The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 121 Inner Demons

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By the time I noticed, the boss was a few meters away from me. I quickly stepped back and between us, I make make ice spikes that shoot up from the ground.

"Aaahhh." The ice spikes impaled the boss\' body. He cried out in anguish and pain.

The boss\' blood trickle down the floor. It seems like he was still alive but barely. His breathing was getting heavier by the second.

"Y-You...are....monsters." The boss coughed out blood.

"Who are you calling a monster?" Regaleon was now in front of the impaled boss. "Compared to you that plays with innocent lives, we are the lesser evil."

"Hahahaha." The boss laughed while blood was spitting out of his mouth. "At least... I will take that girl with me in death."

Regaleon and I were surprised with his words. I can see Regaleon looking at me with wide eyes.

"Alicia, behind you!" Regaleon screamed in fright.

By the time I heard his words, I quickly turned around. I see the brawny man this morning behind me, his sword in the air ready to swing towards me. I was late to react.

I was taken by surprise. The brawny man\'s blade was a mere inches above me.

I put my arms up, trying to conjure something or anything that can block the slash of his sword coming my way. That was when a tip of a sword plunged thru the chest of the brawny man from the back.

"I warned you before, you can\'t lay a hand or even a finger on her." A familiar voice said behind the brawny man. It was William\'s.

William pushed his sword all the way thru the brawny man\'s chest. Blood trickled from the wound and the man\'s mouth. He breathed one last breath and then his body fell to the ground.

William then pulled out his sword from the dead man\'s body. The sword\'s blade was coated with blood. I look at William with a shocked expression. He was also covered with blood and wounds.

"Alicia, it\'s okay. You are safe now." William gave me a reassuring smile.

I just nodded at him, hearing his words but not comprehending it.

I look around in a daze. Dead bodies are littered all around me, the smell of blood is in the air.

I look towards the boss\' body that was impaled at the ice spikes I created. It sent shivers down my spine. Then I remember Anna\'s words.

\'You will either have dominion over the whole world, or destroy it into nothingness.\' Anna\'s words resonate inside my head.

\'Death surrounds you.\' I hear my inner voice telling. \'You bring death with you. First your mother, and now this. Who will die next, is it the ones who are near you now?\'

I look around me and there was William and Regaleon. They were trying to says something, but I cannot hear them.

\'Who would you kill next, will it be your best friend that is so much in love with you. That even though you know it hurts him deeply being near, you can\'t push him away.\' My inner voice said.

"No." I denied what my inner voice was saying. "I don\'t want to hurt him."

\'Or is it the crown prince of Grandcrest. Your fianc and the love of your life. Would you let him die, like what happened to your mother?\' My inner voice said.

"No, I don\'t want him to die. I can\'t live without him." My heart was crying out in pain just by imagining Regaleon die.

\'You are cursed, Alicia. Everyone around you will die.\' My inner voice torments me.

"No, no, no!" I shouted at my inner voice. Tears are now overflowing from my eyes. My body was shivering in fear with my inner voice\'s words.

"Alicia, what\'s wrong?" William was full of worry. He tried to extend his arms towards me but I flinched away, frightened that I would only hurt him. I was frightened that if I was really cursed, then they will only get hurt.

William had a bitter smile on his face. He was clearly hurt with my retreat just now.

"Lili, what\'s the matter?" Regaleon was trying to get near me.

Step by step, he was pacing towards me with caution.

"It\'s okay Lili, it\'s me. It\'s Leon." Regaleon said with a calming voice.

"Leon." I said in a daze. "No, don\'t come near me. I don\'t want to hurt you."

I take a step back. My fear of hurting the two people in front of me was numbing my senses. I can feel my body getting colder and colder.

Unkowingly, I set the temperature around me to drop. The things around me started to freeze.

"What\'s this?" William felt the coldness in the air. His breath gave out a smoke from the freezing temperature. "Why is it suddenly freezing?" He asked with confusion in his eyes.

But Regaleon did not answer. He knew that my magic was being triggered by my emotions right now.

"Lili, it\'s alright. You are safe now." Regaleon said with a soothing voice. "Can\'t you recognize me? It\'s me, Leon."

Regaleon took of his silver mask that was stained with blood. His face was now in full view in front of me. I can see his beautiful sapphire eyes twinkling.

Regaleon was taking his steps towards me carefully. The air was freezing, especially a few feet radius around me.

"It\'s okay, you are safe. We are all safe." Regaleon was giving me reassurance.

\'But I am the one who is a danger to you all.\' I told myself. The tears that comes out of my eyes are frozen instantly with the freezing cold around me.

Regaleon was just an arms length from me. I want to run away, but his gaze towards me hooks me in place. He slowly extends his arm towards me, touching my cheeks. His thumb gently brushed the frozen tears away.

"Please don\'t be afraid." Regaleon said with a pained voice. "Please don\'t get scared of me."

"Scared of you?" I asked in confusion. No it should be the other way around. He should be the one afraid of me.

I held his hand that was pressed on my cheek. I feel the warmth that his hand was emitting.

"Why would I be afraid of you?" I asked with a gentle voice and smiled at him.

Regaleon smiled back at me. He took me in his embrace. Once I felt the warmth radiating from his body, I became at ease in an instant. The worries that I was thinking awhile ago was washed away with his warm embrace.

After feeling secure in his arms, I felt my body become lighter and my eyes getting heavier. And then darkness overtook me.


At a distance, there were two cloaked figures standing at one ot the rooftops.

"I am sorry your highness, my powers were blocked when the prince was near princess Alicia." One of the cloaked figure said and kneeled down in front of the other cloaked figure. It was a voice of a man.

"No matter, at least we have inserted such thoughts inside of her." The other cloaked figure was none other than the crown prince of Jennova, Gladiolus. "Their feelings for each other are deep that your mind abilities were blocked instantly. No matter, they will surely separate sooner. After all she is my wife to be by birth right."

"All of our preparations are done your highness. Everything will go according to plan." The cloaked man said.