The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 110 First Day on the Job

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Regaleon can\'t keep me company for long. He was busy with the preparations of the grand parade in a few days.

"Why the sad face?" Regaleon caressed my cheeks with his slightly calloused fingers.

By this time, I am used to his hands. I know that his hands have callouses from training with weapons. I know he is adept in using a variety of weapons because of the training he has given me. But of all the weapons he has used, Regaleon specializes with the use of the sword the most.

"I just want to be with you a little longer." I answered his question.

"I know Lili, me too." Regaleon said, gently comforting me. "After this parade ends, we will be traveling back to my country. We will spend most of the time with each other."

I sighed sadly and nodded.

"I promise, I will come and visit you in your courtyard tonight. Let\'s have dinner together." Regaleon said and kissed my forehead.

"Hmm okay." I replied. I slowly encircle my arms around his waist and give him a hug.

Regaleon chuckled lightly. "I like this spoiled Lili." He hugged me back.

"I guess it\'s not bad to be spoiled a little." I giggled.

I let go of him after some time. I know I can\'t keep him from his responsibilities. When we go back to his country, I will make sure to do good in my studies and help him with his work.

"See you later." Regaleon said. "I miss you already."

"I miss you too." I repled with a smile.

Regaleon smiled brightly, the one I love so much. Then he pulled me gently to him and caught my lips with his. I close my eyes to relish in his sweet and smooth lips on mine.

When we parted, Regaleon looked at me with his sapphire blue eyes and smiled.

"I can\'t wait to marry you, Lili." Regaleon said.

"Me too Leon." I replied.

Regaleon was about to leave when he stopped after a few steps. I was curious on why he stopped and looked in front of him.

Just a few meters away, I can see Willaim. He was walking towards us with a smile. He was wearing a white knights unifrom, his sword on his side.

"Good morning your highness, prince Regaleon." William greeted. "Good morning princess Alicia." He gave us a warm smile.

"Good morning, sir William." Regaleon replied with a neutral voice.

"Good morning Will." I smiled back.

"I will be starting my job as the princess\' knight today." William said.

"Oh yes." I just remembered. "King father mentioned it. Then I will be in your care."

"It is my pleasure to be of service to you, princess Alicia." William smiled.

"Thank you sir William." Regaleon said. He was still wearing his neutral face. "Then I will be leaving my fiancee in your care."

"Of course your higness." William slightly bowed.

Regaleon have one final look at him. "Wait for me later, Lili." He said before leaving.

William and I were left alone when Regaleon left.

"So, what do you want to do?" William became casual towards me once Regaleon left.

I looked at William knowingly. He has been my first friend afterall, I don\'t want our friendship to be tarnished.

William looked at me as he has done before, with a warm and comfortable feeling. I smiled at him, knowing that he was still my best friend, Will.

"I heard that the capital is holding a festival until the event of the parade." I said. "Would you accompany me to look around?"

"Of course, it\'s my duty after all." William smiled. "But I think we need to dress you down a bit."

I looked at him, not getting what he meant.

"You are the most famous third princess of Alvannia afterall." William teased. "The commoners will flock around you if they see you walking around the streets."

I give Willim a knowing smile. He was right, I can\'t stroll on the streets of the capital like before. If the commoners see me, they might try to congratulate me and such. With many people, of course my safety won\'t be guaranteed.

"Then I need to change, I guess." I agreed with William.


William and I are now walkng the streets of the capital. I was wearing an ordinary light brown commoner\'s dress, and with a scarf on my head to conceal my platinum blonde hair.

William on the other hand was wearing a simple gray commoner\'s attire as well. His sword was still by his waist.

Th streets were busy. Diffetent kinds of decorations are hanging all around, vendors are seen on the side walks. There were many people out on the streets either looking around or buying stuff.

"What would you like to see first?" William asked me.

"Let\'s look at the stalls." I said.

William and I walked towards the stalls at one corner of the side walk. Many kinds of things are being sold such as accessories, food, and clothing.

I was looking around leisurely, not searching for anything particular.

"This brings back memories." William said.

"You\'re right." I looked at him and smiled. "You, Richard and I used to take strolls here in the capital."

\'But the one I was with when there was a festival like this here in the capital, was Leon.\' I thought. ‘How I wish he was here.\' I sighed.

We were walking towards the business district of the capital, and the people out in the streets are getting many. It was getting crowded and getting lost would be easy.

I was just thinking about getting lost when I felt a hand hold mine. When I look up, it was William who held my hand.

"If it is okay, can I hold your hand?" William asked. "It is getting a little crowded. I don\'t want you getting lost."

Thinking about William\'s words, he has a point. And so I nodded. He replied at me with a smile.

And so William and I walked the streets hand in hand. I just felt a little awkward. This was the first time in a while since I have held William\'s hand again. I felt a little guilty and uneasy inside.