The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 125 Confrontation Between the Two Armies 1

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The sun was just about to rise when the carriage boarded by general McGregor and his wife left his estate.

As general McGregor planned, they travelled light with only one horse carriage. Their fortune and valuables were taken in a different route out of the capital.

"It\'s quiet." General McGregor exclaimed with a confused face.

"What do you mean by quiet dear?" His wife asked in confusion. "It is not yet day break, so there are no people out in the streets by this time."

"I know that. But I don\'t like it. It is too quiet." General McGregor gritted his teeth. "You, soldier." He called a soldier in horse back that was escorting them.

"Yes general?" The soldier pulled his reigns and got near the carriage window.

"Is the west army at the location I have ordered them to be?" The general asked.

"Yes general. They are just a few kilometers away from the walls of the capital." The soldier replied. "They are on standby, awaiting orders from you my lord."

General McGregor nodded in satisfaction. Once they are out of the capital and he is reunited with his army, they plan to beseige the capital. He will take the king off of his chair and replace him as the new king of Alvannia. A smirk was formed on his lips.

"General, the south gate is in sight." The soldier said.

"Good." The general said. "Once we are out of the gate, let\'s pick up the pace. Tell the other men about this."

"Understood." The soldier replied and nodded. He quickly left to relay the general\'s orders to the other men.

The streets are really too quiet. The sun has just shined the first rays of the morning. General McGregor cannot be ease with such silence. No commoners has gone out yet, not even stray dogs or cats are seen out on the streets. He felt that this area has been deserted.

"General, we have passed the south gate." A soldier yelled from outside thr carriage.

The general felt relief knowing they have made it out of the capital. "Then go, make haste."

"Understood." The soldier replied. "You heard the general, let\'s make haste towards the camps." He relayed the orders to the other men.

"Hiyah!" The soldiers said one after the other. The sound of horse hooves stomping the ground is heard. The carriage where the general and his wife also dashed forward.

After a few minutes of dashing, there momemntum slowed down and halted.

"What\'s the matter, why are we stopping?" The general roared in anger.

"My lord, there is a blockade in our way. The royal knights had made a check point." One soldier reported what was happening.

"What?!" The general was surprised. He never thought that the royal knights would make a check point just a few kilometers away from the capital.

Thinking about it, the soldiers escorting him is quite a big number. If a fight broke out within the capital, then many civilians would become casualties in their skirmish.

"This is your doing huh Robert?" General McGregor clenched his fists hard.

"McGregor, I know you\'re there." General Robert\'s voice was heard.

General McGregor smirked and was about to open the carriage door when his wife pulled him back.

"D-Don\'t leave me behind." The wife\'s face was full of fright. She has grasped the situation that this will end in a battle between the royal knights and the western army\'s platoon that was escorting them.

"Tsk." General McGregor looked at his wife in irritation. A battle field is no place for a woman. For sure his wife will just be a burden to him.

"You," The general pointed to one of the soldiers. "Take my wife and find a safe way towards the western army\'s camp."

"Understood." The soldier bowed. "My lady." He extended his arm towards the general\'s wife.

The wife took the soldier\'s hand and was lifted up on his horse.

"With just the two of you, I am sure you can slip past the royal knights." General McGregor explained to his wife.

"Dear, please be careful." The wife said.

"Do not worry, I won\'t let Robert defeat me here." General McGregor said confidently.

After a few words, the soldier taking the general\'s wife went into the thick woods lining the road and vanished in it\'s shadows.

General McGregor stepped out of the carriage and saw general Robert leading the royal knights.

"Robert, brother in law. How ironic that it was you that the king sent to arrest me." General McGregor said with a sarcastic tone. "Don\'t you think that the king is also suspecting you as a traitor?"

General Robert knows what McGregor\'s words meant. It is true, that king Edward was also suspecting him. That is why he ordered general Robert to be the one to arrest his brother in law, to see if his allegiance was still with the king.

"Robert, it is not yet late to come with me. With both our armies, we can take down that king and rule Alvannia together, with you as my right hand." General McGregor said. "What do you say?"

General Robert looked at McGregor seriously. Such an ambutious man holding a mighty army and having such power is really frightening. Such power can twist a once honest and good man and be turned into a power hungry monster, like the one in front of him.

General Robert heaved a deep sigh. It is regretful that his brother in law that was once his brother in arms in the war has become an enemy of the country.

"McGregor, why not just surrender yourself." General Robert said. "Once you are arrested, I will surely plead for you in front of his majesty so that you won\'t get the death sentence. We can still prevent this. The ones who will suffer will be the civilians inside the capital if you push thru this."

"Hahahaha!" General McGregor laughed out loud after hearing general Robert\'s words. "How foolish of you Robert. You know that the punishment for treason is death. I have no other option left but to push thru and fight. Robert, do you think that puny royal knights with you are a match to my men from the western army? Why not let\'s see and find out."

General McGregor waived his hand, making a signal to his men. The soldiers pull out their swords and are ready to attack.

"Tsk, McGregor you give me no other choice." General Robert also waived his hand and the royal knights get ready for the attack.

With such a situation now, a battle is inevitable.