The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 120 A Group’s Annihilation

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A sword was sticking out of the man\'s body. Blood oozed out from his wound and not long the man dropped down dead on the floor.

A dark silhouette was seen walking towards us from the dark alley.

"W-Who is there?" The boss asked, clearly frightened. "Show yourself!"

Then I hear a hawk\'s shriek. When I look up, a big hawk was flying above us.

"It\'s Tempest." My heart felt at ease in an instant.

\'That\'s good. Because I am at my limit.\' Snow exclaimed.

When I looked at my side, the big white tiger was no more. In it\'s place was a white snow cat.

"How dare you harm my fiancee." It came from a voice I am so familiar with.

The dark silhouette stepped out from the darkness of the alley, the light from the street\'s lamp post hit his body.

There I saw him, Regaleon. He was holding the sword that had just pierced thru the man just now. The blood was dripping from the sword\'s blade.

Regaleon was walking with calmness. His eyes were staring like daggers, ready to pierce anyone in his way. He was emitting an aura of killing intent.

The men that was surrounding us are seen taking a step back. They can feel such menacing aura coming from Regaleon.

"What... f-fiancee?" The boss was shocked. "Then you are prince Regaleon of Grandcrest."

After hearing their boss\' words, his subordinates shivered with fright.

"Boss, is he really that prine Regaleon? The one that they have called the \'Black Devil\'?" One man asked.

\'Black Devil?\' I didn\'t know that Regaleon had such a nickname.

"Boss, let\'s just back out. You know why they call him the \'Black Devil\' right? He never spares his enemies, not even those that have surrendered. He kills them all, none is left alive." One man said.

"What are you being afraid for?!" The boss shouted. "As you can see, he is just one man against all of us. What can he do?"

Regaleon heard the boss\' words and gave a devilish smirk.

"Not to mention, if we kill him, we can claim a big amount of money. His name is on top of the assassin\'s list with a huge sum. We will be filthy rich after killing him and the girl." The boss gave his men a good enough reason to stand their ground and fight.

\'Someone wants Leon dead?\' I was surprised with this news.

The assasin\'s list is a list from the underground organization where those who have money can pay to kill someone. The price of this, of course is not cheap, and people such as assasins and bounty hunters from the underground organization takes such jobs.

"You think you can beat me with your puny little group. Well you can dream on." Regaleon said with a cold voice. "I am afraid none of you will see the sun rise. I do not intend to let anyone live, after you have harmed my beautiful fiancee. Prepare to die!"

Regaleon\'s voice rang in the darkness of the night. A chill went down my spine. I can sense Regaleon\'s rage in his voice.

"The one who will die is you! Prepare yourself." The group of men charged towards Regaleon.

As the men got near him, a bright light was seen flashing quickly. One by one the men dropped down dead on the floor. Blood was pooling from under them.

"W-What are you waiting for?! Go and get him you fools!" The boss shouted.

All of the men dashed towards Regaleon. But Regaleon wasn\'t fazed one bit in the presence of a much bigger group.

Regaleon was swift with his movements. He was moving his sword like it was a part of his body, like it was an extension of his arm. Every slash of his blade, an enemy drops dead on the floor. Blood was sparying all around.

I was hooked on my place, my eyes can\'t stray away from Regaleon\'s sight. I can see him with an expresionless face, devoid of any emotion. He was slashing thru the enemy, cutting thru their limbs like it was just butter.

I can hear the screams of the men as they were wounded, the agony they were feeling as they were hurt, and the silence after Regaleon gave them the deadly blow. Blood was sprayed all over the street, pooling under the pile of bodies.

I looked at Regaleon, he was soaked in the blood of the men he had just killed. With blood covering his black royal garb and sword, he really looked like a devil. His nickname the \'Black Devil\' was a fit to what I was seeing right now.

With many men that had fallen, there were still others coming and charging towards him.

"Hiyaaaahhhh." The men shouted a battle cry while charging.

Regaleon looked their way, his sapphire blue eyes were glowing in the darkness of the night. Then out of nowhere, fire sparked from the men\'s bodies. They were ignited in flames and not long engulfed in them.



"Make it stop!"

I can hear the cries of the men. Fire spread towards the dead bodies as well. The streets were now like a sea of flames.

Behind this flames, a silhoutte was walking. Regaleon then emerge from the flames, walking proudly. Blood covered his whole body, his sapphire blue eyes were glowing reflecting the flames.

"Devil! Monster!" The boss shouted while pointing at Regaleon in fear.

The other men that were still left was now shivering in fear. One by one they dropped their weapons and ran away, like dogs with their tail between their legs.

"Where are you going, you cowards?! Stand your ground." The boss was scolding his men. But the men didn\'t listen to him and left him behind.

"Dimitri." I hear Regaleon said. Out of nowhere, Dimitri emerged beside Regaleon.

"Yes, your highness." Dimitri said while kneeling beside Regaleon.

"Annihilate all of them. I don\'t want any of them left alive." Regaleon said with a cold voice.

"Understood." Dimitri then vanished into thin air.

Regaleon resumed his pace, his direction towards the boss.

"Don\'t come near me." The boss was shivering in fright. "I will tell you who ordered the assassination of the princess, please just don\'t kill me."

"I don\'t need you to tell me, because I already know who sent you." Regaleon replied with a cold tone.

The boss was stepping back slowly, just by realizing that there was a wall behind him. He looked around him, hoping to find an escape route when his eyes fell on me. I was only a few feet away from him. Then the boss darted towards me.

I didn\'t realize this at all because I was still in a daze. I was seeing so much blood and death in front of me that I felt my body froze in place.