The Dungeon Seeker - Volume 5 Chapter 1 part2

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Chapter One – Subjugation part 2 ▼▼▼▼▼▼

"Even if our whole gang would ambush that adventurer I have zero confidence in winning." Longsword said.

While Longsword was waiting for Skinhead to reply, he looked at him and Longsword\'s expression slowly started to change.

"Huh?…" He grunted.

"He’s not the strongest one, if you’re going to do an ambush, do it right.” Longsword could faintly hear an irritated boys voice in the background.

“What do you mean?” A girl asked

“Oh, that’s it … … sorry!” The girl now little ashamed answered.

Skinhead emanated a strange sound.


Just as his friend vomited blood Longsword started reacting.

He now took a better look at Skinhead and saw that a knife coated in poison had hit Skinheads left eye. The Poison was deep red and looked like blood. It was evident that the knife had not been lethal but the poison was.

His eyes went red when he saw that Skinhead was beyond saving.

For a poison to be that potent is truly frightful.

As if he had gone insane he grabbed his sword and rushed towards the woman.

When Ami saw that the man started rushing towards her with an incredible force, she got a little startled. But only for a second, as soon as she got her concentration back she threw another knife. Longsword didn’t notice the knife before it was just in front of him. With the assist of his incredible sword skills, he angled his sword and bright yellow sparks scattered around him.

It was as if thunder had struck.

Ami was so surprised that she got stunned. Longsword took advantage of this and used his movement skill. His body appeared in front of Ami. He made a big smile and just as he was about to cut her down the boy that he heard earlier appeared in front of him. The boy wore a slightly sad expression with an enormous killing intent hidden behind it.

Longswords body froze "why didn’t I notice him, does he have a teleport skill?….. no… I can’t die here…

I Can\'t Die!!"

Thoughts ran through Longswords head but he couldn’t do anything. Suddenly air shattered and a bullet tore through space.


The bullet penetrated the cranium of Longsword and landed with a


in a tree behind. His body got blown a couple of meters away and a large, beautiful red flower started forming under his head.

"Leave." The boy said to Ami

Then he disappeared.


Knife met flesh and knife met flesh, blood started dripping around the camp. Agonizing screams and sound of bodies hitting the ground could be heard, soon enough the whole camp looked like a beautiful meadow with red roses.

Ami didn’t listen to the boy but instead watched the scene of him massacring. This would normally be a scarring scene. But since she knew these were bad guys and they had been doing this for a while it was nothing special.

After a while, Junpei appeared beside her. He looked at the meadow and made a deep sigh.

"Everything is critical to the head. Knife, bullet. It doesn’t matter, as long as it penetrates, the person is dead." Junpei said with a distant voice but after a while, he started smiling.

"Your amazing, Darling!" Ami said with a loving voice.

"… Please, don’t call me that." Junpei said.


Nononooo, don\'t give me the Story Destroying Bunny flashbacks from Arifureta.

Junpei looked around the camp and his eyes stuck on the tents.

"Take care of the people inside the tents, you’ll need the XP." Junpei said while turning his eyes back towards the meadow.

Ami walked inside one of the tents with a knife.

Through the tent canvas, you could faintly see a figure of a woman holding a knife and hear muffled screams of agony. Junpei listen to the muffled screams while light-heartedly searching through Longswords corps. He was the first one to be able to deflect Ami\'s knife throwing.


Finally Junpei and Ami appeared, with some action!!!!!

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