The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 100 What Really Happened 2

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

"This smell!" I covered my nose with my hand quickly. But it was too late. I have inhaled some of the smoke.

"I have been waiting for you, your highness." It was not Alicia\'s voice.

The woman seating in front of me turned around, it was Veronica.

\'Dammit!\' I cursed inside me. I let my guard down, thinking that if was Alicia in front of me.

Veronica stood up from where she was sitting. She was wearing an identical blue gown and a wig similar to the color of Alicia\'s hair.

"Do you like the smell of the fragrance, prince Regaleon?" Veronica opened the incense burner fully. The smoke coming from within intensified.

I can no longer block the smoke with my hand. Bit by bit I was inhaling the fragrance from the incense burner.

\'Cough cough\' The smell is fragrant but it was so strong that it hurt by throat and nostrils.

"What is this?" I asked. My body was starting to become hot. My heart beat was getting faster.

Veronica had a smile of satisfaction on her face. "Can you feel it now prince, the effect of the drug?"

"What?!" I was not really surprised. If I am Veronica\'s target, then this drug she speaks of would be an aphrodisiac.

\'But what kind of aphrodisiac is this?\' I thought.

Since I was young, I have been served with many drugs, poisons and the likes. With the battle for the crown prince title, I have been poisoned so many times. My body has grown immune with most of the harmful drugs there is in this continent.

"I can feel it too, prince Regaleon." Veronica said. "My body is also getting hotter by the second. This drug that came from the east is so amazing. Coupled with incense that stimulates the body\'s carnal desires, it really is perfect."

"From the east?" So this drug was really purchased from the merchants that came from across the sea to the east.

Veronica started to walk seductively towards me.

"Prince Regaleon, I can feel it now. My body is craving for your touch." Veronica said with seduction.

Her words let me feel like I wanted to puke. Just thinking that a girl like her lusts for me, sickens me to the bones.

"Do you think with this drug, I would be attracted to you?" I looked at her with disgust and hatred. Veronica shuddered when she caught my gaze.

"Hah, dream on!" I shouted. "You are unworthy to be beside me, let alone be my princess consort. That place is for Alicia, and Alicia alone."

The heat of my body just elevated the anger that I am feeling right now.

My arms extended and my hand encircled her slim throat. With the anger I was feeling, my hand squeezed her little neck.

"P-prince, cough cough." Veronica was looking at me with fear in her eyes. "P-Please... don\'t...cough."

Her pleading just made me sick. After doing such a thing, to me the crown prince of Grandcrest. She should have expected that I won\'t let her keep her life.

"Cough cough, save" Veronica\'s pleas became weak while I was squeezing her fragile little neck.

Seeing her struggling wasn\'t enough. My anger was to the point that I want to break all of her bones. I want to see her in agony.

"Your tried to plan against this crown prince?! It\'s too early for you to try and scheme against me!" The heat of my body was intensifying. I can feel the blood rise to my head.

Veronica was looking at me with agony. Her eyes started to close. Without air coming in to her lungs, she will pass out any minute now.

"Your highness?!" The door behind me slammed open. It was Dimitri that shouted.

"Your highness, please calm your self." Dimitri was right beside me in an instant.

There was another person, it was Veronica\'s personal knight sir Bradford. He came to Veronica\'s side and tried to pry open my grasp from Veronica\'s neck.

"Your highness, please stop!" Bradford said with eagerness. But he can\'t open my grasp in his princess\' neck.

"This girl tried to scheme against this crown prince." I said with my authority. "Do you know what the sentence for her action is? Death!"

My anger made me squeezed her throat with more strength.

\'Cough cough\'

Bradford was still trying to pry my grip open.

"Does she think she can sew discord between me and my beloved? I would never let her!" My anger was at it\'s maximum.

"Your highness, you have to calm down." Dimitri pleaded. "Please think of where we are right now."

I understood Dimitri\'s words. For sure there will be consequence if I kill this first princess of Alvannia, and at my engagement party to top it off.

This made me weigh the pros and cons of killing this scheming woman. I loosened my grip but didn\'t let go of her.

This scheming witch tried to pry me away from my beloved and take her place. Hah, she can dream but I won\'t let her do as she wishes.

\'She\'s better off dead.\' I thought. \'I will deal with the consequences after.\'

"Leon!" Then I hear Alicia\'s voice. In no time she was beside me. "Let go, okay. She\'s not worth it."

After Alicia\'s words, I let go of this witch. Veronica\'s body went limp and fell on Bradford\'s arms.

Alicia saw the incense burner that was still emitting smoke at the far corner. I can see her silently used her magic, making a force filed like bubble around it so that the smoke won\'t reach us.

"How is she?" Alicia asked Bradford.

"She is alright princess. She lost consciousness." Bradford was on the floor nestling Veronica in his arms. "Thank you." He said to Alicia with gratitude.

"Hmph, she doesn\'t deserve to live!" I looked at Veronica with resentment and hatred. "What she did to this crown prince, is only punishable by death."

Bradford shivered while holding Veronica. I am sure he knows the consequences of his princess\' actions.

Bradford laid Veronica down on the floor and kneeled in front of me.

"Your highness, please have mercy." Bradford pleaded. "I know what she did was wrong. But she did it because of her love for you."

Seeing such an honorable person kneel down because of this witch just irritates me. Veronica doesn\'t deserve such a person beside her.

"Her offense is against the crown prince of Grandcrest!" I said. "If it was done to others, then it can be pardoned. But because she made the offense against me, don\'t expect her life to be spared."

"Please, your highness. I would do anything, please just don\'t take her life." Bradford slammed his head on the floor. It made a \'bam\' sound.

"Leon, I think it is also not good to take her life now." Alicia said. I looked at her, curious to know what she is her meaning. "If we take her life because of her offense against you now, then our marriage agreement can be put into a pause or be canceled. Our two countries would have conflict, and it can also dissolve our marriage. I don\'t want that to happened."

Alicia looked at me with sad eyes. She caressed my face with her soft hands. I held her hand and put a kiss on her palm. I looked at her with affection.

I nod, understanding Alicia\'s explanation. "I am happy to know that you are thinking about our future." My heart felt warmth, a smile crept on my face.

"We can make Veronica pay for her offense without taking her life." Alicia said with an innocent smile. "She tried to covet my man, of course I won\'t let her out of the hook."

Seeing Alicia with an innocent smile but talking about punishment make me love this girl more.

I hugged her inside my arms and whispered. "Then do what you want. I will support you." I said. "Just make it quick, I am at my limit."

Seeing and hugging my love in front of me, the reaction of my body was getting hotter by the second. The effects of the drug was getting stronger with Alicia in my embrace. My body it now so hot that I am struggling with myself not to pounce on my beloved Alicia.