The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 131 A Sweet Time Before a Good Show

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WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content at the first part. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter

Regaleon was pinning me down on the couch. His kiss was deep and hungry, as if he wants to eat me up.

Our lips were interwined with each other, dancing in the rythm of our heart beat. I was starting to feel hot and wanting.

Regaleon\'s hands started to explore my body. His hands that were holding my hands up traveled down to my shoulders and then to my chest. He skillfully unbuttoned my dress in front, letting my breast out in the open. His hands kneaded them gently, pingching my budded nipple along the way.

"Ahh..." I was surprised with his sudden movements that my voice broke our in a lewd way and my body flinched.

"I love your reaction, Lili." Regaleon whispered to my ear while still doing his prior actions.

"L-Leon..." My voice came out in a panthing and lewd way. "W-We can\'t..."

I want to say that we can\'t do such things in the middle of the day but I was not able to say the words out because of the sensation Regaleon was giving me.

"We can\'t what, Lili?" Regaleon asked playfully. "Are you worrying that someone might come in and see us doing naughty stuff?"

I nodded shyly with his words.

"Do not worry, no one will try to distrub us. I specifically told them not to." Regaleon flashed a wolfish grin.

Regaleon\'s lips treaded it\'s way from my ears to my neck. His light feather kisses were leaving a trail of warmth. The hair on my neck and arms started to rise with the ticklish sensation of his lips.

Then his lips travled from my collar bone towards my chest. His lips found one of my breasts and sucked it hard.

"Ahh...hmmm..." The sensation in my body was rising up, my voice was letting out lewd sounds that I tried to supress.

"I want to hear you more, Lili." Regaleon said seductively. And then he bit my budding nipple.

"Hiyah...." I was surprised with Regaleon\'s sudden action.

The bite was not that painful but the sensation that it brought to my body was intense.

Regaleon\'s hand explored down south towards the hem of my skirt. Slowly he raised my skirt up while caressing my legs in the process. His touch ignites an electric feeling inside and travels all over my body.

"Ahhh...L-Leon..." Regaleon\'s hands reached my private part that is still covered by my underwear. He slowly teased my entrance thru the thin fabric. "N-No..."

I was feeling very shy. We are doing such things in broad day light. But something inside me doesn\'t wish for Regaleon to stop. Such a contradiction is brewing up inside my head. My body is yearning for Regaleon\'s touch but my mind says this is not the time nor the place.

"Ahhh...yaahh." Regaleon\'s fingers were teasing the entrance of my private part with a little bit of force.

\'Knock knock\' I was at the height of my body\'s sensation when there was a knock on the door.

"L-Leon..." I said, but he was still going thru with his prior actions. "Ahhh...L-Leon...someone is..hmmm." I covered my mouth with my hands to muffled out my moans.

"Don\'t mind them." Regaleon said to me.

\'Knock knock\' and there was a knock again. Regaleon looked irritated now.

"Your highness, sorry to disturb you." It was the voice of Dimitri. "I am here to report something important."

"Tsk, I understand. We will be out in a minute." Regaleon said with an irritated voice.

Regaleon stopped his actions towards my body and I was panthing heavily. I can feel the heat on my cheeks, I must be flushed right now.

Regaleon looked at me and smiled. He gave me a kiss on my forehead and helped me button up my dress.

"Our sweet time was interrupted." Regaleon whispered. "But do not worry, we will resume this tonight. For now I want you to watch a good show."

I looked at Regaleon with curiosity.

\'What could he mean by a \'good show\'? I wondered.

Regaleon helped me get up from the couch. He walked towards the door and opened it.

Outside Dimitri was standing attentively. He bowed once Regaleon came out.

Regaleon gave him a serious look. "Await your punishment later." He said coldly.

"Yes, your higness." Dimitri replied.

When I walked in front of him, I worded him a silent \'sorry\'. I felt apologetic towards him because it was not his fault that he came at a bad timing, and he would be punished because of it. Dimitri just gave me a warm smile.


At the hall of justice, general McGregor and his wife was seen at the center of the room. Their hands and feet were chained on the spot where they are standing.

Around the room, the ministers were sitted. They were there as spectators for the trial of the general and his wife. They were murmuring to each other, talking about the general\'s crimes.

King Edward was seen coming inside the hall. Everyone became silent. The king walked towards the front and took the jugde\'s seat.

"Where is the queen?" King Edward was scanning around the hall.

"She is on the way, your majesty." Prime minister Murdoc was the one to answer the king.

Not long, the doors of the justice hall opened. The queen with her hands chained, came inside the hall with two palace guards escorting her.

The queen was looking frail. She was under house arrest after the incident on the engagement party.

The palace guards led the queen on the center as well and chained her on the spot together with her uncle and aunt in law.

The minsiters around began to murmur again. They did not know why the queen was also chained together with her uncle. Speculations started to rise inside the hall of justice.

"Silence!" The king said with a loud voice.

The hall became silent in an instant with the fear of angering the king.

Once the king saw the hall became silent, he started his words. "Let us begin this trial."

At one side of the hall, the crown prince of Jennova is sitting and watching. He had a sly smile on his face.

"This is going to be a good show." Prince Gladiolus said. "I was thingking of what to do with them. After what they have done with aunty and cousin, I was thingking of punishing them myself. But with this happening, it seems I don\'t have to lift my hands anymore."