The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 112 Fortune Teller

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They are human traffickers, not doubt.\' I thought.

I looked around, thinking of getting help when I noticed I have strayed a little far from the plaza. There were no people around, and the stalls were some meters away.

The little girl behind me gripped the skirt of my dress tightly, visibly frightened. Holding the little girl, I take a few steps back slowly.

The brawny men were looking at us with wicked stares. Their kind disgusts me to the core. They took steps towards us stalkingly.

\'Good thing I had concealed a knife in my dress.\' I thought.

With these two men, I am confident that I can win this fight with some use of my self defense and magic skills.

I slowly put my hand inside my dress\' pocket and found the hilt of my knife. I gripped on it hard, calculating what moves will I do once the two men attack us.

"That\'s as far as you go." I hear a familiar voice. Then out of the blue, William was in front of us. Shielding us from the men in front.

"And who might you be?" The big man asked menacingly.

"Are you a knight and shining armor, ready to save the damsel in distress? Hihihi." The skinny guy asked and laughed wickedly.

"As a matter of fact, I am." William said with a voice ice cold that can freeze anyone that heard.

The two brawny men stopped in their tracks when they saw William brandish his sword. Each knight has a brand in their sword\'s hilt, making their identy known.

"Tch. Let\'s back out for now." The skinny guy said. "We\'re not prepared to fight head on with an armed knight."

The big guy nodded in agreement. The two men backed away in a dark alley.

Once they were out of sight, I inhaled and sighed in relief.

"What were you thinking?!" William scolded me right away. "Didn\'t I tell you to wait for me? Why did you leave? I wasn\'t that long and when I got back, you weren\'t there. Did you know how worried I was? My God, if something happened to you, I can\'t forgive myself. I was the one that left you. I should have taken you with me in the first place. This is all my fault. What was I thinking leaving you alone?"

I was hanging my head down low. I know that I was the one at fault. I have taken all of William\'s scolding and put it to heart.

"I am sorry." I said apologetically. "It\'s not

your fault, it was mine. So please, don\'t put the blame on yourself. I was the one who was careless."

I held my head down, still expecting some scolding from William. But he was silent for a while, then I heard him sigh deeply.

"Okay, I forgive you. But please don\'t do that again." William said with a warm tone. I looked up and his face was carved with worry.

"I\'m sorry." I said once again.

"It\'s okay." William patted my head." But why did you leave the spot where I said for you to wait for me?"

Then I remembered the little girl behind me. She was still gripping my skirt.

"Oh, it\'s because of this little one." I said. "She seems to be lost. Those two guys seemed like bad people and wanted to take her away. I can\'t just look away without doing anything."

William looked at the little girl who was peeking behind me.

"It is good to have helped. But I hope you think of your safety first. You should have called me for help." William said.

\'But I was afraid it would be too late if I called you. I am afraid those guys would have taken this little girl when we got back.\' I thought but I didn\'t say it out loud. I don\'t want to argue with William. I know I was the one at fault. And he doesn\'t know about my abilities.

"I know Will. Please don\'t be mad. I promise next time, I will definitely call for you." I said with my head held down.

The little girl behind me was peeking.

"Please don\'t be mad with big sister." The little girl said. "She was just helping me."

Her sweet voice sounded so cute.

"Don\'t worry, I\'m not mad." William smiled warmly to the little girl. "What\'s your name?"

"C-Cecilia." The little girl that was hiding behind me blushed shyly.

"Cecilia, what a beautiful name." I said.

"Are you lost?" William asked and Cecilia nodded cutely.

"Were you with your parents? Do you know where you last saw them?" William kneeled down and asked gently.

"Mommy and I were at the plaza. I was playing around when I saw a butterfly and started to chase after it. But I got lost after." Cecilia explained.

"Hmm I undertstand." William said. "Then let\'s go back to the plaza. Maybe your mommy is searching for you there."

William extended his arm to Cecilia. She hesitated a bit, looking pretty shy. But then she put her little hands on William\'s big sturdy hands.

"Then let\'s go little miss." William smiled and pulled Cecilia up and carried her on his shoulders.

"Whoa, careful." I said in surprise.

Cecila held to William\'s head for support.

"With you up there, you can find your mommy." William explained. Cecilia nodded in fascination.

William and I walked towards the plaza side by side, with Cecilia sitting on William\'s shoulders. Once we got to a crowded area, people were gazing at us.

"What a cute little family." I heard someone from the crowd say.

"They are both good looking, no wonder the child is pretty."

"They look good together."

I felt awkward with the misunderstandings of the people around us.

"Um Will, why don\'t we go to the fountain." I suggested. "It is a well known spot. Maybe Cecilia\'s mother will look there."

"Good idea." William replied. He grabbed my hand gently and walked towards the fountain area.

Once there, we looked around. There was plenty of people. If we can\'t find Cecilia\'s mother in this crowd, we would have to take her to the authorities and have a notice for a lost child.

"Oh there, there." Cecilia who was still in William\'s shoulders, pointed at the crowd excitedly. "Mommy, mommy!"

"Cecilia!" A woman was waving at us. She walked towards us.

William put Cecilia down gently. The woman opened her arms and Cecilia ran towards her embrace.

"Oh my, Cecilia." The woman was crying. "Thank God you are safe."

"Mommy, mommy, big sister and brother saved me from the bad men." Cecilia said with a cute voice.

Cecilia\'s mother looked at us and bowed half her body. "Thank you, thank you so much for finding my daughter and keeping her safe."

"No need to thank us." I said sincerely. "I can\'t just stand by and do nothing when she was in danger."

"Then at least let me repay you for your kindness." Cecilia\'s mother insisted.

"Really no need ma\'am." I said.

"Then let me at least read your fortune for free." Cecilia\'s mother said.

"Oh, you are a fortune teller?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, my stall is just around there." Cecilia\'s mother pointed.

I was a little skeptical, but I wanted to try.

‘Maybe she is an Atlantian?\' I thought. If so then at least I wanted to know her and try out her fortune telling.