The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 10 Starting a new day 1

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I open my eyes from the rays of light sipping thru the curtains. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my surroundings. I am in my room as always but I feel different.

"Good morning princess Alicia." Tricia greeted me with a smile. "This is the first time you slept in. You must have felt tired last night. Or maybe you feel more secured now that you have a personal knight."

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It\'s half past ten princess." Tricia answered.

"What?!" I instantly felt really awake. This is the first time since I lived here in the palace that I slept in. "Oh my. I didn\'t go to my morning routine."

I was worried that grandpa would scold me.

"Don\'t worry princess. It was lord Robert who ordered not to wake you up. It\'s the first time you have slept soundly that he didn\'t want anyone to interfere with your sleep." Tricia smiled. She was preparing my clothes to wear.

"But still, I feel embarrassed." I said. Then I noticed the clothes Tricia was holding. "What clothes are those?" I asked. It looks rather new.

"Oh lord Robert brought this for you to wear today. He said that you are scheduled this afternoon to have horseback riding lessons." Tricia answered.

"Horseback riding? Me?" I asked confused.

"That\'s what the lord said." Tricia replied.

I never thought I would learn horseback riding. Even my sisters weren\'t thought how to ride a horse. They were trained to become a lady of course.

But I was happy to know that I can learn something. I smiled to myself.


After washing my body and getting changed I was headed to the dining room. Because I skipped breakfast I am going to have to eat lunch earlier.

"Good morning my princess." I see Leon standing near the dining room door. He gave me a slight bow.

"Good morning sir Leon." I greeted him.

Today he was wearing a white long sleeves shirt, black pants and boots. His long wavy dark brown hair was tied with hair pins on the side. His smile is so bright as the sun. I instantly feel at ease with him by my side.

"I am sorry that I woke up rather late. This was the first time I slept in." I felt aplologetic. I am sure he was waiting for me. I know grandpa has given him some intstructions about my studies. He said Leon would be in charge of tutoring me from now on.

"It\'s okay princess. Lord Robert specifically said not to disturb your sleep because it was rare you to wake up late." Leon reassured me.

"That is true. I do not know what happened to me that I slept in." I sighed.

"Maybe you are at ease with me around." Leon said with a smile.

I look at him, gauging if he is joking or not. His smile is rather addictive. You can\'t help but smile with him as well.

"I\'m joking princess. Hahaha." Leon said at last.

"Hahaha I thought so." I laughed with him.

Then my stomach started to grumble. It was silent between Leon and I for a while. I felt embarrassed. My cheeks might be bright red by now.

"I\'m so sorry." I cover my face with my hands. "What has gotten to me today? This isn\'t how a princess should be."

"Hahaha I am happy that you feel at ease with me princess." Leon burst out laughing. He held my hands that was covering my face and pulled it down. He was looking at me directly. "I would be really happy to get to know the real you rather than the third princess of Alvannia."

He was looking at me straight thru my eyes. His brown eyes was focused on me. I can see the honesty in them. My heart started to thump hard inside my chest.