The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 101 Counterattack

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Regaleon was holding me tight in his embrace. His temperature is a little hot. His head rested in my shoulder. I can hear his breathing was heavy. It made me a bit worried.

"Regaleon, are you feeling unwell? Is it because of the drug you inhaled?" I said worriedly.

"Don\'t worry, I can still endure." Regaleon looked at me and smiled. "Anyways, what are you planning to do with her?" Regaleon gestured his head towards Veronica lying on he ground, unconscious.

I looked at my step sister with anger and hate.

"How dare she do this to my future husband?!" I said with seething anger.

"What ever you are planning, I will support you." Regaleon said. "I am here to back you up."

I smiled at him sweetly and nodded. I slowly inched away from Regaleon\'s embrace and walked towards where my step sister was laying.

"You." I looked at sir Bradford who is kneeling beside Veronica. "You are Elizabeth\'s personal knight, correct? Why are you begging for mercy in behalf of my step sister?"

Bradford was silent and didn\'t answer my question.

"Answer the princess." Dimitri said.

"No need, Dimitri." I gestured my hand to Dimitri prompting him that I can manage this. "Sir Bradford, I guess I know the answer to my own question."

Bradford looked up at me with wide eyes. I guess he never thought that I would know. Actually I am gambling, this was just my theory.

"You have feelings for my step sister Veronica, right?" I looked at Bradford\'s reaction after this sentence.

Bradford was startled for a while but resumed his blank face.

\'Bingo.\' I grinned.

"I only realized some of your gestures in the past." I continued. "I saw how you looked at Veronica when we gathered in the past. I never given any thought about it. But now seeing you kneel, begging for mercy for Veronica. Even though you are not her personal knight. Now I know why, you love her."

Bradford\'s facial expression grimaced. I can see him had a deep sigh and nodded in defeat. His deep secret has been revealed by me.

"What you said a while ago, are you certain you would do anything for her. For my step sister Veronica?" I asked.

Bradford bowed down his head yet again.

"Your highness, princess Alicia. I am a knight of my word. As I have said, I would do anything for princess Veronica." Bradford said. He gave a meaningful look at Veronica.

My step sister has been cunning since before. But what she did right now can\'t be left unpunished. She had put the crown prince Regaleon of Grendcrest in a love trap.

I myself don\'t want her to go unpunished. But as I have said earlier, my marriage with Regaleon may be in jeopardy if this comes to light. This has to be settled within this closer doors. Then an idea came up to me.

\'A love trap.\' I thought. \'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.\'

"Sir Bradford, you know that what Veronica did was punishable by death." I said with a serious face. But deep down I was smiling wickedly.

"I know her fault is very grave. But still, princess Alicia I beseech you to show mercy." Bradford said. "She is still your blood sister."

"Hmph." I sneered. "Mercy you say. You know what she has done to me in the past, and you ask me to show mercy."

Bradford grimaced and clenched his fists hard.

"Do you know that just now, my life was in danger because of her as well." I said with a flat tone.

"What?!" Regaleon shouted in anger. "This is unacceptable. Princess Veronica just tried to assassinate the future crown princess of Grandcrest. This is also an act against our royal family. Dimitri, what is the punishment of Grandcrest for such a crime?!"

"Answering your highness. If found guilty, it is punishable by death. And not just any death. Her head and limbs would be cut off and she will be buried without a whole body intact."

Regaleon\'s eyes where as cold as ice. I can feel the fury rising inside of him. He was so angry, hearing that my life was endangered because of Veronica\'s scheme.

"I have a witness." William\'s voice was just outside the door. He had just arrived to see the scene. "The maid that led Alicia to the wrong lounge room is now in my custody."

William\'s voice was also cold. If Regaleon was flaming with fury, then William\'s rage is cold as the snowy mountains of Jennova.

"Let me handle this." I looked at the two men. I know that they are angry on my behalf, but I want to be the one to sentence Veronica.

I have let Veronica off the hook too many times. She has done me many wrong doings. It is time to pay back all her debts.

"She cannot go unpunished." I said in a serious voice while I glanced at Bradford.

"I know that the first princess has done many wrongs against you. That is why I won\'t ask you to let her go unpunished. I just ask you to spare her life." Bradford bowed his head and knocked it on the floor once more. "I beg of you."

I made a wicked smile. I have caught Bradford in my grasp. As a knight, he must hold true to his words.

"Do not worry sir Bradford, I won\'t demand her life. I give you my word." I smiled wickedly. "But she has to pay with the same price as what she has done. She tried to take my future husband away with a love trap, then so shall I bestow to her, her own love trap."

Bradford looked at me with shock. Looking at him so surprised, maybe he never thought that I would think of such a thing to my step sister.

"Let me remind you sir Bradford, her wrong doings are punishable by death. I am giving her an easy way out. Not to mention, you would also take home the beauty." I said.

"But, she would be devastated." Bradford said reluctantly and looked at Regaleon. "She only dreamed of marrying the crown prince, even as a concubine. She really admires you, your highness." Bradford looked at Regaleon.

"Then I just have to shatter her dreams. Because I don\'t intend to take in any concubines. In this life time, my wife will be princess Alicia and her alone." Regaleon said with firmness. My heart squeezed with love after hearing Regaleon\'s words.

I looked at Bradford and he seemed to be at a loss. Well I can\'t blame him. Who told him to fall in love with my wicked step sister. Now that Veronica picked the wrong man that is my future husband to play with, she had to pay the price.

"I won\'t be asking again, sir Bradford." I said with authority. "Agree with me, or let the law of Grandcrest fall upon her? You choose."

Bradford was debating, but I am sure of what his decision would be.

"I agree." Bradford said. "I agree to your demands, princess Alicia." Bradford seemed defeated.

"Then it is settled." I said with a smile. "Take her to her lounge room." I ordered Bradford.

Bradford picked Veronica up gently, like she was made of glass.

\'He really loves her.\' I thought.

Bradford is an honorable knight. I only pity him, falling for a wrong woman. Veronica really doesn\'t deserve such a good man.

"I will be watching you." Regaleon said when Bradford passed by him. "Remember that this crown prince can do anything."

Regaleon\'s words was a warning to Bradford. I know that what Regaleon meant was if Bradford do something behind our back, then Regaleon won\'t hesitate to kill.

I see Dimitri walked towards the table where the incense burner was place and picked it up.

"We will be needing this." Dimitri said. He followed Bradford out of the room.