The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 103 The Aphrodisiac’s Effects 2

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WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

"My beautiful Lili." Regaleon said with such sweetness. He lifted me up and laid me in the couch gently.

After I was laid down the couch, I see Regaleon taking off his cloak and vest. He slowly undo the buttons of his white long sleeves under shirt.

Once the buttons were undone, I saw his broad chest. I unconciously lift my hands and feel his wide chest. His skin was hot, ‘It was the effects of the aphrodisiac\' I thought.

While exploring his broad chest, I felt some rough and uneven sides on his skin. Upon looking there were visible scars in his fair skin.

"Don\'t look at it." Regaleon said sadly. "It\'s ugly."

I look at his face that gave a sad smile to me. My heart ached just imagining how he got these scars.

‘He must have gone thru a lot when he was young\' I thought. I just heard that the fight for the throne in Grandcrest was really brutal. Even killing ones family, just to get the throne, was the norm.

I shook my head. "This is a part of you. I whole heartily accept everything about you. Not just the fame of royalty. I am ready to accept all the hardships as well." I was firm with my word.

Regaleon smiled at me after he heard my words. It was his smile that I so much love. My heart throbed for this man.

I leaned close to Regaleon\'s chest and started to kiss the scars. One by one I plant a kiss on them, showing to him that I was not disgusted.

"Hmmm." Regaleon moaned lowly.

This gave me the courage of being bolder. I took my tongue out and started to lick the scars in his chest.

"Ahhh... Alicia." I can hear the sensation in Regaleon\'s voice.

‘I can make him feel this way\' I was pleased internally. The courage inside me swelled up and I tried to do much bolder things.

I slowly put my hands down his waist, caressing his skin along the way. I can feel him wiggle with my touch.

"Haha." I giggled lightly. "Your ticklish here?" I asked him.

"That is one of my secrets." Regaleon chuckled.

"I wonder, what other secrets do you have." I joked.

My hands explored down his waist to his pants. Slowly I hovered my hand over his sensitive area between his legs.

I was still nervous but looking at Regaleon\'s reactions to my touch, I have additional courage. I slowly touched his senitive part. Slowly and gently I squeezed it.

‘It\'s already hard\' I thought.

I have also studied a human\'s body in one of my classes. I have also studied the sexual intercourse between the opposite sex. But all of that were in books and for educational purposes. Doing it personally made me nervous.

"Ahhh...hmmm." Regaleon was moaning with my touch.

This gave me courage again and slowly unbuttoned his pants and zipper. I pulled down his pants and under garment.

In an instant, Regaleon\'s long hard rod was in front of me. I have seen many pictures of a man\'s anatomy in books, but this was the first time I saw it upclose. Being curious, I unconciously touched it.

"Ahhh, Lili. That feels good." Regaleon moaned.

"Does this feel good?" I asked curiously. "Does this relieve the pain?"

"Hmmm." Regaleon nodded.

Knowing that it eases Regaleon\'s pain, I gently caressed his hard rod with my hands. It was hot to the touch.

"" Regaleon said between every breath.

Because of his reaction, I caressed it a little faster. Some kind of liquid was trickling out of the rod\'s head.

"Hmmm... Lili please, lick it." Regleon asked gently. I looked up at him questioiningly. His eyes was pleading. "Please." He said again.

I gulped hard and looked at the long hard rod of his. I licked my lips unconciously. After my internal debate, I slowly opened my lips and took him inside my mouth.

"Ahhh...hmmm." Regaleon moaned with passion.

I sucked his hot rod into my mouth gently. His taste was a little salty, but overall I didn\'t dislike it. In fact looking at Regleon having such pleasure, made me become even bolder in my movements.

My tongue played with the tip of his rod, making Regaleon moan even more. He was clearly enjoying my actions. I sucked him even harder this time, making my actions a little faster.

"Ahhh...Lili...hmmm..." Regaleon was moaning deeply. "Alicia...hmmm...I\'m cumming...ahhhh..."

A hot fluid gushed out of Regaleon\'s hard rod and into my mouth. I instinctively gulped the salty fluid.

I looked up at Regaleon and smiled. ‘I had made him cum, and in my mouth\' I thought. This accomplishment made me proud of myself. I have at least satisfied my man.

Regaleon was looking at me with such ferocious eyes, as if a beast was not yet sedated.

"Looking at me like that, is my little fiancee seducing me even more?" Regaleon smiled mischievously.

He slowly pushed me down the couch. His lips found mine in no time and ravaged it.

"Hmmm..." I moaned with Regaleon\'s deep kiss. His hot touch ignited the fire in my own body.

Regaleon\'s hands caressed my body, sensing electricity with his every touch. His hands traveled from my shoulders towards my chest. Slowly he pulled out my upper undergarment and kneaded both my breasts.

"Ahhh..." I let out a moan when Regaleon pulled his lips out of mine.

"Does that feel good?" Regaleon smiled mischievously.

"Hmmm...y-yes.." I said while panting.

Regaleon pinched my nipples between his fingers. My reaction to it was my body arched up instictiey.

"Hyah..." I shrieked with the sensation it gave to my body.

Looking at my reaction, Regaleon smiled in satisfaction. Not long his mouth sucked in one of my breasts.

"Oohhh...hmmm...Leon..." I said between the sensations I was feeling. "That...feels good."

Upon hearing my words, Regaleon sucked my breast even harder, while his other hand kneaded the other.

"Hyahh..." I shrieked again. Regaleon had bitten my nipple lightly. The sensation sent bolts into my whole body.

After his attack with both my breasts, his lips makes its way to the south. His hands slowly caressed my skin on my back towards my butt. His hot touch triggers the sensitivity of my body.

Regaleon\'s hands found the sim of my panties and gently pulled it down. His hands skillfully caressed in between my tighs and touched my senstive area.

"Ahhh...hmmm..." I moaned with the sudden sensation.

"Alicia, you taste so sweet." I hear Regaleon say while his lips was on my skin.