The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 119 Saving Oneself

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Five men encircled around me with weapons in their hands. They might be thinking because I am just a weak girl, only five men will do to capture me.

\'Well they are wrong with their assumptions.\' I smiled internally.

"Come now missy, we don\'t want to hurt you. Just put down the knife and be a good girl and come with us." The skinny man said with a sinister smile.

"Who are you fooling? I won\'t go with you peacefully. I would rather die than be enslaved by the likes of you people!" I shouted with anger.

"Hahaha, then suite yourself. Men take her, but remember not to damage the goods." The skinny man laughed.

The men then launched their way right at me. I was ready for their movements and calculated my movements to dodge their attack.

One of the men launched in front of me. I side stepped swiftly and hit him at the spot on his spine just below the head with the hilt of my knife. The man became unconscious instantly.

\'Good thing I was able to learn the weak spots of the body from Leon.\' I thought to myself.

"Hiiiyaaah!" Another man just at my right was about to swing his sword. But then Snow jumped in front of him and clawed his face out.

"Uwaaahhhh!" The man screamed.

This gave me the opportune moment to kick him in the groin. The man moaned in pain. I used my magic to gather all my internal force in my right fist. I give the man a powerful punch in his stomach and that made him slump on the floor unconcious.

With two down, the other men was more defensive in their stance.

"Tsk, I never thoght that a princess like you would know how to fight like that." The boss said. "All of you, go and get her!" He ordered.

And because of that, nine men now stalked around me.

\'This is bad.\' I thought to myself. With this many men, there is no choice but to use my magic powers. And if they see me use magic, they can\'t be left to live. No outsider should know my secret.

\'I want to try and prevent death as much as possible.\' I told myself. I really never have taken a life and I am not confident that I can.

\'Alicia, let me take over.\' Snow said to me telephatically.

\'Are you sure?\' I asked.

\'Don\'t worry, I have gotten a hang of it after some practices. I can hold that form for at least ten minutes now.\' Snow assured me.

I nodded in agreement.

At the dark alley way, fog started to form around me and Snow. It started to engulfed us.

"What is this?" A man asked, startled with the sudden fog that came out of nowhere.

"Where did this fog come from?"

"This is strange."

"What are you men looking at?! Take the girl, the girl!" The boss shouted at his subordinates.

The men regained their composure and focused on me once again.

The fog surrounding me was starting to dissipate.

"W-What is that?!" One man shouted.

"What do you mean?"

"T-There, the silhouette."

"It looks like a big cat."

Then a growling is heard from where I was standing.

When the fog dissipated completely the men was shocked. Before the men\'s eyes was a young girl and just beside her was a huge white tiger, protectively standing.

"Grrrr." The white tiger was growling.

"Where the hell did that tiger come from?!" The slender man asked in shock.

The men started to step back with fright. The white tiger took a step forward, ready to prounce in any second.

"Are you all sissies? Take down the tiger and get the princess quickly!" The man solded.

The men stopped their retreat and held their swords more tightly.

Seeing that they won\'t back down or retreat I sighed in regret.

"I really didn\'t want anyone to die tonight. Snow, get them." I whispered to her.

\'ROOOAAARRR\' Snow roared loudly and pounced towards the men.

The men was caught in surprise and fright.

"Uwwaaahhh.!!" The man that Snow got on her paws shouted. I can here the onslaught while Snow teared him apart.

Some of the men was caught in Snow\'s rampage. They tried their hardest to stop her.

The skinny man was shocked and was backing away when he saw me left there defenseless.

"Hahaha, missy you are mine!" The skinny man rushed towards me with his sword.

I saw him rushing in front of me. But I stood my ground. I held up the knife in my hand in a defensive position. I know that the slender man won\'t give me a lethal attack, so I was confident with my stance.

The skinny man was getting nearer and nearer. He raised his sword and ready to prounce at me. But then he stopped just some feet away from me.

The skinny man looked at his chest in shock. A red patch of blood started to gather on his clothes.

" this?" The man coughed some blood. "I-Ice?"

The slender man looked at me. I was holding the knife right in front of him. The only difference is, the blade strenched out and extended with an ice blade.

"H-How can...this be?" The slender man dropped on the ground.

The boss was getting inpatient. He saw that the men with him was losing in front of the white tiger. Snow was mauling out his men.

"Tsk, call back up right away!" The boss ordered one of his subordinate. The man quickly nodded and ran.

I can see that Snow was victorious in her end. The bodies of the men littered the streets. The smell of blood is being blown by the wind.

I walked towards Snow slowly. The only one standing was the boss.

\'It\'s good I didn\'t show my magical powers that much.\' I thought.

"I suggest you retreat Mr. boss, if you don\'t want my tiger to maul on you too." I taunted him.

\'Grrrrr\' Snow was looking at the boss like she is going to eat him.

The ten minutes of Snow in that form is nearly up. All I can do now is act superior and scare him away.

But not long I can feel the presence of so many people.

\'Tsk, did he call for reinforcments? This is bad. Snow\'s time is almost up.\' I grimaced.

Many men came out from the shadows. All has the feeling of bad intentions.

"Hahaha. With this many men here, your tiger will be of no problem to us." The boss laughed out loud.

In one of the alleys, I here someone running towards my direction. The bad men in the way dropped dead one after the other.

"W-Who\'s there." The man that was clearly frightened dropped dead in an instant. A sword sticking out of his body.