The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 130 Afternoon Tea

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Regaleon has been spending time with me in my courtyard since this morning. He haven\'t left my side since then.

"Leon, are you not busy today?" I asked while sipping my tea.

Mid day has went by. Me and Regaleon are leisurley taking our time indoors, drinking afternoon tea with some snacks. He was sitting across me, inbetween the tea table.

"I have finished all my work beforehand. And so, I have time to spend it with my beloved fiancee." Regaleon said while sipping his tea. "And you just had such a bad experience last night. Of course I would want to accompany and comfort you."

I remember what just happend last night. Last night there was an assasination attempt towards me. Good thing William and Regaleon was there to help me out.

I internally sighed to myself. \'I am still soft hearted.\'

I know fully well that the men last night were bad and ready to do bad things towards me. But I still hesitated to take their lives with my own hands.

"What are you thingking?" Regaleon asked me. He was looking at me worriedly.

"Hmm, oh it\'s nothing." I simply answered.

"It is not nothing, is it?" Regaleon stood up from his seat and sat right next to me. "You are worried about something, I can feel it."

Regaleon gently encircled his arms around my waist from my back and pulled me into his embrace. He sank his face at the back of my neck. I can feel his steady breath and hear his heart thump.

"If you don\'t want to tell me what you are worrying about, I understand. I just wish I can do something that can help ease up your worries." Regaleon whispered behind my ear.

Regaleon\'s breath tickled me and shivers ran from my shoulders to my arms.

\'This man can really stir me up with just a whisper.\' I thought to myself, embarrassed.

"I-It\'s not that I don\'t want to tell you." I said shyly. "I am just ashamed. After everything you thought me, I wasn\'t able to become strong. I still needed you and Will to protect me."

I can feel Regaleon\'s arms thightening his embrace around me.

"You are strong Lili." Regaleon said. "It\'s just that your heart is pure. And I would want to leave it that way."

Regaleon really knows me well. He knew that I was hesitant to kill other people.

"I wouldn\'t want your beautiful hands to be stained with so much blood." Regaleon said with a sad tone. "Leave such things to me Lili. I will not let you dirty your hands so much."

Regaleon took hold of my hand and pulled it towards his lips. He gently kissed the back of my hand with such sweet action that my heart was beating faster inside my chest.

"Leon, my hands have now been stained." I said softly. "I have killed someone."

I remember the man thay I stabbed with my ice sword. It sent shivers down my spine. Regaleon hugged me tightly once more.

"I know." Regaleon said. "But it was for your own safety, Lili. You didn\'t kill him because you wanted too. You did it because you \'needed\' to. You are still my pure Lili."

My heart felt calm with Regaleon\'s words. He was right, if I was forced to kill that man for my own safety.

"I don\'t want to admit it, but William also did a good job protecting you." Regaleon said.

I was shocked that Regaleon praised William. He was always at odds with Will when they are in the same vicinity.

"Well he did a good job until he let you run off alone to fend for yourself." Regaleon made a mocking tone. "What would have happened if I didn\'t get there on time? And so I will only give him a seven out of ten score."

I giggled with Regaleon\'s mocking tone. He really won\'t praise William a hundered percent. He will still give some leaway to mock him.

"It\'s not Will\'s fault." I defended. "William was outnumbered by that time. I would have been only a burden of I didn\'t escape."

After that incedent, I insisted Regaleon to go and find William. I didn\'t know what happened to him after I have escaped. William was faced with so many enemies and I was worried about him.

When we arrived where I left William, we see all the enemies lying on the floor. I am sure that most of them are dead, with so much blood spilled on the ground. William was barely standing at the center of the street, with the men he defeated scattered all around him either dead or knocked out.

William was using his sword to keep himself standing. He was panthing heavily with sweat, mud and blood staining his clothes. When he turned around he saw me safe and sound, he smiled in relief and fell to the ground because of fatigue.

Thankfully, William only hand minor wounds and bruises. He was a good swordsman to begin with so his opponents, even in big numbers, were not match for him.

Because William is my personal knight now, he is residing here in my courtyard. I have ordered him to rest and let his wounds heal.

Regaleon suddenly bit my right ear. I was surprised with his sudden action.

"Ahhh.." I screamed. "Why did you bite me?" I turned around and slapped his broad chest mockingly.

The bite was not painful, but still there was a stinging senstation and I felt something weird creep in my body. I felt shy all of a sudden.

"It\'s because you are defending another man." Regaleon said with a pout.

"Pfftt..." I tried to surpress my laughter. Regaleon looked like a child, throwing a tantrum.

"Are you laughing at me?" Regaleon asked. His eyes flashed with playfulness.

"N-No..." I avoided his gaze, still trying not to laugh out loud. "You are just imagining that."

"Ohhh... is that so?" Regaleon said with a playful tone.

And then abruptly, Regaleon pushed me down on the couch.

"Yaaaahhh.." I was caught by surprise.

Regaleon held my hands up with his grip. I was pinned down under him.

"L-Leon?!" I said with a surprised expression.

"I get jealous when you show concern towards other men." Regaleon said with a playful tone. "What can you do to lift my jealousy?"

I blinked my eyes at Regaleon. I know he was joking but his words still held some truth in them. I also want to do something to appease me.

And then I thought of something. Because Regaleon held my hands above and my body pinned under him, I lifted my head and reached his lips with mine. My lips caught his and I gave him a sweet kiss. I sucked his lower lip gently, tasting it. There is still a lingering taste of the tea he had drank. Then my tongue licked his lips before I released them.

When I look at Regaleon, he was wearing a shocked expression. This was my first time initiating a kiss. I am still feeling embarrassed, I can feel my cheeks burning.

"Well that surprised me." Regaleon recovered from his shocked expression and beamed a wolfish grin. "You better be prepared. You are the one that started this."

"Whaa..." I was about to ask what, when my lips were caught in his kiss.

Regaleon\'s lips were burried within mine, devouring every bit of it hungrily.