The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 123 Downfall of the Queen’s Maternal Family 1

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Not long, the kiss deepened even further. I can sense hunger coming from Regaleon\'s lips as he ravaged my mouth with his hot kisses.

"This is not good." Regaleon parted his lips from mine. "If I go on any further, I am afraid I can\'t stop myself from eating you up." He smiled.

My cheeks felt hot after our kiss. Regaleon\'s words made me shy instantly.

"T-Then let\'s talk about something else. So we won\'t do unnecessary things." I suggested.

"That sounds good." Regaleon nodded in agreement. "Then what should we talk about?"

Regaleon adjusted his seating position. He sat beside me with his back leaning against the bed frame. I on the other hand, was nestled in his broad chest with his arms encircled my waist perfectly.

"You know who is behind the assassination attempt against me, right?" I asked him. Regaleon\'s smile quickly faded and his expression became serious. He nodded in confirmation.

"Can you tell me who ordered it?" I asked.

"It was the queen\'s grandfather, general McGregor." Regaleon replied.

This I am not surprised. After the incedent with Veronica, I heard that my step mother the queen was under house arrest. I didn\'t know the specifics or what is the accusation against her because the higher ups are tighted lipped about it.

"Is the general doing this because of the queen\'s wrath towards me?" I asked again. I may be an eyesore for my step mother but for her fraternal family to take action against me is a little bit too much.

"The queen has gone mad. She has already forgotten that you are my fiancee and the future crown princess of Grandcrest. She won\'t get away with this." Regaleon said. I can feel anger in his every word.

"You have a plan?" I glanced at him and asked.

"Of course I have." Regaleon smirked. "I have already set the stage. You will watch a good show tomorrow."

My eyes widened in disbelief. "Tomorrow? Already?" My voice was a little high pitch.

"Of course. Your future husband is very much capable of anything." Regaleon said with a smile.

I giggled. "Yes, the \'Black Devil\' has many tricks up his sleeve." I joked.

"Oh I have got many other tricks other than making people suffer." Regaleon said. "I can also make my special someone feel so good that she would cry from pleasure." He gave a wolfish grin. I can feel a blush creep on my cheeks instantly.

"Hahaha." Regaleon laughed out loud. "But for now you should rest. You had a very tiring day. Go to sleep."

I nodded instantly and laid down on bed. I take my sheets and covered myself from my toes up to my nose, only half of my face is exposed.

"Good night, my dear Lili." Regaleon kissed my forehead gently.

When he was about to get up, I unconciously held his sleeves back. Regaleon looked at me in surprise but then smiled.

"You want me to stay with you?" Regaleon asked.

I nodded shyly.

"Then I will stay with you until you fall asleep." Regaleon smiled brightly. "Can I hug you between the sheets?"

I nodded shyly once again. Regaleon laid down in bed right next to me and wrapped me in his arms. With the sheets between us, there was no skinship. I felt at ease and safe with in his embrace that I felt sleep come to me instantly.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

"What did you say?!" King Edward roared in anger.

I was in his office the very morning of the next day. I have told him of the assasination attempt on Alicia the night before.

I was calmly seating in front of him sipping my tea in peace after relaying the events of last night.

King Edward\'s face was now bright red with anger.

\'Good. At least I know that he still cares about his third daughter.\' I thought.

"All of what I said is true." I said to him. "I have evidence here that can show truth." I looked at Dimitri who was standing beside me.

Dimitri bowed and gave the pile of papers he was holding to King Edward.

King Edward took the papers and started to read them.

"I have found evidence not only for the assassination attempt to the princess but also for other illegal doings." I said with a calm voice.

King Edward browsed thru the papers. At every turn of the page, his eyes would get wider and wider with shock.

"Is this...all credible?" King Edwards asked.

"Your majesty, have you forgotten who I am?" I looked at him with a cold gaze. "I am the crown prince of Grandcrest. If I want to know any information, then nothing in this world can stop me from getting it. And not to mention, if I want someone to be guilty, then he will be guilty without a doubt."

King Edward shivered with my words. He knows that my words isn\'t an empty threat.

"I also have eye witnesses to attest to such accusations." I told him. "With an attempted murder against the third princess of Alvannia, not to mention this crown prince\'s fiancee and future crown princess of Grandcrest, it will be punishable by death of his immidiate family. For the other crimes, I leave you to their punishment."

King Edward was speechless after my words have been said.

"I would like to see the judgement be given by this afternoon." I stood up. "I am confident that all of the evidence that you need is in those papers. I sugget you start working on it right away. I heard that general McGregor got wind of this accusations against him and is ready to flee the capital today with his family."

King Edward snapped back from his daze. "Guards!" He shouted.

The guards stationed outside the door came in running after the king\'s call.

"Yes, your majesty." The guard kneeled down in front of him.

"Take the first and second platoon of the royal guards and go to general McGregor\'s estate. Arrest him with charges of treason and the attempted assassination of the third princess of Alvannia!" King Edward roared.

"Understood your majesty." The guard quickly left the office.

"I am afraid that your royal knights won\'t be enough, king Edward." I said. "Dimitri, let\'s lend a hand to the Alvannian royal knights. Give order to the first platoon of my \'Black Dragon Army\' to assist the royal knights in caputring the mastermind of the assasination attempt against this prince\'s fiancee."

"Understood." Dimitri bowed.

"Well then, your majesty. I will take my leave." I said. "I will be anticipating a good show later." I smirked.

I turned around and walked out of the office.