The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 105 The Love Trap Gone Wrong

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"What is this?!" I hear a man shout. If I am not mistaken, this voice came from father.

Regaleon stopped kissing me after he heard father\'s words. He slowly eased up on top of me but still covered me with his body.

"Crown prince Regaleon?!" It was the voice of my step mother the queen.

\'So she is also here?\' I thought. ‘Well, this is interesting.\' I smiled.

Regaleon was protecting me from the gaze of the group of people that came inside. I was naked under him and that made me nervous. He took his coat from the floor and covered me up.

‘Luckily Regaleon\'s coat is big and long.\' I thought. It covered my naked body, but my feet were still exposed.

"Prince Regaleon, what is the meaning of this?" My father roared.

"I\'m sorry your majesty, I just can\'t resist your daughter\'s charm." Regaleon said.

I can hear a hint of teasing in his voice. I giggled lightly. Because I don\'t want to get caught giggling, I hold Regaleon\'s coat tightly.

"Sister, what did the crown prince do to you!" Elizabeth suddenly said.

\'The show is beginning now.\' I smiled.

Elizabeth pulled Regaleon\'s coat that was covering my face. I took a peek outside and saw the group of people who are present.

"Y-You! What are you doing here?!" Elizabeth asked dumbfounded. "Where is sister Veronica?!"

"What do you mean Elizabeth?" I asked confused. "This is my lounge room, correct? Then why are you surprised to see me?"

"Why are you looking for princessVeronica here?" Regaleon\'s voice was cold beyond negative zero.

King father looked at Regaleon and me and heave a sigh.

"Explain this prince Regaleon." King father looked at him seriously.

"Like I said, your majesty. I can\'t resist your daughter\'s charms." Regaleon smiled wickedly. "I can\'t see any problem with this. We are officially an engaged couple. Having some intimacy isn\'t bad between us."

Regaleon\'s piercing eyes fall unto Elizabeth. The girl shivered with fright.

"Your majesty, this is a little bit awkward, can you please leave first." Regaleon looked at me who was still naked underneath his coat.

"Hahaha, young people are hot blooded indeed." Prime minister Murdoc\'s laugh broke the tension around the room. "Your majesty, let\'s give them some space, the situation is embarrassing princess Alicia."

King father nodded in agreement.

"Let\'s give my fiancee some time to dress." Regaleon said cooly.

The group exited and left me behind to dress up. When the door was closed, I slowly stood up. I inserted my small body inside Regaleon\'s coat.

The coat I am wearing still has the lingering smell of Regaleon. I sniffed the long sleeves and smell his scent.

The sleeves were dangling in my arms. The coat was big compared to my small frame. Then I imagined Regaleon\'s broad back and chest. His strong muscular arms and six pack abs.

I felt embarrassed when I realized where my thoughts were headed. I quickly covered my face with my hands and shook my head.

"Oh my, Alicia. What were you thinking?" I scolded myself.

Regaleon and I had an intimate moment togther. And thinking that we were caught by the adults, maked me embarrassed even more.

"Let\'s stop thinking about that for now." I told myself. "I need to get dressed first."

As I recall, I have instructed Tricia to prepare me an extra dress in case of an emergency. And I was glad I planned such things in advance, because this was an emergency. Who would have thought than my beautiful gown would be stained tonight?

I see the dress cabinet in the corner of the room and walked towards it. I opened it and inside was the spare dress Tricia prepared for me.

It was a simple white gown with pink accent. It is not as beautiful as my mother\'s gown, but at least this can do.

"Well the evening isn\'t young anymore. The party will surely come into a conclusion soon." I said.

I took off Regaleon\'s coat and carefully put on the white gown.


I was all dressed up neatly now. I arranged my long platinum blonde hair into a sophisticated bun and out on my tiara.

Sad that the beautiful braids were undone when Regaleon and I made some naughty things. Just by remembering made me embarrassed.

"No!!!" I suddenly hear Veronica\'s shout from the other room. "I won\'t marry you. I wont marry anyone other than crown prince Regaleon!"

\'I wonder what was happening at the other room.\' I thought.

It\'s a pity I can\'t watch the show over there. But I am sure that Regaleon is putting those wicked step mother and sisters of mine in their place.

I sit down again on the couch, waiting eagerly for Regaleon to come back.

Not long after, the door opened and Regaleon entered followed by Dimitri.

I stood up and walked towards Regaleon, eager to know what happened. He opened his arms, ready to take me into his embrace.

"Leon." I throw myself into his embrace. I can smell his familiar scent.

"Missed me already?" Regaleon chuckled. He kissed my head that was neslted on his broad chest.

"So, what happened?" I asked Regaleon.

"Your plan was played successfully." Regaleon replied approvingly. "Veronica is to be wed to sir Bradford as soon as possible."

I smiled knowing that my plan was a success.

"I just think that they deserved a much harsher punishment." Regaleon said.

"You think so?" I asked. "Well I think that having Veronica\'s dreams shattered was a huge blow to her."

I am sure Regaleon was thinking harsh punishments in the physical aspect. But the plan that I have thought of was more at the emotional side.

"Well an emotional scar is much more harder to heal rather than physical ones." Regaleon said. "As I thought, my future wife is also cunning."

"A best fit of a wife for a devlish crown prince." I giggled.

"Yes, no other woman can stand beside me other than you." Regaleon said with a smile.

"Ahem." I hear Dimitri coughed. I forgot that he was also hear with us in the room. I felt embarrassed instantly.

"Your highness, I believe you and the princess need to show yourselves right before the party ends." Dimitri said while trying to avoid looking at our romantic actions.

"Oh yes. I nearly forgot we are at a party." Regaleon chuckled. "Get me a change of clothes."

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed and left the room.

Now that we were alone again, I felt a little shy. I just remembered the intimate things we have done.

"How cute, my futue wife is getting shy again." Regaleon teased.

I was still in Regaleon\'s embrace. He cupped my chin and tilted my head to look at him.

"You look cute in white and pink. You look like a little lamb, very tasty for this hungry black wolf." Regaleon smiled mischievously.