The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 116 The Prophecy 2

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"This crystal will glow when one of the stars that are connected to you are near. It will glow with the same color as their star in your vision." Anna explained.

"It will glow with the same color as the stars in my vision." I repeated. I looked at the crystal I was holding.

"I suggest you try to find information about the prophecy, Lili. It can help you, if my hunch is correct and you are the chosen one." Anna said.

"But, how can I find information about the prophecy? Atlantia is now submerged under the ocean." I said with a heavy heart.

"My father\'s colleagues also survived the destruction of Atlantia. As I know, they are scattered all over the continent" Anna said. "I only know of one person that is father\'s former colleague. His name is George Wilson. I heard that he was a wanderer now, wandering the continent and still persuing knowledge."

"If he is a wanderer, then it will be difficult searching for him." I said, thinking of how to search for this man.

"I am sorry princess, this is the extent of my abilities to help." Anna bowed her head with sadness.

"Of course not Anna. You have been of big help to me." I said instantly at her. "If it not for you, I wouldn\'t know of such things."

"Then I am happy to be able to help." Anna smiled.

I looked at the clear crystal in my hands. This will help me find the person that I needed to search for. And I also need to find this George Wilson.


I was just outside the tent, waiting for William. After my talk with Anna, she proceeded in reading Will\'s fortune inside the tent. I didn\'t stay with them, telling them I needed some fresh air outside.

"Alicia." I hear William call me. "Sorry for making you wait." He gave me a warm smile.

"I didn\'t wait that long." I responded to him with a warm smile of my own.

Anna came after William and also came out from inside the tent.

"Mommy." Cecilia ran towards her. Anna caught her daughter that ran into her arms and picked her up.

"I would like to say thank you once again, for helping Cecilia." Anna said. "If you need anything, here is my address. I will gladly give the help I am able to give."

Anna gave me a piece of paper. The address was also in downtown.

"I have a store there that selles antiques and second hand stuff. My husband is the ine managing it." Anna explained. "Please feel free to visit us anytime."

"Yes visit us." Cecilia chimed. "Let\'s play again, big brother Will."

"If we have time, we will come to visit and play with you Cecilia." William patted her hair.

"Then we will be going ahead." I said with a smile. "See you again Cecilia, Anna."

William and I started to walk away.

"Please take care in your way." Anna said while waving her hand.

"Let\'s play again big brothet and sister." Cecilia yelled.

Willim and I walked along the streets. I looked at him our of curiosity.

"I never knew you were good with kids." I said.

"You know that I am the eldest of us five siblings." William said. "Even though we have maids and servants, I still helped in taking care of them, in my mother\'s place."

William was ten years old when his mother, the duchess of Cunningham passed away because of sickness.

"I have always felt it wasn\'t fair for my younger siblings." William said. "I was at least given ten years to spend with our mother. But they were robbed of the time with our mother."

My heart clenched with William\'s story. I too, was robbed of my time with my mother. I know the feeling of losing a parent that you have loved all your life.

"I\'m curious." I said abruptly, thinking of changing the subject.

"What are you curious of?" William looked at my way.

"What did you see in the fortune Anna read to you?" I asked.

William was silent for a while. Maybe he doesn\'t want to tell me.

"I\'m sorry." I said remorsefully. "If you don\'t want to tell, then it\'s fine."

"It\'s not that." William had a sad smile. "I still believe that we are the ones to shape out own future."

"Oh," Is what I only said. Maybe William still doesn\'t believe in fortune telling. But with Anna\'s magical abilities, I am sure her fortune telling is accurate.

"Well, iIf you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here. I am still your best friend." I gave him a smile.

William nodded and returned a smile back at me.

"Oh yes." William said. "I forgot about the cream puffs."

"Oh, I totally forgot!" I said. "Where did my cream puffs go?"

I looked at William seriously, with my hands on my waist. I looked like a mother scolding a child.

"I am sorry. When I saw you being harassed, I instantly threw the cream puffs and ran towards you." William clasped his hand and begged for forgiveness.

"Aww, I was looking forward to eating those cream puffs." I pouted my lips.

"So sorry. If you like, let\'s head back to the stall and buy some." William was looking really apologetic.

"Pfft, hahaha." I started to laugh. William really looked apologetic that I can\'t keep my facade of being angry at him. "I was just joking Will. Don\'t look like that."

"Haha, you got me there." William laughed. "But really, if you still like to eat it, we can go back to buy some."

I looked at the sky and it has an orange glow. The sun is setting and night was just a few minutes away.

"Maybe next time." I said. "It\'s getting dark. We need to get back to the palace."

\'I want to get back before dinner. Leon promised to eat dinner with me.\' I thought.

I would like to tell Regaleon about what just happened today in my trip downtown and the fortune telling.

While we are walking, I recognize a white cat walking towards us.

"Snow?" I called to her.

\'Meow\' Snow jumped up to my extended arms and rubbed her head against my chest.

"Is that your cat?" William asked. "She looks beautiful."

\'Hmm, I like this guy.\' Snow said to me telephatically.

\'You like him just because he told you were beautiful?\' I raised my right eyebrow at her sarcastically.

\'Well, I love his sense of taste.\' Snow said. She started to lick her body.

"Why are you here?" I asked out loud to Snow.

"Maybe she missed you." William exclaimed. He moved closer towards Snow and started to pet her. "She is an independent little kitty. She knows where her owner is."

Snow started to purr.

"Well I am sure she won\'t get lost." I smiled.

\'Of course I won\'t get lost. I know the back streets of the capital, even with my eyes closed.\' Snow said. \'Well abou your question, I was just taking a stroll when I saw you walking with this good looking guy.\'

Snow was looking at William and gave him a lick on his nose.

"Haha, that tickles." William laughed out loud.

"I guess she likes you." I giggled.

But then Snow looked vigilant. Her ears pointed upwards.

"What is it Snow?" I asked curiously.

\'I can feel a malicious intent.\' Snow told me.