The Dungeon Seeker - Volume 4 Chapter 1 part2

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Chapter 1 - Skill Hunt ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ (Part 2)

「The start of the third examination is 6 o’clock in the morning. The period of the test would be for several days so take care of your own preparations. So, with that, disperse♪」

The examiner Judy’s sweet voice.

Receiving those words, the group dispersed together with a clicking of tongues.

When they thought that the lunch break ended it was this. Anyways, they cannot find out everything about the time schedule of this exam just before it starts. It was natural that they would click they tongues.

This time, “several days” was designated again but no one knows how many days specifically.

Following that, many of them went to buy water, food, and change of underwear so that they could deal with whatever would happen.

Or rather, those who would not do that would be very daring or just stupid……by the way, one of those exists.

It is Junpei.

He in the first place has a stockpile of things inside his item box that he could live for several months, or maybe several years inside the labyrinth. Because of that, there is no need for him to buy food or ingredients.

However, he does not have anything urgent so he decided to take a stroll in the town and buy spice and seasonings that he liked, and several lifestyle miscellaneous things.

「If there’s only curry powder, that would be the best help though〜……」

According to people who are well-versed in survival, even meat that is half rotten, as long as there is curry powder, leaving aside its cleanliness, you would be able to eat it in the meaning of you won’t throw it out.

However, this is a world where red and black peppers have ridiculous prices.

「Well……before I return to the labyrinth, I should hunt a huge lot of those shitty bastards and get a lot of money. It’s true that spices are……needed for a decent eating habit」

He got very enthusiastic in his stroll, and it looks like several hours had passed when he noticed it.

The shade of the sky was already dyed with a light vermillion color, and it was around the sunset.

And there, Junpei walked to the city’s main street, and entered a small dirty pub.

「Give me wine……and something light with this」

He placed a few coins on the counter.

And then, the skinhead master nodded without saying anything and collected the coins.

And after that, Junpei moved to the inner part of the store, and sat on a table for two.

And there, a new customer entered the pub after him.

「I will have a cocktail with rum and apple juice……and dried meat, cheese, and bread as well」

The girl who said that with a high pitched voice placed a few coins on the counter.

And then moved to the inner part of the store, and slowly sat in front of Junpei.

「……I don’t remember letting you sit down though?」

The one who sat with Junpei was the girl he met in the second examinationーーit’s Ami.

「I don’t remember being told that sitting here was prohibited though?」

The girl mischievously smiled, and Junpei let out a sigh.

「Isn’t it fine, it’s not like you’d lose something. Eating food is more delicious with two people than alone you know?」

「……I really got involved with a troublesome person huh」

「It’s what they call the good thing of having a fellow traveler」

「This is not Japan you know. It’s a different world where no one’s kind to others. Those who gives kindness would get devoured to their bones」

He coldly said, and Junpei gestured to Ami “go away” with his right hand.

「Really……what an unapproachable man」

「I don’t plan on getting anyone near me after all」

「Yes, yes. Well then, for the mean time, shall we talk about other things?」

「You didn’t hear what I said at all, huh」

Junpei rolled his eyes and smiled.

And then, Ami made a grinning smile.

「Hey, out! You smiled right now!」

Towards Ami who points a finger towards him while saying that, Junpei clicked his tongue.

It was true that he could not help but soften his lips lightly because of Ami’s pace that completely ignores his intent.

「So what if I smiled?」

「Since you smiled, take responsibility and eat together with me!」

「What responsibility is that……」

「Smiles and conversations are the best spices for food you know?」

Towards Ami who innocently smiled, Junpei once again lets out a deep sigh.

And, he shrugged his shoulders as if to say “yareyare”.

「Okay, I got it……I lose」

It looks like the Thief gained her win in a verbal battle against the strongest Skill Hunter.

「Hehe, I did it!」

「We’re only eating okay? After we eat I’ll go home immediately okay?」

The pub’s waitress brought Junpei and Ami’s drinks.

「Well then, cheers」(Kanpai)

Junpei returned a nod to Ami’s words.

