The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 113 What the Future Holds 1

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Cecilia\'s mother led us to a tent not too far from where the fountain was. The tent has a dark violet color and it was normal in size.

"Right this way." Cecilia\'s mother said. "By the way, my name is Anna Marie. You can call me Anna." She said with a solemn smile.

"Hi Anna, my name is Lili." I gave the nick name Regaleon gave me. "This here is Will." I gestured to William and he nodded as acknowledgment.

Anna opened the way inside the tent. Inside was a normal sized interior, illuminated by candles that gives a mystic vibe. At the center of the interior, there was a round table. On top of it was a purple crystal stone, as big as a normal sized flower vase.

"Please, take a seat." Anna gestured towards the two chairs in front. "Please forgive the mess, I was just starting to set up."

Anna put away some stuff and tidied up quickly. William and I took our seats while Anna took the seat opposite us.

"Cecilia dear, you can take a seat on the side." Anna said.

"Okay mommy." Cecilia replied with a bright smile. She happily hopped to the side. Her gesture made me smile.

"You like children?" William who was beside me asked out of nowhere.

His question caught me by surprise. "Do I like children?" I thought. "I guess I do." I smiled.

When I first came to the palace and knew that I have a little brother, I was overjoyed. I adored Richard, who was younger than me, and also spoiled him.

"Well then, let\'s start." Anna said. "Before we start, I would like to know if you are open minded about fortune telling. What are your thoughts?" She asked.

"I am rather optomistic about fortune telling. I believe that there is some kind of force that governs our fate." I answered first. "This is my first time to do this and I am also curious as to what will happen."

Truthfully, I know that magic exists. If Anna was an Atlantian, then maybe her fortune telling is her magic of some kind.

\'But how can I know if she is Atlantian?\' I thought.

"To tell you the truth, I am a little doubtful about this kind of things." William answered next. "I believe that we oursevles, shape our own future."

Anna nodded acknowledging our answers.

"Both of your answers are in a way correct." Anna said. "As humans, we tend to believe that there is a predestined fate that molds our path, as you have said Lili. But Will is also correct, that we have power to shape our own future ahead."

Anna touched the crystal at the center of the table and is started to give a purple glow. My eyes looked towards the glowing crystal, mesmerized by it\'s soft light.

"What I am about to do is a kind of fortune reading." Anna said. "With the use of this crystal, I will read the predestined fates you have. But nothing is written in stone. Your fate can be changed with every action and decision you will take. The future is not certain, it can be changed with the course you yourself, will take. My fortune telling can give you a glimpse of what\'s to come. The final outcome will always depend on what you will do with this information."

William and I nodded after listening to what Anna explained.

"So what you mean is, whatever you will tell us today, it will be up to us on how to interpret the reading?" I asked and Anna nodded in agreement.

"I can only read what I can see in your fates, interpretting them will be up to you." Anna replied. "So who wants to be first?"

William looked at me and smiled. "You can go first."

I nodded in agreement. "Okay."

"Lili, put both of your hands on the crystal." Anna said.

I look at the glowing crystal in front of me. I slowly placed my hands on it and felt the rough and pointy edges.

"It\'s warm." I murmured. While touching the crystal, I have the sense of warmth and coziness. As if I am back at home, feeling safe and sound.

Anna placed her hand on top of mine. "Okay Lili, now close your eyes and relax."

I do as Anna told me. I closed my eyes and try to feel relaxed. I made my breathing even and my heart beat was at the right rythm.

As my eyes are closed, I can only see darkness. But then there was some kind of light, like a lone star twinkling in the blackness of the sky. The start has a white warm color.

"Lili, can you see that star?" I hear Anna ask.

"Yes." I replied.

"That star represents you." Anna said.

"That\'s me?" I said out of curiosity. Then the light started to get brighter and brighter. Many twinkling stars started to appeat around my star.

"The stars that are appearing now represents the people around you." Anna explained. "They are the people that in your life that will affect your decisions. And vice versa, your decsions will affect them."

I see the light of the others stars are dim, compared to the brightness of my star.

"Can I interpret the other star\'s brightness as to how that person will affect me in the future?" I asked.

"In some ways, yes." Anna said. "The brighter the other star is, the bigger his or her role in your life will be."

Then out of the other dim stars, four stars started to shine brightly. Those stars are revolving around my own star. Their colors are blue, yellow, red, and silver.

"Those four stars around me, they have big roles in my life?" I asked.

"As I can see, those four will have a huge impact in your life." Anna replied.

I look at the stars dancing around my star. It was like they all have a pattern while revolving around mine. I looked closer and the blue star was the most closest to mine.

\'Leon?\' I do not know why, but my mind just registered that the blue star is him.