The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 111 Downtown Plaza

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When William and I reached the downtown of the capital, it was more lively.

We arrive at the plaza in downtown. It was a big area in a circular shape. A big fountain was found at the center. Many stalls are gathered here today.

We look around many stalls and my eyes were caught in a stall that sells pretty accessories.

"You want to take a look?" William asked with a smiling face.

"Yes, please." I replied.

William who was still holding my hand, guided me in the pool of people. We reach the stall with pretty accessories.

"Welcome, dear customers." It was an old lady that was selling the items. "There are many fine crafts here in my stall. I am sure you will like them." She said.

"Oh, then can I have a look?" I said.

The accessories are mainly for women. But there are some for men as well, such as cufflinks and tie clips.

I look at a pretty hair clip with small sapphire gems in the group of ribbons and hair clips at one side. I instantly thought of Regaleon\'s blue eyes.

"Oh missy, do you like this hair clip?" The old lady asked then looked at William who was beside me. "I am sure this will look good on your beloved, why not buy it for her?"

"Wha...N-No, no." I denied what the old lady had just said. "Will and I are not a couple." I felt embarrassed instantly.

"Oh-ho, is that so?" The old lady laughed. "Well you need to pick up the pace young man. This young lady is very beautiful, she can be snatched from you if you do things slowly." The old lady teased.

\'Oh my gosh, this is bad.\' I thought. This is a topic I have been trying to avoid with William, and this old lady just blurted it out in one go.

I looked carefully at William, and he was wearing a sad smile. My heart ached for him. I cannot answer his affections for me.

"How much is the hair clip?" William asked.

"No, Will. No need to buy it for me." I said.

"This hair clip is a little expensive. It is worth five silver coins young man." The old lady replied.

William got his pouch from his pocket and took five silver coins. He gave it to the old lady.

The old lady then handed the hair clip to William. Carefully, he place the hair clip on my exposed hair.

"It looks good on you." William said with a smile.

"T-Thanks. But really, you didn\'t have to get me this clip." I said feeling guilty.

"I insist." William said. And so I just accepted it as a gift from him.

"How much is this?" I took a simple silver chain bracelet.

"That would be three silver coins." The old lady replied.

"I will buy it then." I replied and took three silver coins from my pocket and gave it to the old lady.

The old lady gave the silver bracelet to me. "Thank you very much, dear customers." She seems very pleased with her transactions.

"Hand me the hilt of your sword." I told William.

Willim looked at me puzzled but still did what I asked. At the hilt of his sword, I carefully encircle the silver chain bracelet around and locked it in place.

"There," I said proudly with my work. "We are now even. This may not be as expensive as the hair clip, but this will symbolize our relationship as master and knight. This will symbolize the bond between us."

William who was looking at me in surprise turned to me and smiled gently.

"Thank you. I will cherish this for the rest of my life." William said. I smiled back at him as a reply.

We resumed our walk and looking around the plaza. I smelled something sweet and tasty. My steps was drawn to the sweet smell.

"Wow, cream puffs." I exclaimed in excitement.

"You like cream puffs?" William asked.

"Yes I love them." I replied.

When Regaleon was still my knight Leon, he brought me some cream puffs after his trip from the capital. And I fell in love with this sweets.

"Then let\'s buy some." William said and I nodded in agreement.

"Okay, wait here while I buy some." William said.

I picked a spot under the shade of the tree and stood there to wait for William to come back. Then I heard a child crying. When I looked around there was a five or six year old littl girl.

\'Maybe she was separated from her mother and got lost.\' I thought.

Then two brawny looking men came near the little girl.

"Are you lost little girl?" The bigger man asked.

The little girl looked up and got frightened. No wonder, the big guy really looked frightening from a child\'s perspective.

"Don\'t be afraid, we will get you to you mommy." The skinny other man said.

\'I don\'t like the look of those two men.\' I thought to myself.

My instinct says that they will do something bad.

"Come with us." The big man pulled the little girl\'s hand and dragged her away.

"No, let me go." The little girl said with fright. "Mommy said not to go with strangers." She waw trying to get away from the big man\'s grip.

"We are no strangers. We will take you to your mommy." The skinny one replied.

I didn\'t like what I was seeing so I stepped in instantly. I quickly pulled the little girl back.

"She said she doesn\'t want to go with you." I said to the two brawny men. The little girl looked back at me and felt a little relieved. She ran behind me and hid behind my skirt.

"And who might you be?" The big man asked.

"I am a friend of her mother." I lied instantly. "I will be the one taking her back."

"Oh is that so?" The big man said sarcastically.

"Hey wait." The skinny guy said. "That little missy seems of high value. Why not let\'s take those two with us." The look on the skinny man disgusted me.

\'They are human traffickers, not doubt.\' I thought.

I looked around, thinking of getting help when I noticed I have strayed a little far from the plaza. There were no people around, and the stalls were some meters away.