The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 102 The Aphrodisiac’s Effects 1

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After Dimitri followed Bradford out of the room, Regaleon, William and I are the only ones left.

\'Well this feels a bit awkward.\' I thought to myself.

Regaleon and William were staring at each other. They looked like they were fighting an inner battle that I cannot see.

"Um, Leon." I tried to break the atmosphere. "William was there to save me."

"Is that so?" Regaleon said with a sarcastic tone. "Then I give you my sincere thanks for saving my \'future wife\'."

I know that Regaleon was sincere in giving his thanks. But why is there hostility in his sentence just now?

"No need to thank me your highness." William gave a wry smile. "It is my duty as princess Alicia\'s knight."

There was a stand off between the both of them for a few minutes. And I was standing at the side, awkwardly staring at them.

"You can take your leave, now that I am here." Regaleon broke the silence. "Me and my future wife have something to discuss."

"Then I will be withdrawing." William bowed his head. "Oh before I go, do you still have difficulty breathing princess?" He asked me.

"No, I am breathing fine now." I answered.

"Then that\'s a relief. Please forgive me for making a mouth to mouth resuscitation. You were lacking oxygen back then." William said apologetically. But his eyes darted to Regaleon.

"N-No need to ask for forgiveness. It was to save me so it was inevitable." I replied.

But then I just realized that to do mouth to mouth, then William\'s lips was pressed to mine. I silently felt embarrassed.

"That\'s a relief to hear." William smiled sweetly at me and I blushed in embarrassment.

William turned around and closed the door behind him.

"Mouth to mouth ehhh." Regaleon\'s voice was just right behind me. I had goosebumps behind my neck in an instant.

"W-Well, it was an emergency." I reasoned out.

I can hear Regaleon\'s breath behind my ear and it slowly tickles me. My heart was beating faster and faster, as if there were horses running inside my chest.

"An emergency, you say." Regaleon whispered behind my ear. My whole body cringe as an reaction. "You let another man touch your sweet lips."

Regaleon\'s voice was dangerous yet seductive. I do not know if my heart racing was because I am being afraid of him, or being aroused by his actions.

"You know that you are mine, right? No one can ever touch what is mine." Regaleon said with a dangerous tone.

"I-I am only yours." I said. My body was feeling weirder by the second. Regaleon\'s voice had some kind of charm in them, letting my body feel this way.

"Lili, something dirty just touched your lips. You deserve some punishment." Regaleon said. He talks about punishment yet his voice sends sweet electricity around my body.

Regaleon\'s arms encircled my waist from behind. My back met his hot broad chest. My body\'s reaction was to flee from danger but my heart says to remain and accept my punishment.

Regaleon\'s hands started to caress my stomach and make it\'s way up to my chest. I was breathing heavily, my heart was thumping more faster than earlier.

"L-Leon..." I breathed out his name, but it came out strangely. As if I was trying to seduce and tame a raging beast.

"Lili, your lips need to be cleaned throughly." Regaleon whispered behind my ear.

He cupped my chin with his hand and gently pulled it towards him. Not long I felt his soft and sweet lips on mine.

"Hmmm." I let out a low moan. I closed my eyes to savor the sensation.

Regaleon deepened the kiss even further. His lips ravaged mine, his tongue evaded my mouth and claimed it.

Our tongues intertwined inside my mouth, dancing with each other. After a while Regaleon let go of my lips.

We are both catching our breath. I can see his face flushed with redness and I bet mine is too.

"Lili, I can\'t hold it any longer." Regaleon said. His eyes were looking at me like I was a prey to be feasted upon.

"What is it?" I asked worriedly. He was trying to resist something inside of him. And he was clearly having trouble to resist.

"The drug... I never thought it to be so strong." Regaleon said. "I am at my limit now. Lili if you don\'t want me to touch you, please leave while I still can control myself."

I looked at Regaleon and understood right away what he was trying to say.

"The drug, was an aphrodisiac that strong?" I asked but the answer was evident in front of me.

"Hmm." Regaleon nodded gently.

Looking at Regaleon again, his face was flushed. His body that was embracing me felt hot as well.

\'Veronica, that b*tch!\' I cursed her in my mind. \'How dare she harm my Leon?!\'

I slowly turned around to face Regaleon but I was still in his embrace. I lift my hand and cupped his cheeks.

"It\'s hot." I murmured.

Regaelon took one of my hands and pressed his lips into my palm. His kiss was also hot to touch.

"You can leave now if you don\'t want to." Regaleon said with closed eyes.

I can see that he was resisting the effects of the aphrodisiac as best as he could. My heart squeezed in pain. It was clear that he was in pain as well.

"I won\'t leave you." I said with conviction.

Regaleon\'s eyes opened with shock and looked at me in wonder. I know that the only way to relieve Regaleon from the pain was to give in to his body\'s car al desires. And with me being here, only makes his desires even stronger.

"I won\'t leave you." I repeated. "I am your fiancee now. It is my duty to serve you."

Regaleon gave me a sweet smile in return.

"I am happy to hear that." Regaleon said. "But I will be even happier if you don\'t think of it as a \'duty\'."

My heart thumped with what he said. I shook my head to clear the misunderstanding.

"No, not only duty. I am willing, to give myself to you." I said honestly. "Seeing you in pain breaks my heart. If I can ease your suffering, I am willing to do anything for you. You are mine and I am yours. Today or in the future, I am only yours."

I have decided, wether it will be now or after we get married is not important. I was his and he was mine. Making love to him now or later doesn\'t make any difference.

Regaleon\'s smile broadened, his pearl white teeth peeked.

"Yes, you are mine and I am yours." Regaleon said as if it was a promise. "Now and forever."

Regaleon hugged me even closer and we resumed our intense kiss. I can feel his hand tracing my back from the nape of my neck down.

Not long I can feel that the zipper of my dress was opened. My whole dress was lose and fell to the ground. I am now only wearing my under garments.

"My beautiful Lili." Regaleon said with such sweetness. He lifted me up and laid me in the couch gently.