「Un, cheers……oh hey, I’ll only drink one okay? I’ll really go home quickly okay?」

Drinking once and never stop is a common occurrence to those who likes to drink alcohol, at any age and at any place.

Or rather, the store that he entered in just a coincidence was too good.

The food had a strong taste that made them drink alcohol, and the most hateful part was it tastes great.

There was deep-fried food like ones in the convenience stores and potato chips together with it.

And when it came to the potato chips, Ami and Junpei started to eat it so quickly even stealing each other’s share when it came out.

If the snacks are good, it was inevitable that the drinking would continue.

And if the drinking continues, additional food would be ordered.

When the food comes, the drinks would not be enough, and if drinks were ordered, the food would not be enough.

In the end, it would make the customers leave with full stomach, or maybe throw it all outーー

ーーmeaning, the situation that Junpei is currently in is a……bog.

Well, if he really meant it, Junpei has the skill【All Status Ailments Resistance】.

Following that, he could return to his normal state with just the toxicity of alcohol anytime, but he was not boorish that he would do that in a seating of drinking.

The rambling session did not stop.

The abnormality of the different world from the view of earthlings. Or maybe, genuine worries or problems on Earth.

A conversation that barely mentioned about their own private life continued with the exchange of jokes.

Leaving aside Kido Shouta and his cronies……it’s the first person who came from the same hometown that Junpei could talk with, ever since he came to this world.

Or maybe, it could be said that she was an understanding person that could tell some of the environment he was in.

There is no doubt that it was with the help of alcohol, but the greatest reason for staying so long was……the place he was in right now was very comfortable.

However, an angry shout that disturbs that comfortable feeling echoed from behind Junpei.

「Aann? Are you picking a fight on this A-Rank adventurer……Eureka-sama?」

From how they look, a large man whose height exceeded two meters was drinking something that seems to be whiskey from a tankard.

「I’m very sorry, I’m very sorry」

The apologizing attitude of the female waitress that could not lighten the claim of the large man.

「Right now, you passed a dish of food to me right?」


「And, you slipped your hand, and scattered all of it on the table. No, not only that……you, you scattered it to my fucking pants!」

「However, that is, dear customer……this might be rude, but I saw it that you were the one who did not receive it properly, because you were drunk, or maybe you did it intentionally…」

「AHH?! Oi, are you fucker looking down on me?! You bitch, you dare to play with words with me!! Oi, Master?!」

The master that was cooking within the counter nervously asked the large man.

「……Ye-Yes!……what is it?」

「I’ll have this woman for one night alright? The sin of making a fool of an A-Rank adventurer……I’ll teach it to her properly with her own body alright?」

However, with all of his courage, the master said this to the large man.

「I am very sorry, our store is not that kind of store……we will not ask for a charge, so please just leaーー」

「AANN? Are you fucker also picking a fight with me?!!」

Was he using a skill, his shout was filled with coercion and evil intent.

It was a shout that if there were ones who have weak hearts, their hearts would stop, it was an unpleasant heavy voice that echoes deep inside.

The master thought about something for a while……and as if he has given up, he shook his head.

「Our store is not “that” kind of store. However, I cannot stop the freedom to love of my workers……the rest should be decided by you and her」

“Hehe”, the large man who heard that laughed with a lecherous smile.

The female waitress was in tears and looked around, looked towards the regular customers to ask for help.

But, no one met her gaze, every one of them looked down.

That should be the case, the opponent is an A-Rank adventurer, and at worst, he would have connections with justice institution.

Even if they called out attempted rape to the guardsmen, not only would they not have ears to listen, there is the possibility of getting imprisoned instead with a groundless crime of defamation.

As a fact, leaving aside if the case this time would be forgiven, A-Rank adventurers are given some extraterritorial rights.

If there were a case where they would stop hunting monsters, several or maybe several tens of villages would fall in a year, and it is not strange that it would be the start of a bitter destruction of a regional city.

That is why they would have connections with those with state power, and they can do almost all they want.

Although making a mortifying expression, still, the customers left the store one by one.

No one knows what would happen once they tried to defy, and most of all, it is an opponent who could knock them out with a flick of a finger. If that is so, it was a wise decision to quickly leave the place.

