The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 122 His Dark Side

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I open my eyes and see that I was now inside my room, lying on my bed.

With only a dim light illuminating my room, my eyes adjusted it\'s sight to the darkness. That was when I saw a shadow at the corner of my room.

My heart felt like it leaped out of my chest in fright. After my encounter with so much death earlier, I was still jumpy.

"Do not worry, it\'s only me." It came from Regaleon\'s voice. After hearing his voice, I sighed in relief.

Regaleon stepped out from the shadows, the dim light illuminating his body. He was wearing his casual white shirt and black pants. What caught my eyes was his face. He wasn\'t wearing his signature silver mask. His beautiful face was out in the open for me to behold.

Regaleon\'s clean appearance now is a very far difference from earlier from the blood

soaked \'Black Devil.\'

After Regaleon stepped out from the shadows, he stopped just a few feet away from my bed. He was not coming near me. I look at his face and it has a trace of uncertainty and sadness.

"Why are you standing so far away?" I asked curiously. "Come and sit here with me." I gave him a reassuring smile.

I patted the space beside me, at the edge of my bed. Seeing my smiling face, Regaleon heaved a sigh and walked towards me. Carefully, he sank right beside me.

There was a short silence between the two of us.

"I\'m sorry." I said apologetically.

"Why are you apologizing?" Regaleon asked.

"Because I was being careless. If I didn\'t go out of the palace, maybe this might not have happened." I said with guilt.

Because of my actions, many peoples lives ended. Their blood are on my hands.

"It\'s not your fault. Even if you haven\'t gone out today and stayed here in the palace, they will find ways to harm here." Regaleon said. "The one at fault is the one who paid for your assasination."

I can see Regaleon\'s hand trembling in anger. Then I noticed he was maintaining a safe distance from me. And he was not touching me. After noticing this, my heart squeezed from pain.

\'Is he angry at me? Does he not want me any more? Is he disgusted with me because of the blood on my hands.\' These thoughts are swirling in my head and tormenting me. My chest was getting heavy and I can\'t stop my tears from falling.

"Lili, what is it?" Regaleon become perplexed. "Why are you crying? Are you in pain? Please tell me." His voice was full of worry.

Regaleon reached his hand towards my face. I can see him having second thoughts but still extended his hand to touch my cheeks. He wiped my tears gently.

I can feel the warmth of his hand radiating on my face. I held his hand and squeezed them gently. I looked at his sapphire eyes, searching for answers to my questions.

"Why are you so distant just now? Are you angry with me?" I asked. Pain was etched on my face and my chest was being squeezed.

"Silly girl." Regaleon\'s lips curved up slightly. He tucked a lose strand of my hair behind my ears. "Why will I be angry with you? With what just happened, I was scared to death of losing you."

"Then, why are you being so distant just now? You won\'t even touch me." I said, holding back my tears. "Are you disgusted with me? Is it because I killed someone?"

Regaleon looked at my face with gentleness and then heaved a deep sigh.

"Shouldn\'t it be the other way around?" Regaleon asked. "After you saw me covered with blood of those men that I have killed, you looked at me with fright and retreated back from me. Aren\'t you disgusted with me? With this dark side of me?"

I blinked my eyes, confused. I let Regaleon\'s words sink into me.

\'So that\'s what it is? That is why he didn\'t come near me because he was afraid I am disgusted with him?\' I thought to myself.

I shook my head, letting him know that what he was thinking is wrong.

"I am not disguted with you. I am not afraid of you." I said with conviction.

"Really?" Regaleon asked. "You just saw me bathing in blood. I have killed those men mercilessly, not sparing anyone of them. Are you not really afraid of me?"

"They were bad men." I said. "I know you did that to rescue me. I understand why you did that."

Regaleon looked at me intently, trying to gauge my reaction. When he saw me looking at him with seriousness, he knew what I was telling is true, that I wasn\'t afraid of him. And then he sighed with relief. He pulled me into his embrace.

"Oh Lili, I am so glad. I would not know what to do if you were disgusted with me." Regaleon said. "I don\'t know what will happened to me if you despised me for my dark side. I was so afraid you would leave me."

I wrap my arms around his waist. "I could never hate you. How can I leave you? I love you so much."

"And I love you." Regaleon said. He released me from his embrace and looked straight into my eyes. "Just now you have seen my dark side. This is what I can do to my enemies and how cruel I can become. Tell me, will you still accept me, all of me?"

I nodded back at him. How can I not accept him? He is my love and my life. He may be cruel but his cruelty has a justified reason behind it. And even though he has a dark side, his good side also shines brightly.

"Oh Lili, my love." Regaleon smiled at me sweetly. I can see his relief after telling all of his fears to me.

Regaleon gently placed my cheeks into his palms and slowly pulled me into a kiss.

My worries was washed away with his passionate kiss. I can feel his love for me was still there and held firmly in place.

Not long, the kiss deepened even further. I can sense hunger coming from Regaleon\'s lips as he ravaged my mouth with his hot kisses.