The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 126 Confrontation Between the Two Armies 2

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"Tsk, McGregor you give me no other choice." General Robert also waived his hand and the royal knights get ready for the attack.

With such a situation now, a battle is inevitable.

Both parties held their swords, pointing them at their opponents in the opposite side. The men were wearing serious looks, readying themselves on the enemies attack.

"Charge!" The men from the west army roared.

"Charge!" The royal knights replied with their own battle cry.

The men on horses charged towards one another. Not long, both of the armies met and the sounds of swords skirmishing was heard.

The men from both parties were fighting hard, not one was letting the other get the upper hand. At first, they look equal in strength. But after some time, a difference in abilities could be seen.

The west army\'s soldiers were all trained in warfare. They are commoners who enlisted to have financial support for their families. Some of them joined the last war when they were young, making them more experienced in the battle field. Such experienced soldiers trained the new recruits of the west army, making them more knowledegable in fighting opponents. They are also stationed at areas where bandits are rampant, so their skills are enhanced with additional experience.

As for the royal knights, they were tasked with the safety of the capital and also the royal family. They are all of noble born, giving honor to their family name after becoming a knight. Their training is also fierce, their skills is said to be more than that of a normal soldier.

But the only advantage the men from the west army has over the royal knights, is their experience with life and death.

The soldiers have experienced fighting for their lives in the battle field. As for the knights, they only experienced sparring against fellow knights or fights with petty criminals inside the capital. But nothing with such life threatening.

With this advantage, the west army\'s men are pushing back the royal knights. With this fight, blood were spilled and flesh were cut open. Casualties are increasing in both sides.

"Men, do not falter!" General Robert yelled. "We were tasked by the king himself to arrest the traitor. Show your spirit as the shield of the king!"

"Yeah!" The knights yelled in unison. The general\'s words gave them a boost of confidence.

"Admit defeat, Robert!" General McGregor was on his horse and rushed towards general Robert, brandishing his sword. As general Robert saw this, he lifted his sword to parry general McGregor\'s attack.

\'Qing, clang,\' The sounds of the swords hitting one another was heard.

"I see that your reflexes are still sharp Robert." General McGregor said.

"Stop this now, McGregor!" Robert said with anger. "You don\'t have to do this."

"But I have passed the point of no return now, Robert. There is no turning back for me. There is only moving forward and winning." General McGregor said with fierceness.

The two generals started their sword fight atop their horses. They were both equal in power.

The battle had casualties at both sides, but the knights were at a disadvantage. The difference in experience in the battle field is a big advantage to the men of the west army.

The two generals fighting were fierece. Not lont, both of them fell from their horses, but they still resumed their fight in the ground.

"Just give up Robert. You will never win against my west army." General McGregor said. He was now seen panting, trying to catch his breath. "If it were your men from the eastern army, maybe we would have been on equal footing. But with this inexperienced knights, you won\'t stand a chance against me."

General Robert grimaced. He doesn\'t want to admit but general McGregor was right. The royal knights are not less in abilities or strength, but in experience instead. If it was his men in the east army, which he trained strictly and harshly, there could be a fighting chance.

"You are right on that point, McGregor." General Robert said. "The knights maybe in a disadvantageous state."

General McGregor started to smile. He thought that general Robert will admit defeat now.

"But luckily, we are not alone." General Robert smirked.

Then a flare fired up towards the sky with red smoke. The men of the west army\'s attention was caught for a second.

The shadows behind the trees around the area started to move. And then men in black uniform rushed out from the woods. They were not that many, more or less it consists of one platoon.

The men in black uniform attacked the men of the west army. The west army was caught of guard and many dropped dead on the ground with just the first attack.

"Regroup, form the lines!" General McGregor yelled orders.

The men of the west army listened to their commander and reformed the lines. They looked at the new comers who seemed to be fierce.

"Don\'t falter men. They are only one platoon, compared to our numbers!" General McGregor roared. "Let them see how strong our west army is!"

"Yeah!" The men of the west army roared. With the reformed line, they started to charge.

"Aaahhhh!" The men on both group roared.

The clash of swords was once again heard, but now the tables have been turned. They didn\'t expect that the men in black uniform were good in fighting. They looked like the elite of the elite. With just one swing from the black uniformed man\'s sword, one soldier from the west army dropped dead.

Even with the big numbers of the men from the west army accompanying general McGregor, the men in black unifrom was overpowering them.

If you look at the men in black uniform, they have the skills of the royal knights and the extensive experience of soldiers in the battlefield combined. They are best of the best soldiers an army can ever 0have.

General McGregor looked at his men. Now that the tables have turned, the numbers of his men are decreasing fast. He looked at the men in black unifrom in disbelief and awe.

\'If I have such an army at my disposal, I won\'t just stop in taking Alvannia. I can conquer the whole continet.\' General McGregor thought.

After seeing that he was in such a disadvantage, he was now thinking of retreat.

"General, you better retreat to our camp." One soldier that was defending the general said. "You will be safe there. We will handle the enemies here."

General McGregor nodded in agreement. A soldier gave him a horse and with just one step he mounted it.

"Go general, we will stop any pursuers in your way!" His men was faithful to general McGregor till the end. He looked at his men fighting a fight they cannot possibly win, just to let him escape.

General McGregor clenched his fists holding the reigns tightly. "I won\'t forget your courage and loyalty to me." He whispered to himself. "Hiyah!"

General McGregor\'s horse galloped away thru the woods.

"General Robert, McGregor is escaping." A knight informed general Robert and pointed to the horse entering the woods.

"We will pursue him after we are done here." General Robert said without urgency.

"But general, what if he escapes?" The knight was shocked with general Robert\'s words.

"Do not worry. He has only one destination to go to." General Robert said. "I bet he will be in for a big surprise."

The knight was confused with what the general said but still obeyed his orders.