Junpei also thought like that, and sent words to Ami.

「……let’s leave?」

Towards Junpei who suddenly made a serious expression and was clad with a pressuring air, Ami asked with surprise.

「It felt up until earlier……that you were a little drunk……was it just an act?」

“No”, Junpei shook his head.

「This is a skill. Poison can’t harm me to some extent. The toxicity of alcohol is something that I can heal in an instant if I want to」

「Well that’s, quite a convenient skill……」

Ami made a little disgusted expression.

「And so……is that a skill too? You should’ve drunk about ten cocktails……but I can’t see any redness?」

「My parents were from Kyushu after all……with just ten cocktails, I’m just a little tipsy……I think?」

「Well that’s also amazing……」

「Well, my father, he was a person who would empty a bottle of whiskey every other day after all」

「……he’d destroy his liver though?」

Towards Junpei’s words, Ami had eyes looking at far away, and made an indescribable expression.

「Thinking of it right now, maybe he was just a step to having cirrhosis. If the day comes that I can return to Japan, I want to go home bringing a magical potion from this world, but……」

「……I see」

“Leaving that on the side……”, Junpei opened his mouth.

「Let’s hurry up and leave」

「Un……we’re about to take the examination tomorrow, so I don’t want to get in trouble right now」

「Well then, let’s separate here todayーー」

However, the A-Rank adventurer large man called out to them with quite a good mood.

「Ohh? That cute girl over there……are you from another world?」

Ami openly furrowed her eyebrows.

「……there’s no need to answer so I won’t. I’ll leave the store, so……see you later」

Ami took a snappish attitude.

However, the large man walked to her without caring about that.

「Well, well……I was just tired of digging normal women. Those who have black hair are rare after all. Also, they say that women from another world feels good and tight right?」

Ami opened her mouth while feeling nauseated to the straightforward vulgarity.

「……sorry, I am going home right now」

「Well, well, don’t be so cold……I’m an A-Rank adventurer」

「……you said it so loud so I know that」

「Starting tomorrow, I’m leaving the city to go on a dangerous monster hunting trip. I have the Heroic-class skill【Rise of the Herculean】that boosts my attack power by 650 but……if things go south, even I might lose my life. It isn’t a safe job after all」

*Pikuri*, Junpei’s ear moved.

「Oi, wait a second……plus 650 you say? Even National Treasure Class weapons could only increase it by 200 right? What kind of absurd skill is that」

「What the heck are you talking about?」


「200 boost in attack power with National Treasure Class weapon you say……well, of course, that’s……when only it’s as it is」

「As it is?」

「Why the heck do you don’t know about that. Swordsmen would start to show the true value of their weapon when they got the swordsmanship skill. It’s completely different letting a swordsman hold a sword compared to letting a magician hold one」


「If you have the swordsmanship skill, the multiplier of the attack power would be 1.5x with beginner class, 3x with heroic class, and 4x the attack power of the weapon itself at super class」

「……it was like that」

It’s true that the mythological class material which is the Cerberus’ Canine, only having 250 attack power leaving aside that it was yet to be processed was……shabby, Junpei thought.

Junpei made a grin, but no one has noticed it.

Furrowing her brows, Ami begged with distress.

「……please leave me alone. I have an important thing to do tomorrow」

「The existence called “me” is important for the whole humanity. How many A-Rank adventurers exists in the world? I am part of what they call the chosen ones, the privileged class, and you commoners have the obligation to “attend” me. Well, it’s only me who can hunt those troublesome monsters that any other can, so that is very natural though」

The large man said that in a hurry and “Gahaha”, he laughed lecherously.

「Well, I won’t say that it’s for free. Let me do you with 1 silver coin」

The man grabbed Ami’s hand. Ami tries to shake him off.

「Hehe, it’s no use, I won’t let you run away. Black haired women are really rare……if I don’t “get” you right now……I might lose the experience that I should’ve taken for my whole life……」

「Please stop……please……」

「Fufufu……it’s that what they call “no, no” is also yes? Even if they hate it at first, there are no woman that can’t fall with my technique」

「No, I’m telling you……」

And there, Junpei stood up and grabbed the man’s shoulder.

