The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 11 Starting a new day 2

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"I\'m so sorry." I cover my face with my hands. "What has gotten to me today? This isn\'t how a princess should be."

"Hahaha I am happy that you feel at ease with me princess." Leon burst out laughing. He held my hands that was covering my face and pulled it down. He was looking at me directly. "I would be really happy to get to know the real you rather than the third princess of Alvannia."

He was looking at me straight thru my eyes. His brown eyes was focused on me. I can see the honesty in them. My heart started to thump hard inside my chest.

\'What is this I\'m feeling?\' I asked myself. \'Why is my heart thumping so loud and fast?\'

I can feel the warmth of his hands on mine. I kind of love the feeling but then I felt embarrassed. I pulled my hand out from his.

"T-Then it\'s okay to call me by my name when no ones around." I said. I averted my gaze from him feeling shy.

"Then call me Leon." Leon said. He gently grabbed my hand and planted a kiss on it\'s back. I blushed even further.

"U-umm I\'m hungry. I\'m going inside to eat. How about you?" I tried to change the topic.

"I have eaten my breakfast already. I will accompany you inside." Leon said with a smile.

"N-no need." I still feel embarrassed. "I mean I can eat fast."

"It is my job to stay beside you Alicia." Leon said. Hearing him call me by my name made me blush even more. "And after you have finished we would start some lessons in history and math. Later this afternoon we would have horseback riding lessons."

"You\'ll be the one to teach me how to ride a horse?" I instantly felt happy.

"Hahaha, you look so cute." Leond said. "Yes, of course I\'ll be the one to teach you. Better be prepared I\'m a strict tutor." He pressed my cheeks.

"Aww." I flinched.

"Come, let\'s get some food in your slender body. You\'re so thin like you would be blown away by the wind so easily." Leon said while walking away. "I want my woman to be a little plump."

"I beg your pardon?" I didn\'t hear his last sentence. Just a few strides and he was a distance away from me. I jogged to catch him.

Leon suddenly turned around. "You need some fats in you." Then he flicked my forehead. "I\'m sure you would be more beatiful if you have some curves."

"Are you saying I\'m too thin and ugly? Hmph." I pouted my lips irritated.

This is the first time I feel irritated by someone saying negative things about me. I am used to the servants gossiping not so good about me and also my stepsisters. But coming from Leon I really feel I don\'t want him to see me ugly.

"I didn\'t say your ugly." Leon pinched my cheeks. "I just said you would look more beautiful with some curves."

"Aww, aww." I can feel a sting on his pinching.

"Now come here. Sit and eat." Leon pulled the chair for me.

I looked at him carefully. He was still wearing that cheerful smile. I can\'t help but smile as well. I know he was teasing me but I felt I like it.

I sit on the chair and started to eat. What I didn\'t notice was Leon staring at me with such affectionate eyes.