The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 107 Consequences 2

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That slut! She is already dead but you still can\'t forget her." The queen shouted in anger. "I have already killed her and she still occupies your heart. Then I will make her daughter pay for this!"


The king wasn\'t able to contain his anger anymore. The queen held on to her cheek that was starting to get red and swollen. She looked at her husband, wide eyed in disbelief.

"You have done many things against my loved ones for far too long. I have tolerated you in the past. But it ends now." The king looked at his wife with contempt.

They have been married for many years now. Their relationship has always been codrial, mutual respect for one another. The king had kept a blind eye with the bullying the queen had done to Alicia. But taking his daughter\'s life was far out of line.

"How dare you?" The queen hissed in anger.

"I have tolerated your bullying Alicia since the beginning. I thought you will at least let her live, if I don\'t give her importance. But I was so wrong." The king sighed heavily. If he knew that the queen would still target Alicia\'s life, then he should have showered her with love and affection since the beginning.

"Hahaha." The queen laughed wickedly. "Your bastard of a daughter looks so much like that slut. The anger inside of me never left with that slut\'s death. Your daughter has always been a thorn in my eyes. It\'s better for your bastard to accompany her slut mother."

The king was fuming with anger once more.

\'SLAP\' another slap was given to the other cheek of the queen.

"I will never let you lay a hand on my daughter!" The king roared. "She is the daughter that Leticia left. I have regretted greatly, that I wasn\'t able to give her the love I have for her, before she goes to marry to another country."

"I won\'t let her, she won\'t make it out of this country alive!" The queen said with an equal rage.

The king looked at his wife with such contempt. How could he be so blind to marry her just for the sake of getting the throne?

\'Oh Leticia, how ever would you forgive me?\' The king deeply regretted his decision when he was younger.

"GUARDS!" The king shouted.

Not long, royal guards swarm inside the king\'s office. They surrounded the king and queen. The queen looked around with fear in her eyes.

"What are you doing?" The queen asked.

"Seize the queen immediately." The king ordered. "She is charged with the attempted assasination of the third princess Alicia and the murder of my second wife, royal consort Leticia."

"What?! Second wife, royal consort?!" The queen was shocked.

The guards quickly restrained the queen on both sides.

"You can\'t do this to me, let me go!" The queen was shouting in rage. "I am the queen of this country. You can\'t do this to me!"

The guards payed no heed to the queen\'s words. They just proceed as their king ordered to.

"Your allegations againsts me is irrelevant. Your mistress is nothing but a maid, a slave! I am the queen, I have power above commoners." The queen reasoned out.

"I have a secret that I wish to tell you." The king looked at the queen seriously. "After you have banished Leticia out of the palace, I have secretly and legally married her in holy matrimony. Making her my legal royal consort. You are charged, not by the murder of a commoner, but by the murder of the king\'s royal concubine. Even if you are a queen, you cannot ran away from the law."

"Impossible." The queen said with disbelief. "When the law was passed in court that the king can take in royal consorts, I have dealt with her."

"I have deliberately put on hold the news of the passing of the law by a few years." The king said. "When you heard of the news of the passing of the law, it has been passed years before. Hence, my marriage with Leticia was legal by the Alvannian law."

The queen was in disbelief. Her legs went limp and should have fallen down if the gurds weren\'t holding her.

"If you just have been good and just stayed in your bounderies, I could have let you off for the sake of our long time being married and you being the queen. But you never changed and even tried to harm Alicia once more." The king said with a distant voice. "Escort her to her courtyard. She will be on house arrest until her judgement has been made."

The guards escorted the queen out of the king\'s office.

The king was left alone inside his office. He looked outside the window, looking far away and deeply sighed.

"Leticia, if I just had the power I have now, you would still be here." The king said with sorrow in his voice.


At a big mansion, there was a woman in her mid thirties. She had long platinum blond hair and silver eyes.

She was sitting beside the window near the fireplace. The room was colored with amber, from the fire that was burning.

The woman was looking outside the window, snow was covering the land outside. She had a melancholic aura around her.

"Sister, don\'t sit near the window. It\'s freezing there, you could catch a cold." A woman that looks exactly like her came inside the room. The other woman has her platinum blonde hair tied into a bun, a crown was placed on top of her head.

The woman sitting by the window looked at her sister that came in, her face traced with sadness, her eyes were blank.

The other woman walked towards her sister sitting beside the window. She took off her fur coat and put it on her sister\'s shoulder.

"Do not worry sister, I will make them pay for what they have done to us." The woman with the bun said. "The ones that had hurt us, I will make them pay ten fold."

The woman sitting by he window doesn\'t have any reaction. She still blankly looked oustide the window, on the snow covered land.

"Do not worry too much, my dear sister. You will see her again, your daughter." The woman with a bun said.

The woman sitting had a small reaction after hearing the word ‘daughter\'.

"I will make sure of the reunion between the both of you. And with that, the power of our people." The woman with the bun smiled wickedley.