The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 118 My Fiancee is in Danger

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

I was in the office located at a temporary courtyard given to me for my stay here inside the palace.

I was sitting behind a desk with a stock pile of papers on top. I give out a sigh of boredom.

\'How I wish I am with my beautiful Lili, doing naughty things to her.\' I thought.

Then I remembered the night of our engagement party. The memory of my beautiful fiancee underneath me. Her warmth radiating all over her body. The intense kiss we shared and the intimate things we have done, was so clear on my mind.

Unknowingly, a smile crept on my face while I was remembering those naughty things with my beautiful Lili.

"Ahem." Dimitri coughed. I totally forgot that he was with me inside the room.

"Your highness, it would be best to finish your work fast so that you could spend the rest of your day with princess Alicia." Dimitri said respectfully.

"Why do I need to do this, even though I am outside of the country? Can\'t father get one of his other sons doing this paper work?" I grutned.

"Your highness, this is the work of the \'crown prince\', which is you. You can\'t just take the title and power of being the official corwn prince and not do the official work needed." Dimitri said it like he was scolding me.

"Hah, I know, I know." I said ang sighed. "No need to nag me like you are my mother Dimitri."

Dimitri had a solemn face after I mentioned my mother.

"You know that I have promised your mother that I would alwayd keep you safe, Leon." Dimitri said with a seriois look.

Dimitri was six years older than me. He was like a big brother to me, not to mention he also was an Atlantian.

Dimitri was an orphan living out in the streets of Grandcrest. Being an Atlantian was a problem in itself, no one was willing to help him. One day my mother who was pregnant with me, saw him being bullied out in the streets by kids bigger that him, he was still a little boy. That time, he displayed magical abilities that are yet fully developed and scared the other kids.

Afraid that those kids would call for adults to punish Dimitri, my mother saved him and took him in and cared for him. And thus, Dimitri was forever grateful, promising to always be by my side to help and protect me.

"I know you also love mother like she was your own. I have always seen you as a big brother, Dimitri. I am happy that someone I can trust is always here by my side." I said to him.

"Thank you, Leon." Dimitri gave me a rare and warm smile.

"If you often smile like that, then you wouldn\'t have any problems finding a wife. For sure girls will swoon over you in an instant, hahaha." I joked.

"Stop teasing. I still don\'t have any plans of marrying until you sit on the throne." Dimitri gave me a scolding look.

"Okay, okay." I raised my hands in defeat. "I also hope you find the right woman you will fall in love with. You are always serious in your work. I also want to see you happy."

Dimitri just nodded as a reply. And so I resumed with the paperwork right in front of me.

I have at least done half of the paper work when a carrier pigeon flew from the window. The pigeon perched on Dimitri\'s shoulder.

Dimitri then untied the canister from the pigeon\'s foot. He opened the canister and pulled out a piece of paper. He gently unrolled it and silently read it\'s contents.

"Yor highness, this message seems urgent." Dimitri passed the piece of paper to me.

I took the piece of paper and silently read it. The contents infuriated me to the core.

"How dare she?!" I crumpled the piece of paper in my hand with anger. "Dimitri, let\'s head to Alicia\'s courtyard at once."

Dimitri bowed in agreement. I quickly stood up and strode my way out of the room.


Dimitri and I rushed towards Alicia\'a courtyard. Just as we entered the gate, I saw Alicia\'s personal maid, Tricia.

"Y-Your higness." Tricia was taken by surprise in my visit. "Greetings, your highness. I thought you would be back later this evening. We aren\'t prepared for your sudden visit." She bowed down.

"Rise." I said. "No need for formalities. I just want to see Alicia. Is she in her small library at the moment?"

I have known Alicia for the past two years. In her idle time, she loves to read books. She said it is because she wants to widen her knowledge. That is why I have gifted her many books of various things since then, resulting to a small library.

"The princess...your highness the princess is not here as of the moment." Tricia replied.

By that time my heart clenched. It\'s like my intuition is saying something bad is going to happen.

\'I don\'t like this feeling.\' I thought to myself.

"Did the princess say where she was going?" Dimitri asked Tricia.

"Princess wanted to see the festivities in the downtown of the capital. Sir William accompanied her. I am sure she will be back before night fall." Tricia replied.

My heart leaped from my chest, kowing that Alicia is outside of the palace at the moment. I quickly turned around and walked away with Dimitri following me from behind.

When no one was around I gave my orders to Dimitri. "Assemble the shadow guards. Find her as soon as possible." I said coldly.

"Understood." Dimitri said and vanished from behind me.

I look at the blue sky above. Dark clouds started to form. It seems like it is going to rain this evening.

"Lili, please be safe." I whispered to myself. "Tempest!" I call my familiar.

From a tree, a huge shadow flew up in the sky. It hovered right above me, it\'s wings spread wide.

I stretched my right arm out and Tempest perched on it.

\'What can I do for you, young master?\' Tempest asked.

"Help me search for Lili." I said to him. "She is at the downtown of the capital. My fiancee is in danger."

\'I understand.\' Tempest said. \'I will go and look for her.\'

"When you find her, you know what to do." I said.

\'Yes.\' Tempest replied. He spread his wings once again and took fligt.

"That b*tch of a queen!" I am seething in my anger. "You dare harm my fiancee. I will let you see the consequences of your actions."

I whislted and not long Midnight came running towards me.

"Good boy." I patted his mane. I quickly held on the reins and bolted on top of Midnight. "Let\'s go find Lili. Hiyah."