The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 117 Paid to Kill

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\'I can feel a malicious intent.\' Snow told me.

\'What do you mean?\' I asked Snow telephatically.

Snow jumped down from my embrace. She hissed towards a dark alley.

"Who is there?!" William was alert. He could feel the evil intention in the air. He made a defensive stance in front of me, holding the hilt if his sword.

Slowly, men came out from the dark alley. At least two dozen men with malicious intent surrounded us from the front.

Then I saw the two brawny men from this morning. They were the ones that attempted to kidnap Cecilia.

"We meet again missy." The skinny man from earlier said.

"They were the kidnappers from earlier." I said in a hushed voice to William.

"It\'s good we found you at last." The big brawny man from earlier said. "Boss, she is the one we told you about."

A man with authority within the group was at the center. He looked at me directly. William saw this and used his body to block me from their view.

"Indeed, she looks like the one." The boss said. "Girl, you are princess Alicia, correct?"

William and I was taken by surprise. How did they know my identity?

The boss took a piece of paper from his pocket and opened it. He held it out and showed it to us. The paper he was holding has a drawing of me.

William was more alert after seeing my picture on the piece of paper.

"Who sent you?" William roared in anger. He drew his sword from the sheath and pointed it towards them.

The boss gave us a sinister smile. "Who sent us is none of your concern. What you just need to know is, someone gave us a big sum of money to take the princess\' life."

Hearing the boss\' words sent a shiver down my spine and traveled all over my body.

"Someone wants me dead?" I said in disbelief.

\'Who would want me dead? Who did I offend to have such a death threat?\' I thought.

There was only one whom I know, that want me to die. And that someone was my stepmother, the queen of Alvannia, Queen Erica.

"We were having a problem of how to excute the plan on killing you. But who would have thought you would be the one marching in out here in the open, with only one knight to protect you." The boss said and laughed out loud.

"I won\'t let you get near the princess." Will said out loud.

The boss\' attention fell upon William. "I am sure you are a royal knight with great skills. That is why I took dozens of my men with me." The boss said. "Do you think you can defeat us all?"

William assessed the situation we are in. There were really at least two dozen men in front of us. Even if William is a good fighter, he can\'t take on two dozen men all at once.

"Alicia, I will distract them. Use the time to make your escape." William murmured to me. "Find help as soon as possible."

"No, you can\'t fight them all at once." I said with a worried voice.

"I will be more distracted with you here." William said. "It would be better to run and find guards for help."

William was right. With me here, I will just be a burden to him while fighting and in turn defending me. I was hesitant but still nodded in agreement. I am confident in William\'s fighting skills. I just have to find help as fast as I can.

"Boss, are you sure you want to kill her?" The skinny man asked. "I mean, look how beautiful she is. I am sure she will sell at a high price if we sell her to those easterners. With her out of the continent, she is good as dead to the client who wants her dead."

The boss looked my way and stroke his chin with a beard. "You have a point there. Then take her alive, be careful to not injure her beautiful face. I would like to have a taste of her first before selling her." He smiled wickedly.

That boss\' stare disgusted me to the core. William shaked in anger after hearing what the boss just said.

"You will never lay a hand on her." William roared in anger. "Alicia, go."

I nodded and do as I was told. I retreated and ran as fast as I could.

"No! Get her!" The boss yelled at his men.

William was there to defend my retreat. I can hear the skirmish of swords while I was running away. I resisted to look back, thinking that I need to find help and fast.

"Snow, lead the way towards any guard post." I said.

Snow was running in front of me. \'Okay, just follow me.\'

Snow led me thru the streets and alley ways. I look around, trying to find someone or anyone that can help us. But there was no one outside the streets.

"That\'s odd. Why is there no one out the streets?" I asked.

\'This is not good.\' Snow said.

"What is it Snow?" I asked.

\'I can feel people\'s presence, but I am afraid that they are with those bad group of men.\' Snow said.

She trotted into a stop and so I stopped as well. This part of the capital was quiet and dark, with only street lamps illuminating the path way.

I look around and feel my surroundings. I was feeling danger in every corner.

\'I thought running this way would be the fastest. But it seems we fell into the enemy\'s trap.\' Snow hissed. \'I am sorry, Alicia.\'

\'No Snow, it\'s not your fault.\' I said to her telephatically. The one at fault here is the one who wants me dead.

I clenched my hand in anger.

"Now that you are not favored by father, you want me dead, stepmother?" I said. "I won\'t let you have the satisfaction of my death."

I grabbed the knife I have put inside my dress\' pocket and made a defensive stance.

"You made us run after you missy." The skinny man was panting. He and some other dozen men came out of hiding from the dark buildings around us. "Too bad, this part of the capital is one of our dominion. Even if you shout for help, the people around here won\'t help you."

I look around the buildings and see people peek from their windows. But they quickly close their windows and curtains in fear.

\'Does this group inflict fear on these people?\' I thought. \'If I get out of here, I need to open this up with grandpa. We need to put an end to this group.\'

I looked around and make my plans on how to get out of this predicament alive.

\'Snow, I will need your help.\' I said to her.

\'I am ready anytime, Alicia.\' Snow said and hissed right at the men surrounding us.

"Don\'t think you can get me that easily, just because I am a girl." I put up my hand holding the knife and make a defensive stance. I give the skinny man a smirk.