The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 132 The Conviction 1

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I walked inside the hall of justice with Regaleon. There where more people inside than I have anticipated.

\'Who is being judged here today?\' I wondered.

Regaleon took my hand and led me down the stairs and into the front row seats. While I was walking, I looked at the people at the center. There were two women and a man, with their hands and feet chained to the floor.

\'Are these people the ones on trial today?\' I thought.

While Regaleon and I are nearing the front row seats, I can see the people in the center more clearly. I am not familiar with the man and the other woman. But the other woman seems familiar to me.

Regaleon ushered me to my seat and took the seat right next to mine.

"I am sure you are going to love this show." Regaleon whispered near my ear that tickeled me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up instantly.

I was still curious as to what \'show\' Regaleon was talking about. I looking at the persons on trial at the center of the hall, when I was shocked internally.

The other woman that seemed familiar to me at a distance is none other than my step mother, queen Erica.

I wasn\'t able to recognize her because of her current features. She looks a lot thinner since the last time I saw her, and that was at me and Regaleon\'s engagement party. Dark circles are visible around her eyes and she looked very frail.

I looked at Regaleon, trying to convey my question thru my gaze. He just gave me a warm smile as a reply.

\'Is this all Regaleon\'s doing?\' I was curious. But deep down I knew that he was the one who did this.

"We are here for the trial of these three persons." Prime minister Murdoc announced. "General McGregor, you are charged with the crimes of treason and rebellion against our country of Alvannia, the murder of our king\'s concubine, and the attempted murder of our third princess, princess Alicia."

My eyes went wide with this information. So this man was the one that hired those men that tried to kill me. And not only that he was the one that killed my mother. Anger was brewing inside of me. I clenched my fists hard.

Regaleon saw my reaction and soothed my clenched fists. "Do not worry. They will get what they deserve." His voice was soothing that it made me calm again.

"The wife of general McGregor is charged with human trafficking, smugling, and illegal business conducted inside our country of Alvannia." Prime minister Murdoc continued. "And queen Erica, is charged as the master mind of the murder of our king\'s concubine Leticia and the attempted murder of the third princess Alicia."

The hall of justice was in an uproar after they heard the queen\'s charges. I myslef was shocked. But deep down inside me, I knew that my step mother had something to do with me and my mother\'s ill fate.

"Silence!" My father roared and the people started to be silent. "What can you say for yourself?" He asked the people on trial.

"Your majesty, we are innocent. Someone is trying to frame us." General McGregor\'s wife was crying. She kneeld down to ask for pity.

"This here shows the evidence of your illegal businesses." Prime minister Murdoc walked towards the wife and gave her a thick folder. The wife skimmed it\'s contents and her eyes went wide with shock.

"T-This... this is not true. Someone is trying to frame me. This is not true!" The wife screamed frantically.

"The evidence speaks for itself." Prime minister Murdoc said and looked at the king.

"You are convited with these crimes. According to the laws of our country, you are hearby sentenced to death." The king said with authority.

"Guards, take her to the dungeons where she will await her sentence." Prime minister Murdoc said.

The guards unlocked the chains from the floor and took general McGregor\'s wife.

"No, no... your majesty I am innocent. I demand a re-trial." The wife was squirming out of the guards grip. "Unhand me you low lives. I am a noble. You can\'t do this to me."

The wife was escorted outside the palace trashing and squirming, screaming that she is innocent.

"Next is general McGregor." Prime minister Murdoc continued. "Do you want to see the evidence against you?"

"Heh, do I still need to defend myself?" General McGregor said arrogantly. "I know what I have done. In this game, I have lost. As a general, I am prepared to take the responsibility of my own actions."

"I see." King Edward glared at general McGregor. "All of your crimes are punishable by death. You are sentenced with three death sentences and would be given the most slow and painful death for your treachery." His every word was coated with fury, resentment and hate.

"Guards, take the general away to the dungeons to await his sentence." Prime minister Murdoc ordered.

The guards in the vicinity carefully unlocked the chains of general McGregor. Once he was free, the guards escorted him. But just after some steps, the general paused.

"Your majesty." General McGregor turned around to look at the king sitting on the high seat. "The crimes I have committed, I plead to all of them guilty. But, there is something that I have to say before I go."

The people kept silent, curious as to what the general has to say.

"I am a great general of this country. I have fought in the last war and defended our country\'s borders. I have given my own blood and sweat for our country\'s future." General McGregor said. "I would die a death I choose of."

A smile crept from general McGregor\'s face that sent goosebumps down my spine.

"I always finish what I started." General McGregor looked my way with a piercing gaze. My body froze in an instant.

General McGregor elbowed the guard escorting him in the stomach. The guard was caught by surprise that he wasn\'t able to counter, he writhed in pain. By that time, the general took out the guards sword from its sheath and launched towards me.

"Guards, stop him!!!" The king roared.