The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 115 The Prophecy 1

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Anna and I was left alone inside the tent. I have told her what I saw after she exited my vision.

Silence engulfed inside the tent. Anna was thinking very deeply about what I have just told her.

"Lili, with your star shining that brightly only mean one thing. Your magic abilities far surpass that of a normal Atlantian\'s." Anna explained.

This I am not surprised about. Having the blood of the royal family of Atlantia, my magic abilities far exceeds that a normal Atlantian has.

"Are you perhaps...from the royal family?" Anna asked with hesitation.

I looked at Anna\'s face, trying to figure out what she was thinking. Her face showed curiosity but doesn\'t have any malice in it. I decided that Anna is not someone bad. And as a fellow Atlantian, maybe I have found a friend.

I carefully took of my scarf, releasing my long silky platinum blonde hair. It flowed like a waterfall of silver strands.

Anna\'s reaction were surprise and shock. When she got back into her senses, she stood up from her chair and kneeled down in front of me.

"Your highness." Anna exclaimed. "Please forgive me for my prior rudeness."

I was taken by surprise with Anna\'s actions. I quickly bend down and helped her up.

"Anna, you don\'t have to kneel down." I said in a surprised voice. "I maybe of Atlantian royal blood but we are just the same. We are citizens of Alvannia now."

Anna looked up at me and scanned my face. And so I smiled at her gently, letting her know that I prefere to be of equal standing to her right now.

Anna slowly got back to her seat, and I to mine as well.

"Princess, we maybe living as commoners of Alvannia now, but the fact that you have royal blood will never change. You are born with such strong magic, and it can change the course of life and the world we know off." Anna said.

"What do you mean by your words?" I asked curiously.

"My father was a known scholar and researcher once in Atlantia. He was knowledgable in every aspect of magic and ancient prophecies." Anna explained. "Before the war broke out many years ago, his team of researchers found some ancient text pertaining to a prophecy. And I am afraid that this has something to do with your vision of the future, I believe."

"An ancient prophecy?" I was rather curious. "Did your father tell you of this prophecy, Anna?"

"My father, he felt guilty of what the mad king have done. Because of the research that him and his colleagues have made and the prophecy they have found, the mad king started the war." Anna explained. "He didn\'t say in full detail what the propechy was. But I can tell you what he has told me."

"Then please tell me, Anna." I clasped her hand into mine. "I would like to know what your father has said about the prophecy."

Anna nodded in agreement. "My father said the prophecy was about a descendant of the royal blood of Alvannia. A chosen one will be born from the royal lineage, that can wield the forbidden magic."

"The forbidden magic? Isn\'t that the one that destroyed the country of Atlantia?" I asked.

"Yes. It was forbidden because of a reason. The reason was that magic is so much powerful and unstable, it cannot be used by anyone." Anna said. "But as the ancient prophecy has said, one of the descendants from the royal lineage can wield and use it. And that someone will either have dominion over the whole world, or destroy it into nothingness."

"Dominion over the whole world or destroy it?" These words were the ones that was stuck to me.

"The mad king thought that he was that person, the chosen one to rule over the world." Anna said sadly. "But I guess he was wrong. And because of that our homeland of Atlantia, paid the price for his sins."

This information was big to me. Such a prophecy existed. What does it mean?

"Princess, your vision, you said your star exploded and engulfed every other star near you?" Anna said. She held my hand in hers. That was when I felt my hands were shaking.

\'Why, why is it shaking?\' I thought. Is it because of fear? Is it because I know what will happen?

"I am not sure if you really are the chosen one in the prophecy. But with you strong magic abilities, I am afraid that your own powers might hurt the ones near you." Anna explained.

"No." I said in disbelief.

And then I remembered the blue star. The blue star that represented Regaleon. He was trying to get close to my own star, burning himself in the process. And the explosion that destroyed everything, is that my doing? Will I destroy the whole world and turn it into nothingness?

"Will I be a danger to the ones I love?" I asked. My body was shaking. I can feel tears welling in my eyes. "No, I don\'t want this."

Anna saw me panicking and hugged me gently.

"Your highness, what you have seen may be the future. But as I have said, the future is not written in stone. It can be changed." Anna explained.

I tried to hold my tears away and hear what Anna was saying.

"Princess, the red star you have mentioned. The person that red star represents might have a way." Anna said.

"The red star?" I remember, when my own star was shinging brighter and brighter, the red star was beginning to move. The star\'s own brightness twinkled as if it was trying to do something.

"I believe that star might hold a key to change the course of fate." Anna said seriously.

I wiped my tears away. "Then I have to find that person." I said with conviction. "But how will I know who that person is?"

"Then let me help you with that." Anna stood up from her seat and walked towards a chest. She bended down and opened it, searching for something.

Not long after, Anna took something and closed the chest. She walked towards me and put something in my palms.

I look at the object in my hands, it was a clear white crystal as big as a chestnut.

"This is?" I asked curiously at Anna.

"This crystal can help you find the stars you have seen in your vision." Anna explained. "I will put some of my magical abilites in it so that it can help locate the stars you need to find."

Anna held onto my hands that was wrapped around the crystal. She closed her eyes and concentrated.

Not long her hands started to glow. Her hands holding mine felt warm. It passed thru my hands and into the crystal I was holding and it had a faint glow.

"This crystal will glow when one of the stars that are connected to you are near. It will glow with the same color as their star in your vision." Anna explained.