The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 114 What the Future Holds 2

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I look at the stars dancing around my stars. It was like they all have a pattern while revolving around mine. I looked closer and the blue star was the most closer to mine.

\'Leon?\' I do not know why, but my mind just registered that the blue star is him.

The blue star is revolving around mine, as if defending me. The yellow star was just at a safe distance from mine, but like the blue star it was protectively revolving around my star. The red star was the furthest out of the four stars. It was slowly revolving at a right distance from mine.

The silver star was the only one stagnant. It was just at the corner, not so near yet not far as well. Like it was just observing.

Then my own white star started to shine brightly. The other four stars seem to get agitated.

"What is happening?" I asked nervously.

"I-I also do not l know?" Anna\'s voice was at a loss.

As my star started to shine more brighter, the blue star, which I identified as Regaleon, was getting nearer and nearer to my own star. I started to panic.

"No, no you can\'t!" I said frantically. "If you get nearer, you will burn out."

But the blue star still got closer to my own star. Then the stagnant silver star moved instantly. It shot thru the yellow star which was guarding mine. But the blue star blocked it\'s way. The two stars clashed with each other. They were fighting against each other, not giving any openings for one another.

As this was happening, the red star was giving off a strange light. As if it was trying to do something, but I do not know what. The yellow star was gaurding mine while the blue and silver stars were clashing against each other.

Then my own star was getting brigther and brighter. The night sky brackground was now engulfed with light. The other dimmly lit stars started to disappear one after the other.

My heart was racing frantically. My breathing was getting heavier by the second. And then a blast came from my own star. A blinding light engulfed everything and I was momentarily blinded by it.

"Lili, Lili?" I can hear Anna calling me.

"Lili." I hear William right beside me.

Then I opened my eyes instantly. I was still inside the tent, holding the crystal. But my relaxed state was now replaced with a distraught one. I can feel a drop of sweat trickle my forehead. I was panthing heavily. I retracted my hand from the crystal.

"What happened? How long was I out?" I asked.

"It was just a few minutes when you and Anna closed your eyes." William replied. "The two of you were silent, but then you seemed agitated."

"I woke up first." Anna said. "But you were still inside your vision. So we tried to wake you up."

"Is that so?" I said. "Anna, did you see that? Did you see what happened in the vision?"

Anna shook her head. "I am sorry Lili, I was out of the vision by the time something weird happened. But if you like we can talk about it."

I look at William beside me. It is not yet time for me to tell him my secret yet, that I am a descendant of the Atlantian race.

"Um, Will." I called him carefully. "Can I have some time with Anna, privately?"

William looked at me firmly then nodded. "I will be just outisde the tent if you need me."

"Cecilia, baby. Go play with big brother Will for a while." Anna said to her daughter.

"Okay mommy." Cecilia skipped happily towards William. "Big brother, let\'s play."

"Okay." William stood up gently and took hold of Cecilia\'s hand. He smiled our way and both of them walked out of the tent.

Anna and I are left inside the tent. There was silence at first. I have so many things that I want to ask about.

"I know you have many question. Please, feel free to ask. It is the least I can do after you have saved my daughter." Anna encouraged me.

I sighed deeply and hardened my resolve to ask the most important question first.

"Anna, I know you will be surprised with what I will ask first. But keep in mind that I am not an enemy." I said firmly. "Anna, by any chance, are you an Atlantian?"

Anna had a surprised face at first but then it became calm. She nodded slightly.

"Yes, I am." Anna replied. "This is my first time saying this to anyone. My parents have told me not to tell anyone about our nationality, for the sake of our safety. But looking at you, and reading your fate, I have felt that you are a fellow Atlantian also, correct?"

I nodded as confirmation. "I am Atlantian on my mother\'s side. But I was born here, in Alvannia."

"I understand." Anna nodded. "As for me, I was born in Atlantia. I was but a toddler when the war years ago started. We have fled the country safely before it fell into the ocean."

So Anna was an Atlantian born in Atlantian soil. I wondered what Atlantia looked like back then, before it sank to the bottom of the ocean, before the war happened.

"My magic isn\'t that strong. As you can see I need some conduit to harness some magic. And all I can do is read the fates of people." Anna explained.

"That crystal is a conduit?" I asked. I looked at the innocent looking crystal on top of the table. The glowing from a while ago now stopped. Now, it only looks like a normal crystal.

"Yes. This crystal is a conduit that can harness magic from inside of an Atlatnian\'s body. These crystals can only be found in Atlantian soil. My parents had brought it with them before Atlantia fell." Anna further explained. "There are other crystals of different types and colors that serves as a conduit for Atlantian\'s to use. They can enhance ones magic power greatly, depending which crystal an Atlantian is using."

This information is something new to me. Of course only an Atlantian would know of such information.

"There are many things I still want to ask. But for now what I want to know was the meaning behind my fortune reading. What happened in my vision?" I looked at Anna worriedly.

"I understand. Then let us talk about what you have seen after I exited your vision. Maybe I can interpret some of them." Anna said with a calm voice.