After I have calmed down completely, I walked towards the king\'s office.

I went to king Edward\'s office for a quick visit. After the sentence was passed down to the queen\'s uncle and aunt in law, I want to know what is the sentence for the queen\'s crimes.

\'Knock knock\' the guard who was guarding the entrance of the king\'s office knocked on the door to announce my presence.

\"Your majesty, prince Regaleon is here to ask an audience with you.\" The guard said.

\"Let him in.\" King Edward\'s said from inside the room.

The guard opened the door and I quickly entered.

\"What bring\'s you here prince Regaleon?\" King Edward asked.

\"You know why I am here.\" I said while taking a seat in front of the king. \"You have not yet passed down queen Erica\'s sentence. I am here to know what is her sentence for the crimes she has committed.\"

King Edward sighed heavily. I knew that he was anticipating me to ask this question.

\"Erica is guilty of all the charges. She is the mastermind to the poisoning of Alicia\'s mother and my concubine Leticia, and also the attempted assasination of Alicia.\" King Edward said. \"I also want her to pay for her crimes tenfold.\"

I can see the anger and resentment in the king\'s eyes.

\"But..?\" I looked at him seriously.

\"But Erica is still my wife, at least in name. And she is still the queen of this country.\" King Edward sighed. \"The ministers are against a death sentence. This could affect the citizens of Alvannia and might result to an uproar. I am a king of this country and cannot be selfish. Even though I want her to die for her sins, but I still need to think for the many.\"

I nodded in understanding. Being a king doesn\'t mean you can do anything you want. Your hands are still tied up by the minsiters of the court. I look at the king before me and scoffed lightly.

\'This is not the kind of king I would be in the future.\' I thought. I won\'t let some minsiters tie me up and make a puppet out of me.

\"Then what sentence have the court decided for the queen\'s crimes?\" I asked not really interested now that death sentence is out of the equation.

\"Erica will be stripped of her crown as queen. I will lawfully divorce her.\" King Edward said. \"She would be sent to the tower of Grace found in the most remote outskirts of the country. There she will live her remaining days, not able to step out of the tower again.\"

I just nodded in understanding and stood up from my seat. I turned to walk out of the office.

\"Wait a minute.\" King Edward called.

\"You still have something to add?\" I asked. \"I promised Alicia to be by her side before she wakes up, so I am in a hurry.\"

\"Ahh.\" The king was stunned for a while.

\"If it is not important then I will take my leave.\" I said.

\"Are you okay with this? The sentence I mean.\" King Edward spoke hastily.

I looked at him seriously. \"Well there is nothing I can do to change the court\'s decision. This is your country afterall.\"

After that I turned around and walked away.

\'That might be your sentence for her crimes, but I have a sentence of my own.\' I smiled internally.