The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 128 The West Army's Downfall

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General McGregor escaped the battle between his men and and the royal knights that was led by general Robert.

\"We should have won that confrontation.\" General McGregor said with gritted teeth. He clenched the horses reigns with anger. \"If those men in black uniform didn\'t come to help them, we should have won.\"

General McGregor was full of regret. He lost a lot of trusted and loyal men and the ones that were still alive sacrificed themselves so that he could escape.

\"Do not worry, I will avenge all of you. I will surely take the throne and let then pay ten fold.\" General McGregor swore.

General McGregor maybe hungry for power, but he still values his men\'s loyalty and honor. He believes that every ruler should have trusted men around him, and an army backing him. That is why he had nurtured his west army so much because it will be his power.

While his horse was galloping, general McGregor noticed smoke in the direction of his army\'s camp. His heart beated fast in nervousness. He knew that such big smoke coming from his army\'s camp is something not good.

\"Hiyah!\" General McGregor made his horse pick up more speed.


At the west army\'s camp, tent\'s started to get on fire.

\'Clang clang clang\' a soldier sounded the bell.

\"FIRE! FIRE! The tents are on fire!\" The soldier screamed to alert all the soldiers inside the camp.

The soldiers that were sleeping in tents was bolted awake with the alarm. Some spring out of their tents to help put out the fire.

\"Hey, wake up!\" A soldier inside the tent just woke up. He was shaking awake another soldier beside him. \"We need to help put out the fire.\"

\'Cough cough\' the soldier was coughing because of the smoke he had inhaled. The soldier sleeping beside him didn\'t wake up even after shaking him up. When he leaned for close inspection, he saw the soldier beside him with bloodied clothes. His throat was cut.

\"Aaaahhh!!!!\" The soldier screamed in shock.

The soldier just realized that someone came inside the tent and killed his comrade. And maybe the same intruder was the one that started the fire.

The soldier got up instantly to warn his other comrades. But before he was about to shout, a shadow from behind him emerged. And in just a second, his throat was slit open.

Blood oozed out the cut fdom the throat of the soldier. Gurgling sound was heard from him. He was still alive, holding his throat and trying to stop the bleeding to no avail.

\"Too bad, I won\'t let you alarm your comrades.\" Dimitri said. He was wearing his mask on. \"This will be the west army\'s annihilation.\"

Not long, the soldier with the slit throat breathed his last breath and passed away. Dimitri looked at the soldier with cold eyes.

Shouting is heard from outside the tent. The soldiers were trying to stop the fire, getting buckets of water and splashing them to tents that was caught on fire. Dimitri on the other hand blended again in the shadows.

\"Put out the fire, help the other soldiers!\" One of the soldiers that seems like the one in charge, was shouting orders. \"Where are the other soldiers?!\"

\"Sir!\" A soldier came to report. \"Some of the soldiers didn\'t make it out the burning tents. I am sorry to say but we lost a lot of men.\"

\"What?!\" The soldier in charge was shocked with this news.

The fire just broke out inside their camp. And now, many of their fellow soldiers didn\'t make it out alive. He can sense that something is wrong.

\"You, take the other soldiers with you and survey the surrounding areas. I feel that the fire was set up by our enemy.\" The one in charge said.

\"Yes sir!\" The soldier saluted and took other soldiers with him to inspect the surroundings.

\"Sir, how could the enemy know we were here?\" One soldier beside the one in charge asked. \"No one knows we are here. This is a secret operation.\"

The soldier in charge made a grimaced face. \"I do not know. But it would be best to be on guard.\" He said. \"Everyone, be on your guard while putting out the fire.\"

\"Yes!\" The soldiers that were tasked to put out the fire replied.


The sun had just risen up. After putting out the fire, a group of soldiers were remaining.

\"Soldier, report!\" The soldier in charge asked the soldier beside him.

\"Sir, the casualties are big. I have sent some of my men to see and assess damages at the other side of the camp ane look for survivors.\" The soldier replied.

\"What about the one I ordered to survey around the camp.\" The soldier in charge asked. It has been some time when he ordered those soldiers to scout the area for intruders. The group that was led by the soldier he ordered was big, so he was sure that if they encounter intruders they can subdue them easily.

\"Sir, the general\'s wife just arrived at the east side of the camp and coming here now.\" A soldier that came running reported.

\"I understand.\" The soldier in charge nodded.

Not long, the general\'s wife with the soldier escorting her, came on horse back.

\"What happened here?!\" The wife of the general was shocked in disbelief.

\"Madam.\" The soldier in charge greeted and bowed. \"A fire broke out in camp at dawn. We are still assessing the damage and casualties. May I know where the general is?\"

The one in charge was wondering why the general\'s wife came alone with only one escort.

\"Sir, we were ambushed on the road.\" The soldier escorting the wife replied. \"The general and our platoon was left to fight them. I was ordered to escort the madam here to safety.\"

\"What did you say, ambushed?!\" The soldier in charge shouted. Now he was sure that the enemy made a move against them.

\"Men, let your guard up.\" The soldier in charge shouted.

The soldiers around him pulled out their weapons at hand and put up their defenses.

\"Sir.\" A voice said. The soldier that was ordered to survey the surroundings was seen walking, limping towards them. He was covered in blood and wounds.

The soldier in charged rushed towards the wounded soldier before he collapsed.

\"Sir, they are too strong.\" The wounded soldier said.

\'Cough, cough\' he was coughing out blood.

\"Save your breath soldier. Where are the others?\" The soldier in charge asked.

\"We...cough...out numbered them. B..But they..cough..are too...strong. Our comrades..they are...all dead.\" The wounded soldier said between coughs. \"The enemy are monsters...cough... Sir run, escape now.\" Then the soldier breathed his last breath.

The soldier in charge can\'t belive that the men around him now are the only remaining soldiers in all of the west army.

\"Who could have done such a thing?\" The soldier in charge said. \"Cowards! They are cowards! Why would they do such underhanded tricks and not met us in the battle field?!\" He roared in anger.

\"You still talk of a soldier\'s honor to fight and die in the battle field. But what you are doing now is treason against your country.\" The voice came from not far away.

The soldiers make their defensive stance towards the voice. They see a group of black clothed men with masks covering their faces.

\"Your treachery doesn\'t deserve an honorable death.\" It was Dimitri who said this.