The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 127 Prince Regaleon's Men

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Not long after general McGregor escaped, the men of the west army surrendered. Their numbers were now few, the remaining that are alive were taken as prisoners.

\"General, all of those that are still alive have surrendered. They are all tied up and captured.\" The captain that led the Black Dragon platoon said. He was a young man in his mid or late twenties.

General Robert looked at the captain meticulously. These were prince Regaleon\'s men from Grandcrest. He has heard the rumors about the Black Dragon army that is personally led by the crown prince himself.

It is said that these men were hand picked and trained personally by the crown prince of Grandcrest. These men\'s backgrounds were unkown, thus they cannot be used against their own master. These men are sworn to their master himself, their loyalty is binded with their oath. It is said that there is only one way to get out of the Black Dragon army, and it is only when you are dead and not breathing anymore.

General Robert has seen the ferociousness of the Black Dragon army first hand. He was just relieved that he was an ally, and not standing against them in this battle. It is true as they said, the Black Dragon army\'s capabilities in battle is impressive. General Robert is not sure, that if ever his east army is to battle against the Black Dragon army, will his army win or is loss inevitable.

\"What is the situation in the enemy\'s camp?\" General Robert asked the captain.

\"Replying to general, sir Dimitri is the one tasked to take the enemy\'s camp.\" The captain replied respectfully. \"Crown prince has ordered him to seize the enemy\'s camp before mid day. I am sure sir Dimitri won\'t betray our crown prince\'s expectations.\"

\"Before miday?\" General Robert asked in disbelief. \"Dimitri is against the whole west army. Do you think he can do such a feat? Even your Black Dragon army is impressive with it\'s fighting abilties, but prince Regaleon only brought three platoons with him in Alvannia as escort. This can\'t compare to the whole west army that is in camp right now.\"

General Robert knows that the crown prince can\'t bring his whole Black Dragon army here in Alvannia because others might think of it as an invasion. That is why the crown prince brought only three platoons as his escort and body guards in his journey.

One platoon heleped general Robert now, the other one is sure to be with the crown prince for his protection. So the remaning platoon is with Dimitri, ths on who is tasked to seize the camp. With such small numbers, they can\'t possibly fight head on with an army.

\"You are wrong general, it is not the Black Dragon army that is accompanying sir Dimitri right now.\" The captain said.

\"What?!\" General Robert was shocked. \"What do you mean? If not the Dragon Army, then who are the people that Dimitri is leading to seize the west army\'s camp?\"

\"The crown prince only ordered one platoon from the Black Dragon to help you general Robert.\" The captain replied. \"The people with sir Dimitri right now is his own men.\"

\"His own men?\" General Robert was cofused.

\"Sir Dimitri is in charged of the most skilled men under the crown prince. They are his shadow guards, much more powerful and notorious than us normal soldiers of the Black Dragon army.\"

General Robert was surprised. The soldiers of this platoon of the Black Dragon army with him now has showed exceptional skills. If what the captain says is true, that these shadow guards are more powerful and skilled than them, then they can be called monsters in the battlefield.

\"Sir Dimitri\'s men are trained \'shadows\'. They won\'t need to fight face to face to win a battle. But they also are monstorous in the battlefield. You won\'t want to stand against them.\" The captain said. \"For sure, they can seize the west army\'s camp before miday.\"

General Robert was taken aback with such information. He has just seen prince Regaleon\'s men first hand. And there is also the shadow guards that is said to be much more powerful than these soldiers. To think that the crown prince\'s men are this strong, if they engage in war the against Grandcrest, they will surely have a tough time defeating them. And what if the other armies of Grandcrest joins the fight, then Alvannia\'s army will not stand a fighting chance.

\"Grandcrest\'s army might is really frightening.\" General Robert said to himself.


(Before sun rise)

At the west army\'s camp, it was still dawn. The soldiers were not on high alert because no one knew that the west army of general McGregor was here and preparing to attack the capital.

Majority of the soldiers are still sleeping soundly in their tents. Guards are stationed at the entrance of the camp and also making rounds around.

Not too far away from the camp, a group of twenty men wearing all black are hiding behind the shadows of the woods. Their heads are covered in hoods and the bottom half if ther faces were concealed in masks, only their eyes are out in the open.

\"Sir Dimitri, we are ready.\" A man said.

In that group of men emerged Dimitri. He was wearing the same black clothing as the other men without the hood and mask.

\"Remember our plan. Follow everything accordingly. Failure is not an option. Anyone that makes a mistake will be punished accordingly.\" Dimitri said with authority.

\"Yes.\" The men replied in unison.

Dimitri wore his mask, covering the bottom half of his face.

\"Remember that our deadline is miday. The camp must be seized before then.\" Dimitri said.

\"Understood.\" The men replied.

\"Now go.\" Dimitri ordered.

After hearing Dimitri\'s order, the men in black dispersed and vanished into thin air.

Dimitri looked at the camp in front of him with predator eyes.

\"You have targeted the wrong person general McGregor. If you have just left the princess alone, then prince Regaleon won\'t even bat an eyelash in your coup d\'etat against the Alvannian empire. But because of your foolishness in harming the prince\'s most beloved, he will crush your dreams throughly.\" Dimitri said with a cold tone. \"You and your family won\'t have a good end.\"