The Dark King - Chapter 81

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The Dark King – Chapter 81


Dudian went down to first floor of the Scavenger headquarter to find the Finance Department to receive the seven gold coins.

The seven gold coins was worth 10 years of savings of an ordinary family which lived in residential district! Even Jura who had a high-paying job was paid a total of only five or six silver coins as monthly salary. A gold coin was equal to ten thousand dollars from the old era’s currency. But in this era the salary of the middle class was very low. Dudian would be rich according to today’s standards.

And this was just a small part of his scavenging.

Dudian was filled with emotion as he held the heavy and smooth gold. But he was not excited at all. After all, he earned it in a sense in exchange for his life. Moreover, if not because of his hunter identity he could only get seven silver coins.

Therefore, if the scavenger wanted to get rich still he/she had to rely on luck to pick special items while searching for the materials.

“I don’t know how much the others thing that I have brought back will amount to.” Dudian secretly thought. Although seven gold coins would be an amazing amount for the residential district standards but if he wants to run an alchemy lab this kind of money won’t satisfy his appetite.

As he took the gold coins he came to sit in the hall.

It didn’t take long before a stir of sounds occurred in the hall. Dudian looked up and saw a tall figure. A woman who was wearing a scarlet armor pushed the door of the hall and walked in with big steps.

Dudian glimpse over the silver medal hanging on her shoulder. Three years ago he had seen the same medal on Fernando. However Fernando’s was copper while the one she had was silver with two eagles engraved on it.

The staff in the hall and the consortium scavengers who were present also noted the medal on woman’s shoulder. After all, her armor was too eye-catching. It was as if blood flowing down through her body. It was totally different from scavenger’s soft armor and easily attracted attention.

“It’s a Hunter!”

The people in the hall suddenly quiet down as they were carefully watching the woman.

“Let the person in charge to come out here now.” Scarlet armored woman stood in the middle of the hall shouted out.

Two girls who were responsible for the reception looked nervous. One of them hastily promised the scarlet armored woman while the other trot into the next room. Soon, Peter and another old steward came out. They saw the medal on her shoulder. Peter’s face instantly changed. He bent forward and respectfully said: “Welcome hunter! Would you mind telling us the reason of your visit…”

She lifted her hand and interrupted his speech: “The scavengers who had been to the area no 8. Call the out now!”

Peter and the lean old man were surprised. They looked at each other and caught the meaning in their eyes. Peter respectfully said: “Honorable hunter, they are gone back to their homes. We need some time to gather them.”

The woman said in a cold tone: “Do not dawdle in front of me! I’ll see them before the sunset today… Hum… You wait! ”

Peter was covered in cold sweat: “Yes, yes, absolutely can not delay.”

The woman caught the Dudian in the periphery as he was resting in the sofa. Her eyebrows lifted as she saw him drink the milk tea.

Peter also detected her vision and noted Dudian. He hastened forward and screamed: “Boy, haven’t you noticed the honorable hunter!? Are you stunned? Why haven’t you saluted her yet? Do it and get out!”

Dudian saw a hint of anxiousness in his eyes. He immediately understood that Peter is trying to support him. According to woman’s words the hunter who died in area no 8 is somehow related to her. He frowned slightly as he did not expect the trouble to be so fast in finding him. But he didn’t worry about anything as he nodded towards the woman, then got up and was ready to leave.

“And so on.” Woman looked cold at him, said: “Are you a new scavenger?

Dudian paused, looking back at her, “Yes.”

“So … …” Woman squinted her eyes: “Have you been to area no 8?

Dudian looked at her eyes. There was cold chill concentrated in her eyes. As long as he would nod she would immediately shot and kill him without a slight frown. There was a bit of resentment in his eyes as he said: “Yes!”

Her original brown gray eyes became somewhat dark red as she spoke in cold tone: “Why? Why didn’t you die? A garbage like you survives… Why? Why death hasn’t taken you?”

Her skin color on the arms became a bit crimson as if congested.

Peter who saw the scene, hurriedly said: “Honorable hunter, Dean is our seed object. The headquarters pay a special attention to his cultivation because he may become a hunter in the future. Please do not be offended with him. If he has offended you anyhow, I’m sure if you give him the chance for an apology…… ”

“Scroll!” Woman roared back.

Peter was stunned.

Woman stood up as her eyes were staring at Dudian. Actually she had never left him from her vision. Her eyes were full of resentment, anger and sadness.

Dudian thought she was investigating the evidences. He didn’t think that she was seeking for a person to vent her anger on. He saw the strange expression in her eyes. He couldn’t help as his heart was moved as he asked: “The hunter who died in the area no 8. What is his relation to you?”

“Shut up!” Scarlet woman angrily raised her hand to beat over.

Dudian face slightly changed as he quickly hurried back his body. He escaped the palm in matter of a breath. He quickly stepped back a few steps to open up a distance. Once again they stared at each other. He knew that if an ordinary scavenger was here they would long be dead because of the palm attack. At least they would be seriously injured. He was very clear that without the power of the hunter, he would face the same fate.

Peter saw the others’ palm attack and was scared. However when saw Dudian escape, he was speechless.

Woman was also startled a bit. She looked up at Dudian as the grief in her eyes turned into coldness: “You are a new scavenger. Even if you were blessed twenty times, or even thirty times, you wouldn’t be able to react at such a rate. What are you!?”

Dudian’s eyes become cold. Although the woman acted because of her grief, but the palm attack was not concerned about its severity that could cause. Perhaps in her eyes, even accidentally killing a scavenger would only result in few criticisms. Maybe the consortium will take the initiative to shelter her or help her eliminate the evidence and confession to avoid the trial of ruling.

She knew that there won’t be punishment even if she murdered someone.

“Today, this slap, I will write it down.” Dudian said staring at her: “The others give me a good, I will pay ten times. They give me a pain, I will retaliate hundred times!

“Ah?” Woman’s face turned as cold as ice “alone, you dare to threaten me?”