「What the fuck are you?」

「She’s with me. Can you stop it?」

「Aa? You……what the fuck……did you just say? I felt that I heard something impossible?」

「I just asked you to stop it?」

To Junpei’s words, the large man laughed out loud ridiculously.

「Haha!……I see! I see, I see, I know it now! You’re either some hick bastard that doesn’t know how the world works, just an idiot! I am very generous! I make it that I never heard what you said soーーget lost!」

Junpei shrugged his shoulders lightly, and continued his words.

「That’s why, I’m telling you to stop it, she’s with me」

The large man got blue veins popping out of his temples.

「I see. It looks like you won’t get it if you don’t feel pain」


Junpei dug his pockets, and placed one gold coin on the table.



*Pachiri* , *Pachiri* , *Pachiri*

Adding five gold coinsーーa total of six.

When it reached in 3 million worth in Japanese yen ($30k), the colors of the man’s eyes changed. In addition, Junpei bowed his head.

「She’s with me……can you let us go with this?」

「Hehe……what is it, you! Aren’t you a great guy! To think that someone would pay me 6 gold coins just to stop picking up girls, what a good day!」

It looks like he meant that as “just” picking up girls.

“Isn’t that what they call rape……”, Junpei rolled his eyes.

However, *BashiBashi*, the large man tapped Junpei’s shoulders happily while making an innocent smile.

「Oi you? You want to drink with me? I’ll treat you. What, don’t get shy! It was your money in the first place! Hahahahahaha!」

「I’ll hold back on it……see you later」

And just like that, Junpei gestured Ami to follow him, and left the store.

The both of them walked the night city with silence.

It cannot be compared with the neon lights in the nights of modern Japan, but……they walked with the help of the faint lights that was coming from the stores.

「……why did you pay money?」

「It’s the best way to take care of that situation after all. Did you hate me now for being a coward?」

Ami shook her head towards Junpei’s question.

「U〜n. It’s the opposite……I thought……”what a strong person”」

Junpei’s heart raced because of the unexpected words.

「What do you mean by that? I lowered my head and pay money you know?」

「You……you’re really strong right? I don’t know why you’re participating in that kind of exam but……from how I see it, you are at least A-Rank……u〜un, you might have the strength of an S-Rank」

In reality, he had far exceeded the S-Rank but……leaving that on the side.

“This is bad”, Junpei thought.

The thing that happened before, acrobatically jumping from tower to tower just like a ninja, and the landing a kick on Judy might have been too shocking for Ami.

That is rightーー

ーーhe landed a clean kick in the face of an S-Rank adventurer.

For Junpei, it was a simple thing to land a kick on the slow-poke Judy, but it looks like in the outside world, it was a ridiculous thing.

That fact was clearly proven by the genuine expression that Ami made at that time.

Adding to that, there are doubts that he might have gotten so carried away at the second examination.

「……no, it isn’t that much. I’m just around B-Rank, after all, I came to take the B-Rank examination. And so……where’s the inn you’re staying?」

「Un……I mean, it’s fine around here you know?」

「You just got picked on by some weird guy. I’m worried so I’ll send you to your inn. You might think it’s unnecessary meddling, but you should just take it honestly」

“KusuKusu”, Ami started to giggle a laugh.

「Well, let’s leave it that the reason that we enjoyed talking so much is because of the alcohol. But although you were saying that you don’t want me to follow you around, aren’t you meddling with me……come to think of it, it was also like that when we first met」

Thinking for a moment, Junpei answered with a wry smile.

「Well, it’s just a whim」

And then, the two arrived at the inn that seems to be the place Ami is staying.

「Un. Thanks for today. I’ll count on you tomorrow too okay」

「I’ll say this once again but, I’m planning to move alone. I don’t have time to play with you okay」

Junpei who said that waved his hand backwards, and started to walk back to the road they passed earlier.

The one that appeared in his mind was the large man from earlier.

Raising the corner of his lips, Junpei whispered as if to spit out.

「Well, I’m not planning to end it just like this after all」

“What a strong person” – same nuance with what Noriko said to Junpei before.