The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 106 Consequences 1

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"You look cute in white and pink. You look like a little lamb, very tasty for this hungry black wolf." Regaleon smiled mischievously.

Regaleon inched his face slowy towards mine ang caught my lips with his. He nibbled my lips gently, his tongue licking.

His arms encircled my small waist, his chest was sticking to mine. My body is starting to feel hot again, with such intimate actions.

\'Knock knock\'

"Your highness." Dimitri called from outside the door. "Your change of clothes are here."

Regaleon leaned his head on my shoulder and sighed lightly. I hear him chuckle.

"I guess our sweet moment will be cut short." Regaleon said with a smile.

I nodded and agreed with him, giggling.

"Oh, now your laughing at me." Regaleon pinched my nose softly. "Well wait until we get married. You will surely have sleepless nights ahead." He grind wolfishly.

I stopped giggling and blushed with what he just said.

Regaleon leaned on my ear. "I am looking forward to our future." A hint of teasing was carried in his words.

After that Regaleon changed his clothes quickly. We get back to the party hand in hand, as if nothing happened.


(At the King\'s office)

The engagement party lat night was a success. Starting today the royal family\'s of Alvannia and Grandcrest has ties together.

The king was sitting behind his desk with a serious face. His hands are clasped together on the desk, his forehead nestled on his hand. Anger was eteched on his face.

"Your majesty, the queen asks an audience with you." An attendant asked from outside the door.

The king sighed heavily. "Let her in."

The doors opened and the queen came in with a crying face.

"Your majesty." The queen wiped her tears with a handkerchief. "Please have mercy on your eldest daugther. She hasn\'t eaten since last night."

The king looked at the queen, he was reeling his anger in.

"My decision is final." The king said with a flat tone. "She will marry sir Bradford."

The queen walked towards the king and kneeld in front of him.

"Veronica doesn\'t love that knight." Don\'t force her in something she doesn\'t want." The queen begged with her tears.

The king scoffed. "Sir Bradford in an honorable knight and comes from a distinguished noble family. What more can she ask for a husband?"

"Your majesty, our daughter is still young. She is still enamored with the thoughts of love. She loves the crown prince of Grandrest." The queen reasoned. "Maybe we could do somethinn.."

Hearing the words coming from the queen\'s mouth made the king\'s anger flare out. "You are still going on withi this nonsense!"The king shouted. "Prince Regaleon himself saw what happened. Do you want to make such a fool out of me, the king? "

The queen backed a some distance aftwr seeing the king\'s rage. "Your majesty, I didn\'t mean..."

"Veronica was caught in the act making out with a man by prince Regaleon himself. Have you no face and still want to marry Veronica to him?" The king scolded. "You have spoiled your daughters far too long. Now that they are of age, they need to face the consequences of their actions."

"Husband please, at least talk to Veronica. Talk to our daughter." The queen was at the king\'s feet once more. "Just for the sake of our many years married."

The king looked the queen that was kneeling in front of him. He cannot tolerate this woman once again. This woman was the wife he married for the sake of obtaining the throne."

"For the sake of our many years married?" The king scoffed. "You have always used your family\'s backing and power to hold me tightly on a leash. Well not anymore."

The queen looked at her husband with shock and confusion. "What do you mean, husband?"

"I have tolerated you for this long because of your family\'s militray might and the usefulness in court." The king looked at the his wife with disdain in his eyes. "Now I have all the power that I need. These following days, you will see the changes in court."

The queen was taken back with her husband\'s words. "What do you mean, your majesty?"

The king looked at the queen with hatred in his eyes. He has tolerated this woman for quite so long now. At last he can be free of her.

"You have done so many things against me, Erica. And those things you have taken away from me, I won\'t ever forgive you." The king said with calmness.

The queen\'s face turned sour. This was the first time her husband has talked back against her. Anger was rising up inside of her.

"Are you talking about your mistress, that slit?!" The queen scoffed. "So you know that I was the one behind her illness and death. Well she deserved it. She was trying to steal what was mine."

"What was your?" The king asked. "I have given you the position of queen as what you have asked for. She was never a threat to your position."

"Of course she was never a threat. She can never have my position as queen, even with your help." The queen said with a sarcastic tone. "It was you she tries to steal away. She try to steal you away from me. She tried to break our harmonious family."

The king was shocked with the queen\'s words. "I was mever yours I the first place. Before we got marier, we had a deal. That I will make you queen once I get the power of the throne. I have already told you before that I can give you power but I cannot give you love."

The queen was displeased with the king\'s words. "I have always love you, since when we were young." The queen looked at her husband with sad eyes. "I have always long to be your wife. That is why I have sought help from father, to use his power and get you to make that deal. I only agreed to it at first. I thought that once we have been married, then the feelings can be cultivated and make root."

"You were never reflected in my eyes, Erica. All along, I only have one woman inside my heart." The king said with an apologetic face.

The queen\'s face turned sour. She has done everything to get the king\'s love. She has even made him king and sit on the throne that wasn\'t evn his in the first place.

"That slut! She is already dead but you still can\'t forget her." The queen shouted in anger. "I have already killed her and she still occupies your heart. Then I will make her daughter pay for this!"


The king wasn\'t able to contain his anger anymore.