The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 108 An Unexpected Visitor

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The palace was busy even after the engagement party. The parade on the streets of the capital is yet to be prepared, and so the busy preparations are being made.

The engagement of the crown prince of Grandcrest and the third princess of Alvannia is a joyous news. Such news are starting to circulate in the commoners\' world, and so this parade will give them the confirmation of the future of the two countries.

While people on the palace are busy with such preparations, a group of people in horse back came. They look liked they were knights, and they were surrounding and guarding a grand looking carriage.

They stopped right in front of the closed gates of the palace.

"Halt!" A guard exclaimed. "What is your business here? You cannot go inside the palace uninvited."

A knight moved his horse near the guard that stopped them and gave them an envelope. The guard read the contensts and was surprised.

"I am sorry for the disrespect." The guard kneeled down. "Quickly, open the gates. And infrom his majesty of the guest that arrived."

"Thank you." The knight in horse back nodded in respect and resumed his post, guarding the carriage.


"Your majesty, a visitor has come to request an audience with you." An attendant to the king said.

"A visitor?" The king was curious. "Who?"

"It is the crown prince of Jennova." The attendant replied. "Prince Gladiolus."

"Crown prince Gladiolus?" The king was surprised. "Hurry, let him in."

The attendant bowed his head and exited the king\'s office.

‘Why is the crown prince of Jennova here?\' The king thought.

These past few years, the king of Alvannia has been building relation with the country of Jennova. The other country always sends emissaries with their negotiations and vise versa. This would be the first time someone from the royal family of Jennova came to see him.

Not long the door opened. The attendant ushered the guest inside.

"Your majesty, crown prince Gladiolus is here." The attendant addressed. He bowed and left.

From outside a young man came in. The king was surprised with his features. The crown prince of Jennova has a well built body, excellent for a young man like him. But what the king was surprised was his platinum blonde hair and silver eyes.

"Very similiar, so similar." The king whispered to himself.

This young man has the same facial features of his second wife Leticia and his third daughter Alicia.

"Greetings your majesty, king Edward of Alvannia." The crown prince of Jennova nod his head respectfully. "I am Gladiolus Ascoff Sinclair, the crown prince of Jennova."

The king snapped back from his daze. "Ah yes, welcome to Alvannia, prince Gladiolus. Please seat down."

"I am sorry for the sudden visit here in your palace. Especially in such a time." Prince Gladiolus took a seat. "It looks like the capital is very busy with an event."

"Oh yes, haha." The king replied. "It is in preparation for the parade to commemorate the engagement between crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest and my daughter, third princess of Alvannia, Alicia."

"I see." Prince Gladiolus replied.

There was a moment of silence.

"Ah, what can I do for you, prince Gladiolus?" King Edward asked curiously.

Prince Gladiolus looked at the king with seriousness.

"I have come here with the same intention as the crown prince of Grandcrest came here for." Prince Gladiolus said. "I came here to ask for the bride you have promised our country of Jennova."

King Edward was taken by surprise. Yes, it is true that he has offered marriage with the crown prince of Jennova, to seek strong foundations with their country. But his first plans was shattered with the incedent at the night of the engagment party.

The king\'s plans were to marry off his eldest daugther Veronica, as a politcal marrige of alliance between Alvannia and Jennova.

"Ahh, yes yes. I have offered a political marriage to your country for the sake of alliance between us." The king said. "I was just surprised that you have come without any notice."

"It was my fault in not informing you of my arrival, I deeply apologize." Prince Gladiolus said. "It is just that I am always outside our palace on missions, so I haven\'t had the time to go back to send a formal letter here. And because I was near Alvannian borders, I just had the urged to come by and visit."

"I see." The king cannot retort with the reasoning of this prince.

"I am also twenty years old now." The prince continued. "I am of marrying age. I would like to take my bride to our country and marry her as soon as possible."

"You are going to take her back now?!" The king was surprised. This was going a bit faster than expected.

"Well, not today." Prince Gladiolus replied. "I will be staying here for a while, I guess. Your capital is rather festive these coming days. I also want to stay and relax, enjoy the festivities. I am planning to see the grand parade of the crown prince of Grandcrest."

"I-I see." The king sighed in relief. At least he still has a few days to find a solution for this dilemma. "Then I will order my attendants to prepare living qaurters for you here in the palace, while you are staying here in the capital."

"Thank you, your majesty." Prince Gladiolus nodded resepctfully again.

King Edward had a good impression with this crown prince of Jennova. At least he gives him respect, unlike that brat Regaleon.

"I hope you enjoy your stay here, prince Gladiolus." King Edward said.

"I will be sure to enjoy my stay, King Edward." Prince Gladiolus smiled.


(Alicia\'s POV)

After my breakfast I decided to take a stroll at the royal garden. Regaleon was busy again, preparing for the parade that will be held a few days from now.

For the eveing party, I was the one who was busy organizing. For the parade, it was Regaleon\'s responsibility. Therefore, I have some leisure time to relax.

"Princess, I heard that the crown prince of Jennova arrived a while ago for a surprise visit." Tricia who was walking behind me said. "The palace maids that saw him said he was the most handsome man they have ever seen. They said he looks like an angel, sent from the heavens above."

I giggled. "An angel, really?" I said sarcastically. "Is that why you asked me if I want to walk here at the royal garden, near my father\'s office?"

Tricia shyly blushed. She was caught red handed. "I-I thought maybe you would like to also see what he looks like."

"Is it me that wants to see or you?" I turned around to look at Tricia to tease her more.

"I-It\'s not like that princess." Tricia was shaking her hands in denial. "Well I just tought..." Then she got blank all of a sudden.

Tricia\'s eyes went past behind me. She had a dreamy stare in front of me. That was when I felt a presence behind me. I turned around to see who it was.

When I turned around I saw a young man, dressed finely in white and gold. His hair was flowing with the wind, the rays of the sun reflected on his silver strands. His eyes were shining silver orbs. I was stunned speechless, standing before this young man.

"Good morning." The young man beam with a smile. "You must be third princess Alicia."

I snap back from my daze. "Ah yes, I am Alicia Roselyn Von Heist." I gave a cursty. "May I know who the young gentleman is?"

"I am sorry for not introducing myself first." The young man said. "I am Gladiolus Ascoff Sinclair, crown prince of Jennova."

‘So he is the crown prince of Jennova.\' I thought. ‘But those features, could it be that he...\'

"It is a pleasure to meet you princess Alicia, in person." Prince Gladiolus said. "The rumors were true, that your beauty is exceptional. Second to none."

Prince Gladiolus bowed down in front of me. He took my right hand and kissed it\'s back. I was stunned with his sudden gesture.