The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 133 The Conviction 2

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"Guards, stop him!!!" The king roared.

Genereal McGregor was holding a sword that he stole from a guard and launched right at me. I was in shock with the happenings that I wasn\'t able to react fast.

It happened so fast that only my eyes were keeping up but my body\'s movement felt slow. I see the guards ran towards the general, trying to stop his advance towards me.

But the general was a veteran fighter and a master in using a sword. The guards did not stood a chance against him. In a flash, the general was able to fight past against the guards that were trying to block his advance.

My head felt heavy and my heart was thumping rapidly.

\'What will I do?\' I thought in panic.

I can use my magic to stop the general from attacking me. But if I display my magic powers now, I am afraid I would be the next one to be persecuted just by having Atlantian blood.

I can sense the danger coming near me, my body was feeling very heavy. I am feeling the fear of losing my life at this moment.

When general McGregor was just a few feet away from me, I felt that time slowed down. My mind was racing fast but my body was heavy, stuck with the slow moving time around me.

\'Is this what you feel when death is right in front of you?\' I wondered. It was like time was in slow motion.

But I won\'t let him kill me now. He was the one that ordered his men to kill my mother and me. He succeded in killing my mother, I won\'t let him get the satisfaction of killing me as well.

I will kill him right now. I don\'t care if the secret about my magic will be exposed in front of this many people. I would kill him, the one that helped my step mother kill my mother.

I clenched my fist hard and ready myself to launch a magic attack, when time ran at a normal pace again.

Shadows flashed in front of me, three shadows in total. And to my surprise I see general McGregor stop in his tracks, just a few steps in front of me.

\'Cough cough\' General McGregor was coughing out blood.

"I never thought...someome could defeat me in speed and agility." General McGregor said. "Maybe it is true...cough... I am getting old."

Around general McGregor are three people I know of. William, who was wearing his white knight\'s unifrom. Regaleon, who was wearing a dark gray attire. And the crown prince of Jennova, who was wearing a dark blue attire.

Their swords were sticking out the general\'s body, his blood was dripping on the floor.

"Hahaha...hahahaha!" General McGregor was laughing like a maniac. "The young generation is quite promising...cough least I was able to die by the sword."

General McGregor made one last smile and then his body went limp. The three men one by one took out their swords that was stabbing the general\'s body.

"Ahhhhh...uncle. Noooo..." My step mother, the queen, screamed frantically and fainted afterwards.

"Escort the queen back to her quarters immidiately!" The king ordered the guards.

The guards bowed and lifted the queen out of the hall of justice.

As for me I was standing in my place, quite in a daze. I look at the three men in front of me. I have forgotten that I was not alone, and Regaleon was just right beside me. I didn\'t need to make any actions against general McGregor\'s attack because Regaleon would definitely save me.

"Lili, are you okay?" Regaleon walked towards me at once, caressing my cheek with his hand.

"Hmmm, I\'m okay." I nodded. I felt relieved with Regaleon\'s warm touch.

Regaleon must be worried because I was in a daze just now. I am getting used to seeing blood so he need not worry. It was just last night when I saw my first blood bath and people dying in front of me.

Then I looked at William in a confused way. I am happy that he was here to protect me. But as I remember, I have ordered him to take a day off for his wounds to heal.

Looking at William, some of his wounds were re-opened again because of his sudden movement just now. Some blood was staining his beautiful white unifrom. His action just now infuriated me.

"William Maxwell Cunningham!" I roared his full name in anger. I stompped my way towards him, looking at his blood stained clothes. "As I remember, I have ordered you to stay in bed to recover from your wounds!"

I fight the tears that were trying to get out of my eyes. I do not know if I wanted to cry because of anger or because of sadness.

"Don\'t worry Alicia, my wounds are not that serious. Some of it just re-opened because I moved suddenly." Willian tried to comfort me.

With William\'s comforting words, I can\'t stop my tears any longer.

"You were wounded because of me. And now your wounds opened again because of me as well. Don\'t you know how sad I am feeling right now?" My words just flowed out like a river. Tears are coming out from my eyes. "You go back to rest this instant if you still want to be my personal knight. I swear that if you disobey me once again, I would fire you myself!"

William was stunned with my words. This was the first time felt really mad, maybe my face looks ugly.

"I suggest you follow your princess\' orders if you still want to keep being her personal knight." Regaleon walked to my side. I burried my face on his chest and cried myself out. Regaleon patted my head gently.

"Ahh...I understand, princess. I will head back to my quarters to rest, so please don\'t cry." William said apologetically but I didn\'t look at him. After a moment I heard footsteps leaving.

"The princess\' tears are quite powerful." I hear someone say. When I lifted my face out of Regaleon\'s chest, I see the prince of Jennova looking at me with a smile. "You still look lovely even when crying."