The Dark King - Chapter 557: Ice Barrier

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Chapter 557: Ice Barrier

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After landing, Dean glanced around. The scene here was the same with what he had seen through his semi-transparent field of view. It was the basement of a collapsed building, enclosed by layers of collapsed reinforced concretes. The messy piles of concretes did not fill the basement completely, resulting in this ten square meters of open space with two meters in height.

Next to the scattered concretes, there was a car that was submerged in the rubble.

Before he came in, he had noticed that the drainage channel was connected to the basement of a collapsed building. From the outline, the building only had a part of its foundation intact. Next to the foundation was a small mountain of collapsing concretes. This was the best hiding place he could find right now.

He withdrew his gaze, then put Haisha on the ground and examined the wound on her back. The gauze was completely dyed in blood because the wound was soaked in the radiation water.

He immediately opened his backpack, taking out the metal ball and the gauze from the bottom of the backpack. He stripped her armor off and replaced the gauze after wiping the water from her wound.

Once he finished, he immediately dumped everything out of his backpack to the side, and then use the backpack as a water container, scooping up the water from the drainage channel.

The backpack was waterproof. When it was full of water, he splashed some of the water onto the surrounding concrete blocks. These concrete blocks became muddy the moment he splashed them with water. The steel bars that were exposed off these concrete blocks had been corroded and rusted away.

"Sure enough." He immediately stopped and thought for a moment. He put the backpack aside and picked up two chunks of potassium nitrate from the metal ball. After grinding them into powder, he slowly poured them into the backpack while observing the change of the water.

As the potassium nitrate entered the water, the heat absorption characteristic came into play 1 . The water in the backpack gradually turned white and froze at a speed visible to the naked eye. It did not take long before it froze completely into a piece of ice.

He turned the backpack upside-down and patted the ice down. A rectangular, backpack-shaped ice was made.

"The potassium nitrate was a little bit too much." He looked at the ice and put it on the ground. He then continued to fill the backpack with water and grind the potassium nitrate. While observing the change of the water, he mixed the potassium nitrate with the water little by little to prevent wasting it.

After more than an hour passed, he had made more than 50 pieces of ice bricks piling high around the cave. He stopped making more and moved the ice next to the collapsed concretes. Using the ice as bricks, he built an elliptical barrier along the edge of the collapsed concretes.

When the rough shape of the barrier was established, he measured the gaps at the corners of the barrier and made more ice into the corresponding shapes, then plugged them into the gaps.

When two-thirds of the potassium nitrate was used, the ice barrier was finally completed.

He then filled the backpack with water again and splashed it onto the ice barrier from the top to the bottom. The flowing water gradually froze and completely sealed the gaps among the ice bricks, forming an airtight ice barrier.

He was so tired that he sat on the floor, but he was neither hot nor sweaty. Instead, his whole body was cold, and his hands were frozen numb and somewhat stiff from handling the ice. He turned to look at Haisha, who was still lying unconscious on the ground. Her face was pale and bloodless, and her eyebrows were frowning softly, seemed to be very uncomfortable.

He dragged his exhausted body and checked her wound. The blood on the gauze did not spread too much, so the bleeding seemed to be temporarily controlled.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Although her condition was stabilized, he could not treat the poison that was deep in her body. He could only watch helplessly.

At the same time, his body was shivering from the cold air that came from the ice barrier. He could not help but rub his hands together, but he was shocked when his right hand touched his left hand. It was like touching a piece of ice. Actually, the temperature was likely lower than ice, piercing cold. He looked at his left hand, and his face changed slightly. His left hand\'s skin color was unusually pale, and this pale white skin was different from the ordinary white skin. It was white like snow.

"I can\'t stay here any longer." Dean had a wake-up call. He turned to look at the unconscious Haisha, and his eyes flashed slightly. "I can only take the risk to try. I hope you can hold on."

He filled his backpack with water and made ice bricks again. After making six pieces, he measured the length and width and put them together. Then, he sprinkled water on top of them, gluing them to each other. Soon, a 30 centimeters thick bed of ice was built.

He put the bed in the middle of the ice barrier, then lifted Haisha onto the bed, letting her body lie flat to ensure her blood circulation was uninterrupted.

"I hope the ice-cold temperature will slow down the spread of the poison..." He looked at Haisha deeply and sighed in his heart. There was no other way at the moment, and she could freeze to death, but he refused to abandon hope. He could only hope that her super physique could resist the temperature.

He had no intention to accompany her here because this place was not suitable for him to stay for a long time. The ice blood in his body was getting restless. If he continued to stay here, he would be the one who froze to death.

When he was about to turn around, he saw Haisha\'s lips moved slightly, as if she were talking. He was startled and immediately crouched before the ice bed, asking, "What did you just say?"

Her lips moved slightly, whispering weakly.

He put his ear close to her lips and faintly heard one word — Mom.

He looked at her and realized that she was still in a coma, and she was whispering unconsciously.

He sighed and shook his head slightly. He got up and walked toward the underground channel, ready to jump into it and leave, but when he saw the situation ahead using his thermal vision, his body suddenly stopped stiffly. A kilometer ahead, there was a 7–8 meters long heat source rushing in his direction. From the movement, it seemed to be an underwater monster!

He suddenly thought of Haisha\'s blood that was diffused in the water before, and his face changed slightly. He did not expect that there was such a large underwater monster in the underground channel nearby.