The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 104 The Aphrodisiac’s Effects 3

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WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

"Alicia, you taste so sweet." I hear Regaleon say while his lips was on my skin.

"Hmm~Leon..." The sensation of Regaleon\'s lips on my skin ignited my body even more. The path that his lips left felt hot.

Slowly Regaleon pulled open my thighs, exposing my secret area down below.

"Hyah~" I was shocked with the sudden invasion of Regaleon\'s lips, skimming my inner thighs.

"No...that\'\'s not clean." My embarrassment was evident in my voice.

But Regaleon did not heed my words and still moved forward with his lips.

"Ahhh~hmmm..." I can feel the sensation of his lips teasing my inner thighs. I don\'t know why but it feels so good.

"Do you feel good?" Regaleon asked in between his actions.

"Y~Ye...ahhh." I was about to say yes to his question when something wet entered my secret area.

The sensation bursted thru out my body, I can\'t understand what I am feeling. This was the first time I am feeling something like this.

I just realized that it was Regaleon\'s tongue that invaded my sensitive spot. I can hear wet erotice sounds coming from down there.

"Hmmm...Ahhh~L-Leon." I was holding the couch tightly. The sensation was building up inside of me.

"L-Leon...haah~~hmmm...I~I feel weird." I said. My body was feeling sensations I never felt before. Something was building up inside me , I can\'t explain what it was.

When Regaleon heard my words, he inserted his tongue even deeper. He licked my insides and the juices were overflowing. The sounds coming from down there were even more erotic than earlier.

"N-No...ahhh...if you do that~hmmm..." I can\'t control my body any longer. "Ahhh...Leon!"

I screamed his name while my body convulsed under him. My body released such pleasure I never felt before.

\'So this is orgasam?\' I thought.

I have only read such things in books. The pleasure of a human\'s body once they satisfy their carnal desires. To think that it was this good. No wonder people like doing such erotic things.

"Did you cum?" Regaleon asked while wiping his mouth. His gestured made me embarrassed. To think he did something like that with his mouth. I nodded my head feeling shy.

"That\'s good. That was your first orgasm and I was the one that made you satisfied." Regaleon had a satisfied grin on his face.

Regaleon slowly closed my legs, this made me look at him in confusion.

"Aren\'t we...doing it?" I was shy to ask but I was confused by Regaleon\'s actions.

Regaleon took of his silver mask and I saw his handsome face. My heart thumped loudly whe his eyes looked at me with such affection mixed with lust.

"I can relieve my self without penetrating inside of you." Regaleon said and smiled. "I still want your chastity to be intact before our wedding. It was afterall, my promise to your father."

I looked at his beautiful sapphire blue eyes. I understood what he meant. He will still uphold his promise to father and will only penetrate me after our marriage. He still respects me and my father.

"My Lili, you are so beautiful." Regaleon said with such affection. Looking at his face without the mask was a privilege. I can see his every reaction.

"You are handsome as well, Leon." I replied to his compliment. He gave me his bright smile once again. My heart swelled up with happiness.

"Ohhh...Lili..." Regaleon slolwly eased his hard rod in between my thighs near my sensitive area. He moaned with such pleasure.

Slowly he was moving, in and out, inbetween my thighs. His hot hard rod was rubbinng along the lips of my sex.

"Hmmm~~ahhh..." I was moaning with the sensation that I am feeling. His rod that was rubbing my sensitive area is giving me such pleasure.

Regaleon\'s slow thrust inbetween my thighs were picking up speed every second. Both of us are at the peak of our pleasure. I look at his face and see him with such an erotic expression. This made me happy, happy that he was craving for me.

" Lili." Regaleon said, breathing heavily. "I\'m coming."

"Hmm...m~me too...hmmm...ahhh." I was at my climax.

"Lili....ahhhh.." Regaleon came. Hot fluid came out if his rod and flew on top of my stomach.

"Ahhhh..." I also came with him, my body convulsing with pleasure.

The both of us were panting, catching our breaths. Regaleon gently leaned down on top of me.

"Lili, my Lili." Regaleon whispered in my ear. He licked my earlobe that made me ticklish.

"Haha." I giggled with the sensation of his tongue.

"I love you, my Lili." Regaleon ssid with such a sweet voice. He looked at me with affection and love.

"And I love you too." I replied to him with equal affection of my own.

We may not have done the deed, but I feel much closer to Regaleon than ever before. This actions are done by lovers only.

\'We have progressed by another level.\' I thought. And in the future we will be experiencing even more.

Regaleon picked up his silver mask, lying on the floor and placed it on his face again. I sighed sadly because I still wanted to look at his handsome facial features.

Sensing my sad smile, Regaleon inched his face towards me and planted his lips onto mine. The kiss this time was gentle and serene. The fire of our passion a while ago has lowered down, and the sweetness was left lingering.

Then I heard the door opened and the lights were turned on. I never realized when Regaleon turned off the lights.

Foot steps were coming towards us but Regaleon didn\'t ease up on our kiss. And so I just followed his actions.

"What is this?!" I hear a man shout. If I am not mistaken, this voice came from father.

Regaleon stopped kissing me after he heard father\'s words. He slowly eased up on top of me but still covered me with his body.

"Crown prince Regaleon?!" It was the voice of my step mother the queen.

\'So she is also here?\' I thought. ‘Well, this is interesting.\' I smiled.

Regaleon was protecting me from the gaze of the group of people that came inside. I was naked under him and that made me nervous. He took his coat from the floor and covered me up. ‘Luckily Regaleon\'s coat his big and long.\'